Saturday, February 4, 2012

That’s the Night that the Lights Went Out in Georgia…and on those Crazy Birthers


Well that judge in Georgia has finally put all this birther nonsense to rest.  Obama is eligible to because he is a US Citizen.  I’m glad we can finally quit wasting time on silly distractions that make conservatives look goofy and focus on the REAL issues.  You know, like the decision of a private women’s breast cancer foundation as to whether they will keep funding Planned Parenthood.  (God forbid we should start asking why the CDC faked clinical studies on proven cancer cures that already exist.)  Complaining and writing about Komen could potentially humiliate Planned Parenthood into stopping abortions, don’t you agree?

But this birther thing? It is out of control!  Even pollsters don’t understand the issue is NOT whether Obama was born in the United States, but if he can sufficiently document that he is a “natural born citizen.”  Who cares that more Americans are more skeptical of Obama’s constitutional qualifications to be in office now than before he released his long form birth certificate.  And if it did turn out to be true, and the military was forced to remove him, it would only negate ObamaCare; unseat Supreme Court Justice Kagan; reverse every oil drilling and EPA prohibition that has been costing jobs; and immediately eliminate every pedophile and potential prison inmate he’s appointed as a Czar.  You know, basically the same thing Gingrich has promised to do Day 1.  So what are wasting time on this crap for, huh?

burning constitution The Constitution hasn’t changed, so what’s the big deal?  Remember that Mr. Obama would KNOW if he was breaking the law because he taught it at the …where’s that University that the Weather Underground domestic terrorist teaches at?….Oh, yeah.  University of Chicago.  And Eric Holder swore to uphold the Constitution so this is all really a moot point.  It’s not like Obama or Eric Holder haven’t shown extreme diligence and adherence to the law and the Constitution on the issues of complying with Congressional Subpoenas, Judge’s orders, Constitutionally subject Presidential appointments, the Constitutional protections of private enterprise and individuals, or other areas of ethics and legal compliance of our laws by the tens or the hundreds.

Tell you what.  Just for the hell of it, let’s actually look at the judge's findings to determine if his "rejection" is sound?  (It has been known for judges to be in error once or twice, you know.) [h/t to NaturalBornCitizen]

Judge Malihi Judge Malihi originally said (in his denial to Obama’s motion to dismiss) that Georgia law specifically requires that "[e]very candidate...shall meet the constitutional and statutory qualifications for holding the office being sought"

He emphasized this rule of statutory construction …and then …uhhmmm… contradicted it in his ruling.   Far out wacko, insane blog NaturalBornCitizen reports:

In other words, Judge Malihi found more persuasive than the long-established principle of statutory construction, a State's Court of Appeals opinion and its unsupported contention that the Constitution's language "is immaterial."  He said the Constitutional provisions of the 14th Amendment HAD to be taken only in conjunction with Article 2, Section 1.

SO WHAT if Chief Justice Marshall said this about this issue in Marbury v. Madison, (5 U.S. 137) in 1803:

“It cannot be presumed that any clause in the constitution is intended to be without effect; and therefore such construction is inadmissible, unless the words require it.” Id. 174. (Emphasis added.)

So what if a single administrative state judge goes from a position of being ready to judge AGAINST non-participating Defendant Obama, to a position of subverting his OWN judicial proclamation and intent.  Big deal.  So what if the Defendant (Obama) offered no evidence that he WAS a citizen.  Those crazy birthers only admitted previous Supreme Court decisions and irrefutable proof that Obama’s father was not a US Citizen.  They had a few so called 30 year document “experts” testify that his birth certificate was fraudulent but there is not telling the lengths these Conspiracy Theory Nuts will go to for some good drama.  So what if Obama’s attorney didn’t show.  As he said, “this is keeping the President from pressing matters of state and is likely to turn into a circus that will embarrass us in front of the world.  We don’t need no stinkin’ trial.  Or jury.  (If we could even FIND a peer of the President that is.)”

Let those crazy conspiracy theorists run wild.

