Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Can Patriots Stop the Vote Fraud Plans of Libs?


Former Ranger, Patriot, Small Businessman (and very good friend of PolitiJim), Alan Vera gave this speech at the Texas Straw Poll event this past weekend.  This needs to go viral. It is the spirit of Washington, Henry, and Adams reborn.  I will post the video when it is available back here.

Alan V Saddle Up Texas Straw Vote (Houston, TX)
Friday, July 15, 2011

Alan Vera, National Training Director - True the Vote


Good Afternoon.

It is an absolute honor to be here among my fellow Patriots and especially among my fellow veterans.  HOOAH!

And as just one of thousands of citizen volunteers it’s a privilege to represent True the Vote at this important event.

I’d like to start by asking a question:

Are American Patriots really awake,
or are they just talking in their sleep?

Blogging, attending rallies and calling talk radio are very useful forms of free expression—sometimes inspirational. But expression by itself won’t be enough to take our republic back to its constitutional roots. To have a real impact these wonderful, new forms of expression must inspire Patriots to ACTION. When Paul Revere rode through the countryside near Lexington and Concord warning of the approaching British soldiers, the Minutemen did not dash to their quill pens & parchment and begin blogging about the injustices of King George.
These were just average, ordinary citizens, subjects of the Crown. Yet they took IMMEDIATE ACTION, individually and collectively. And the course of history was changed forever.

Are American Patriots really awake, or are they just talking in their sleep? How many are really ready to take ACTION to preserve the republic?

There are some in this country who laugh and look down their noses at events like this—events at which tax paying citizens meet to express their wishes and preferences. And these same people have no respect for our entire election process. They cynically agree with Joseph Stalin who said, “It doesn’t matter who turns out to vote. What matters is who counts the vote.”

Because of people like these, the integrity of our election process, the principle of one person/one vote, is under attack as at no other time in our history. There is evil afoot. There is a concerted effort underway to thwart the true will of the electorate and to rig election results to further a political or personal agenda.

You’ve no doubt become increasingly aware of reported and sometimes prosecuted cases of election fraud. I can tell you without doubt that this year will see the greatest attack EVER on election integrity. And we at True the Vote KNOW exactly what the tactics will be.

  1. They will flood and try to overwhelm county voter registrars with fraudulent voter registrations.
  2. They will manipulate mailed ballots and absentee ballots to both inflate votes for their side and to deny voting rights to legitimate voters like you. Any one of you could show up to vote next November only to be told that your county records show that you’ve already voted by mail and you will not be allowed to vote on election day, except perhaps provisionally.
  3. They will follow Joseph Stalin’s lead by attempting to hack into electronic voting systems to alter or control the counting of ballots.
  4. And they will again assault polling places with millions of paid agents who will attempt to vote as many times as they can in as many different precincts/wards/counties as they can reach on election day.
  5. To quote David Horowitz, “They will tell any lie and break any law to further their agenda.”

Those who would deliberately undermine the integrity of our election process are evil, are the Agents of evil Powers and Principalities. And those in high office (elected or appointed) who willingly subvert the integrity of our elections under the pretense of protecting imaginary special interest groups are not only evil…THEY ARE DOMESTIC ENEMIES of our Constitution.

Forty-two years ago this coming May I stood in the uniform of a freshly commissioned U.S. Army 2nd Lieutenant and swore “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, so help me God.” All the veterans here today took that oath. Many of us have already confronted the foreign enemies of this republic. It’s clearly time for us to finally step up and confront the DOMESTIC enemies of our Constitution.

That’s why I spend every waking minute that I’m not at my paying job working as a volunteer for True the Vote.

True the Vote has developed, tested, refined and continues to perfect tools, processes and methods to defeat each and every one of the election fraud tactics I mentioned a few moments ago.

We have created a powerful software program to help identify fraudulent voter registrations and to correct the problems before the elections.

This past summer before the State Senate recall elections in Wisconsin True the Vote identified 31,000 dead people still on the voting rolls in that state, and (working with our Cheese Head Patriot allies) we had those names removed BEFORE the elections.

In 2010 our investigation of suspicious voter registrations here in Harris County led to the shut down of a shadowy voter registration organization called “Houston Votes” run by a former official of S.E.I.U.  And 36 hours later a “mysterious” fire destroyed all the voting machines for Harris County. Pure coincidence I’m sure.
We can stop fraudulent voter registrations but we need more Patriots to carry on that work in every county in every state.

We have processes and methods to deal with fraudulent mailed ballots, but we need more Patriots to carry on that work in every county in every state.
We have a growing team of IT experts to detect and stop election computer hacking, but we need more Patriot IT volunteers in every county in every state.

And we have severely crippled voting fraud at the polls in every precinct/ward to which we’ve sent trained poll watchers/observers to ensure compliance with state election code. But we need more Patriots to carry on that work in every county in every state.

It’s been my privilege to be part of True the Vote from the beginning. And I’ve been involved in every element of this comprehensive citizen effort. But for 2012 they’ve narrowed my responsibilities a bit. My only mission for 2012 is to recruit and train 1 million poll watchers to help ensure election integrity at every polling place across the country. As a former Army Airborne Ranger, this is the effort closest to my heart. HOOAH!

