Friday, February 3, 2012

Finally. Congressional Candidates Who Call Congress Spineless Wussies and Worse


Gotta love Texas.  This is a US Senate debate from January 12th between: TX Lt. Governor David Dewherst, former TX Solicitor General Ted Cruz, ESPN Commentator and Football Star Craig James, Funeral Home businessman Glenn Addison and former Dallas mayor Tom Leppert.  Kay Bailey Hutchison is gone, Karate, boxing and hatchet jobs are in.

Great quotes:

God is God.  Family is Family. The Constitution is the Constitution.  And I sleep with a pistol and shotgun in between my mattresses. - Craig James

The leaders of China are an evil, thieving bunch.  They’re stealing our jobs, stealing our patents and stealing our intellectual property and we’ve got a bunch of wussy spineless Republicans in Congress that won’t do anything about it.

Listening to David Dewhurst talk about cutting spending is like listening to Charlie Sheen talk about sobriety.

Wait ‘til you get to the moderator’s questions.  You half expect tobacco spitting six shooters to be drawn as they bait and challenge each other.  It’s pure awesome.

Craig James has a Juan Williams wonder-moment when the moderator tries to catch quiz him on who the current Secretary of Defense is.

Any one of the guys (except current leader and Huckabee endorsed Dewhurt) would be wonderful in Washington.  I especially liked the specific policy detail of the former Dallas mayor, the frankness of Craig James but I have to respect the amazing number of endorsements from Ted Cruz.

Texas US Senate Debate, 12 January 2012. from Joshua S Trevino on Vimeo.

It is so critical to pay cash and attention to the non-Presidential races.  A conservative House and Senate can override EVERY veto Obama might try should the country end up re-electing Obama or electing Romney.


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