Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why Sarah Can Still Save the GOP and Country


(Special thanks to Josh Painter of Texans For Sarah Palin for helping with the thoughts and tone.)

Dear Mrs. Palin;

Yes, this is another open letter.  (They are friggin’ annoying, aren’t they?  Who has the audacity to tell you – a very successful politician who did the impossible in Alaska politics and gets paid to give OTHERS advice on TV – what you should do?  Except me of course.)  And No. I am not asking you to reconsider jumping in.  Todd’s utter delight that you guys aren’t caught up in the craziness of the campaign makes it clear to me that’s off the table.  For now.

I do however want to encourage you in something I know you must already be thinking.  It’s time to endorse Gingrich or pick a Rick.

Romney_TimeCover Bear with me.  Only 1% of the GOP delegates have been assigned to MittSlickster, but he does have the big “Mo” coming out of New Hampshire.  As you know, Obama essentially stole the 2008 nomination from Hillary simply by creating the appearance of inevitability.  He did it through a complicit lame stream media and massive voter fraud while Mitt is prepared to do it through a complicit lame stream media and the Republican establishment frauds.

And despite that ridiculously deceptive BAIN documentary, it is clear Romney was not just involved in crony capitalism, but possibly even predatory capitalism as that which was exposed in Alaska.  Those oil companies were within their “capitalist” ideals to make more money for their shareholders by avoiding more production so they could drive up the cost of their other oil.  But they clearly were putting their economic rights before their loyalty to America.  The ECONOMIST points out that the Rick/Newt objections are “on the mark.”  And as I point out in my analysis, every clear conservative principle to use against Mitt is not only muted because of his murky management of Massachusetts – they are murdered.  ObamaCare attacks fall deaf from RomneyCare. Government subsidies at Solyndra will sound hypocritical by someone who took profits from a company that needed a government bailed out pensions.  We both know, Mitt must be stopped.

Should Romney win both South Carolina and Florida – where he is leading by his largest margins yet, it is fairly close to inevitable that he will also carry Super Tuesday and become the GOP Nominee to face Obama.  And while a Romney nomination plays directly into Obama’s Occupy strategy, I’m more concerned that he throws all his new found “conservative” principles overboard as he did to his promise to the Massachusetts people to never raise taxes.

Only you, Newt and Texas Ricky have been the ones to point out that beating Obama in November is not enough.  First, we have to have a candidate that clearly understands we need majorities of CONSERVATIVES in both the House and Senate as well as a new farm system at state and local levels.  Secondly, this candidate has to have a PASSION to reform government.  We have to REPLACE the Boehner’s of the world who think it is enough to “try” the Balanced Budget Amendment and Cut, Cap & Balance once, and then give in to crippling our military because the liberals control the Senate. If we don’t get a true reform minded President, the next “compromise” will will ensure ALL taxes go only to paying the interest on our Chinese debt and we won’t even get a fortune cookie.

gop_elephant_democrat_donkey If Mitt 24.0 is indeed Bush 3.0 in disguise (or worse), there will eventually be a third or even fourth party and the RINO’s and Donkey’s will guarantee Greece IS the word.  Mitt’s weak economic plan will revive the economy just enough to where people won’t care about REAL reform.  Remember the ‘90’s when we were forced to talk about adopting some kind of health care because we couldn’t make our case in light of government surpluses?

Here is where we need you to leadPlease pick a horse. Or better yet, a stampeding elephant with an unquenchable desire to propose and push dramatic reform. As you outlined in your qualifications for a President last spring, we need someone with executive experience which would likely suggest Perry or Gingrich. 

We know what will happen.  If even 70% of the non-Romney vote coalesce around Rick, Rick OR Newt – Romney doesn’t stand a chance.

In tracking your poll numbers prior to October 5th of last year, it seems you consistently could draw at least 17% to 22% of the field.

Despite your humility when it come to political polling, I think you know that the “Palinistas” will commit themselves to back your vision fot the future. You need only give the word.  That would be enough to let all the conservative candidates know your endorsement will either solidify the leader, or make someone far back in the field viable. In the latter case it would become impossible for anyone to defeat the "Massachusetts moderate."

But my idea (and I trust yours as well) of leadership is not simply an endorsement.  It is to create a unified team that will amplify your message in the media, increase coverage of voter canvassing, and match SarahPAC's contributions at high profile fundraisers by presenting the possibilities of imagining the competitors a cabinet elect.

NewtRickRickImagine a partial Presidential cabinet that presents a united front NOW! Not just against Obama – but against the entrenched bureaucracies of BOTH parties.  The mission?  To educate Republican, independent and Reagan Democrat voters on the subject of how and why conservative principles work and what those principles will mean to their lives next year.

Governor Palin, please call these candidates to attend a meeting in South Carolina, and please let them know that you are going to choose one and reinvigorate the Palin Posse.  Please help them understand how important it is that they work as a team.  Once you choose a lead horse, the rest of the team that pulls the bandwagon will fall into line.  They could cast lots like was done in the Bible.  But they must start pulling as a team now. If they join together, the non-Romneys will have nowhere else to go, no matter how many millions of dollars worth of dishonest attack ads he and his establishment backers choose to run.

You have the power to prevent the GOP nominee from being an isolated and weakened survivor, transforming him instead into the leader of a conjoined force that would be able to spread out to all the news venues, fundraising events and campaign rallies in strength.  You will also prove that you can make a change without a title.

TXTrashTalkLogo Best of all, you know who came up with the team idea?  A retired 30 year school teacher who has been training vote watchers and has put a local liberal bureaucracy on the run.  (Read what she is doing at

We share with you a great admiration for our Founding Fathers and Mothers who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for freedom.  It is time to risk whatever you have to, to ensure we have the right army going into the the 2012 battles and beyond.  It is time for you to show us how leadership is done.  You are the female William (or Wilhelmina) Wallace that can “unite the clans.”  Yeah, some of the RINO nobles will resist, or redouble the shrill rhetoric you’ve already conquered.  But don’t let it be said if the Romney MoJo is accelerated in South Carolina, that a Palin sat on the sidelines.

We know you’re not about to let Todd be seen as the only one who can make a decision and make a stand.


Thank you so very much for your time.   I hope you and Todd got some much needed rest.  Now is the time however, to save the country.

Sincerely yours,


PS. Here is a lesson on how to create a strategy to win not just the Presidency, but the conservative system.


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