Why? Think about it. Do the MATH. Add up all the precincts/wards in all the counties in all the states…multiply that times the number of election officials and poll workers at each location…multiply that times the number of voters coming to each voting location ….mathematically the polling place is still the venue with the greatest potential for election fraud.

And there’s only one way to stop voting fraud at this grassroots level.

On every election morning from here on, all across this great country, Patriot men and women will have to wake up in the wee hours—long before the roosters even think about crowing. They will put on the Armor of God’s protection. They will strap on the shield of excellent training, discipline and preparation. They will firmly grasp the sword of truth & election law. They will leave their familiar homes and neighborhoods and deploy to polling places in locations where they ARE NOT WELCOMED.

They will stand face to face with evil and ignorance. And they will secure election integrity with the full Authority of the One True God whose Holy Spirit inspired and guided our Founding Fathers. Like most wars through history, the war to restore election integrity must be won on the ground. It is a ground war. Polling place by polling place. County by county. State by State.

We need each of you to be part of True the Vote. We also need each of you to persuade every one of your Patriot friends to be part of True the Vote. In 2012 we need a Patriot Army that will stand shoulder to shoulder on the wall of FREEDOM and shout defiantly to the Powers and Principalities of evil, “If you plan to steal this election, you’ll have to get past us. We will NOT yield another inch to your demonic deceptions. There will be no backing down. There will be no more compromise. IF YOU WILL NOT ENFORCE OUR LAWS, WE WILL DO IT OURSELVES. SO HELP US GOD!”

Please go to www.truethevote.org and sign up to help in whatever way God leads you to serve. If God has blessed you with good health you can join me on the front lines of the polling places. If your strength and mobility are limited, there are many ways you can help right from your phone and computer at home. And please send all your Patriot friends to www.truethevote.org to volunteer. We also have a booth at this event, in case you have questions or want more specific information.

And please don’t wait until Spring or Summer to sign up. There’s a lot of online training involved. And you would benefit from some pre-season scrimmages during the primaries.


I assure you I am NOT Paul Revere. But I am sounding an alarm. MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD IS COMING. MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD IS COMING. And it’s coming to YOUR county and on a national scale.

I won’t yell “To arms. To arms.” But I will urge you to “True the Vote. True the Vote.” Are American Patriots really awake, or are they just talking in their sleep? How many are really ready to take ACTION to preserve the republic?
Edmund Burke said,” Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did NOTHJING because he could only do a little.” Don’t underestimate the importance and impact of your time and talent.

Let me close with a few related thoughts for your consideration.

This is a time of challenge.  This is a time of trial.  BUT THIS IS NOT A TIME FOR FEAR.
For we are the fiery sword of God’s truth.
We are the razor sharp point of His unbreakable spear.
Even now archangels are gathering around those of us called to carry the fight to the human agents of dark powers and principalities.
Even now, Cherubim and Seraphim are gathering around those of us who will actually carry the day through constant prayer and praise. Prayer warriors.
The time draws near. The enemy’s main force nears the gate.
His agents are already inside our walls.
Choose NOW to make one or both of these 2 commitments: either 1. go to your knees in constant prayer and praise; or 2. strap on your armor for the fight ahead.

Winston Churchill once said this: "There comes a special moment in everyone's life, a moment for which that person was born. That special opportunity, when he seizes it, will fulfill his mission — a mission for which he is uniquely qualified. In that moment, he finds greatness. It is his finest hour."

Each of you has been hand picked by God to be alive in this country at this critical point in our history. Each of you has been chosen for a mission…a mission critical to the futures of your children and grandchildren. Though it may seem that this is a time of turmoil, trouble and danger, as Mr. Churchill said, THIS COULD VERY WELL BE YOUR FINEST HOUR. THIS IS THE MOMENT FOR WHICH YOU WERE BORN.

My friends, elections are the primary constitutional channel through which WE THE PEOPLE influence the direction of local, state and federal government. But elections do not belong to the government, at any level. Elections do not belong to the political parties, blue or red. Elections do not belong to the unions, however well funded they may be. Elections belong to the American People. We can’t take back our country, if we don’t take back our elections. It’s time for you and I to take ACTION. It’s time for you and I to take our elections back.

I won’t ask you to stand and take an oath as I did years ago. But right now in your hearts please resolve the following. “I will DO something NOW to protect the integrity of our elections. I will DO something NOW to help True the Vote. And like the Minutemen of old I will IMMEDIATELY take any and all appropriate & necessary ACTION to preserve this great republic. So help me God.”

My last words to you today are also the last known words spoken on 9/11/01 by an “ordinary citizen,” just an average guy like all of you, who took ACTION in a moment of crisis and became a Modern Day Minuteman…..



GET INVOLVED AT www.TrueTheVote.org


This is truly great speech, I wish to know if you have the video. I want to promote his initiative,I been very active myself, and I see the dangers that approach us in the horizon, we must stand up, speak up and never surrender, we must do all we humanly can to restore and save this Nation. This is it! it's no other change, no other opportunity, this is the last straw to save or loose this Republic forever. it's out to all of us together to make it happen. thanks again.

Great Job Alan Vera! proud to say that you are on my Side!

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