Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Forget Obama: The World Is Coming to an End


Judicial anarchy, government insolvency and totalitarian takeover of the US government ain’t got nothing on this predictor of the collapse of civilization.  There is talk of the Chicago Cubs being housed in Chicago South Side’s US Cellular Field during Chicago White Sox away games.

Apologies to my political-only readers, but this is a major universe-sized catastrophe in the making for Chicago Cubs fans.  With new GM (and potential baseball god) Theo Epstein remaking Cub Kingdom from top to bottom, renovations are due to Wrigley Field.  (And by renovations we hope they mean fixing the frickin’ plumbing instead of just adding new luxury boxes for revenue.)  But should he allow this, he would soon be despised as a Glenn Beck smear of Tea Partiers.

The rumors started with an NBC Chicago article Monday, and the denials leave plenty of Bill Clinton parsing to keep the idea open. 

PolitiJim readers know that I am on a life long crusade to ban the White Sox from planet earth (much less Chicago) and the fact that the South Sider’s are Barack Obama’s favorite baseball team has not softened that sentiment in the slightest.  The White Sox are evil.  Interleague games are only as tolerable as the annual Roto-Rooter unclogging that is part of life.  But the thought of my beloved Cubbies calling “home” to the docking station of the Death Star, is just too much.

My therapist has told me my conundrum is seated in my adolescent rebellion toward my now departed father who – like my mother – was born in Calumet City (South Side Chicago to you “ferigners”).  And if we were actually able to win, and outdraw the very spineless and fickle Sox fans, it would be more like bears making South Sider’s are …female dogs.

On second thought, this might be the very thing to finally break the unholy devotion of some Chicago fans to their dark lord and humiliate Barack Obama to boot.

Roseanne_Roseannadanna Nevermind, it’s probably best to now turn our attention back to the worldwide economic crisis, and the potential loss of our Constitutional freedoms.

Wrigley story here:

Could Chicago Cubs fans be forced to watch their beloved team from inside enemy confines soon?

That's the rumor from Wrigleyville as Cubs officials mull whether or not to perform a gut-rehab on the historic field in Lake View during the 2013 season.

Should team brass decide that the time is ripe for -- and they secure funds for -- a renovation of Wrigley Field, they could move their games across town to U.S. Cellular Field -- home of the sometimes-rival Chicago White Sox -- sources said. So much for a cross town classic.

Cubs brass deny that plan is on the table. 

"You are putting the cart before the horse,” one source said.  "There is no done deal,” said another.

Put more succinctly:

“I have never heard of a done deal of moving home games to the 'Cell,” said Dennis Culloton, a spokesman for the Ricketts family. 

Workers at U.S. Cellular tell a different story. They say they  are being warned of a much busier 2013 season (as in, prepare for double the games). Bridgeport bar owners tell a similar story.

Again, the Cubs say they haven't thought that far ahead and that they are working on a plan to secure funds to renovate the stadium ahead of the 99th season there.



Here's is a positive thought - - "Cub's win World Series while playing home games at Comiskey . . . !"

You are just trying to torture me gadfly. Shoo! :)

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