Friday, January 27, 2012

Top 10 Twitter PolitiJim Pet Peeves


Politijim has been a bit more than just a surly bird of late.  My new saying is “PolitiJim: Giving you the bird every day.  Of truth.” I lost a lot of Twitter followers who obviously thought I was unfairly targeting a good blogger and Tweeter for their inaccuracies.  Too bad. I wasn’t.  I just hate hypocrisy and ignorance.  Especially in myself.  So in an attempt to get back to the lighter side of PolitiJim, here are my Top Ten Twitter Pet Peeves.  And if you don’t like you go to …Twitter.

10.  People who get upset if you don’t automatically follow back.
(A sure way to get Blocked. Now if I only had a way to disintegrate them as well.)

9.  New Twitter. Sucks, Stinks, Smells and actually makes me want to use Twitter LESS.  I’m sticking with TweetDeck. It just sucks less.

8.  Old Twitter.  But now I forget why I bitched about so much.

7.  People who lob bombshell invectives, but then wimp out discussing their view. (Don’t Tweet What You Can’t Complete.)

6. Eggs.

5. Latvian pornographers passing as scantily clad Kansas farm girls.

4. Latvian pornographers passing as scantily clad Kansas farm boys.

3. People who spend 20 minutes between replies in a conversation. (They must be killed.)

2. Conservatives who block you only because they disagree with you. Or that you disagree with them.  #lame

(But Twitlonger is even worse.)

Feel free to list yours. 

(I’ll spot you the “Tweets from PolitiJim.”  And if you were thinking this add lack of creativity to my peeves.)


Well the politics gas adore you and as I post your blogs, you have quite a following. Good riddance! Ha ha

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