ObamaAxelrodNext the birthers will remind us that Obama and Axelrod participated in bribery, coercion and worse in my hometown of Chicago.  That surely would be a great “conspiracy” to explain a judges inexplicable reversal.  Or, they might say that the judge wanted to let someone "higher up" in the appellate food chain take the heat and attention for being derided as a "birther."  (Can’t blame him can you?)  One thing is clear.  The rule of law was upheld, despite these constitutional scholars publishing line by line scathing rebuttals.  This is America – the home of liberty, freedom and justice.  WE tell other countries how to do this democracy thang right.  The Nixon thing? Pish posh.  Stealing the election for JFK?  Old news.  Are those “scholars” Georgia state Administrative judges?  Hell no.  The fact that not a SINGLE COURT has found in the “birthers” favor should tell us everything we need to know.  There is NO WAY possible our court system could be so corrupt they wouldn’t take these cases while sending honorable people in our military to jail.   Next these babbling birthers will tell us that our court system would prosecute border officers for doing their job or allow babies to be killed in the wombs of their mothers.  It’s ridiculous.

And more good news!  If it ever gets to the Supreme Court, we are told by Justice Ginsberg that the old, outdated US Constitution doesn’t even really apply to the needs of people anymore.  So we got that going for us.

Just for the sake of argument, let’s recap what these crazy birthers think they have as evidence:

  • A falsified official state government document by the Chief Law Enforcement official of the United States of America purporting to establish his citizenship. (Yes, both short and long form birth certificates.)  They cite some former senior election administration official who says he was told for a fact that a certificate did not exist for Barack Hussein Obama.
  • The first time redaction in history by the Democratic party of Hawaii that their Presidential candidate meets constitutional requirements.
  • Dozens of contradictory news paper articles, family eyewitness reports and statements with the complete absence of corroborating documentation from hospitals, schools, and even Federal records to disprove their assertions.
  • Circumstantial corroboration of other missing documents of Obama’s history including Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records, just to name a few.

You see – we just proved the birthers nutzo right there.  We DID find a letter from Obama while he was the Editor of the Harvard Law Review.  So it’s not like there isn’t ANY documentation of him existing or anything.  At least it stops them from claiming he’s an alien!

Quick Compilation of Birth Cert Problems

(Complete dissertation on all problems here)

These birthers go as far as to point out that they had Newt Gingrich’s entire college transcripts, term papers, and grades within a few months but really, what does that prove?  Clearly if these records could be located, the Obama team has proven they already would have.   For instance, Obama’s political opponents were ruined by sealed court records (like divorce papers) that should have been impossible to find, let alone get a legitimate news organization to publish when he ran for office in the past.  And they had no problem finding those, so these idiots are just wrong in thinking that they weren’t legitimately lost.

Wacko weirdos – all of ‘em.

CorsiBookCover I think the easiest way to dispel these deranged notions is simply to go through a list of those people who don’t think this is newsworthy.  All of these groups below get paid cash MONEY for advertising traffic.  And you would think that as capitalists, they would have a financial motivation to uncover the truth as it would yield great advertising revenues.  They clearly are not friends of the current administration so right there you have total and complete FREE MARKET PROOF that this is all an excessive lunatic absurdity.

  • DrudgeReport
  • Andrew Breitbart
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Sean Hannity
  • Glenn Beck
  • Ann Coulter
  • Michelle Malkin / HotAir
  • / Human Events
  • Daily Caller or MOST of the top 150 conservative media sites.

And although I think most of us would consider these people as fellow soldiers against liberalism and lawlessness, I think it would be safe to say although they have their own biases which they would NEVER ignore on something so clearly illegal as this?  I remember Drudge taking ABC to task for covering up Food Lion while they complaned he didn’t do REAL reporting.  And this didn’t appear ANYWHERE on Drudge as it developed.  We know they don’t come more honest than him.  They go viciously after Pigford, Fast and Furious, Solyndra and Supreme Court recusals and surely, they wouldn’t allow the disparagement of the main stream media or public interfere with demanding justice for what would be the most serious crime against the Republic in all of US History, right?  A blue dress would be nothing compared to this.

Presidential candidates neither!  Not a peep!  When Sherriff Joe Arappio convened his “posse” to look into this, I was certain gun totin’ Rick Perry would be all over this like a cougar trying to crowd his jogging track.  They don’t get much more honest and fearless than the Arizona law enforcer.  And despite differences with Santorum, (and even supposed “Constitutional Purist” Paul), there is no way they wouldn’t NOT touch the biggest corruption scandal in modern history right?  Gingrich made his political fortunes by fearlessly battling liberal corruption, so I know he wouldn’t just sit by and let a forging felon fill the most powerful position in the free world.

BirthersRetarded No, these constitutional conspiracy crazies are outright kooks.  Our trust in government is bad, I know.  Trillions are lent to foreign banks without ANY approval by the US tax payer who would responsible to make up default. Spineless congressmen who let $1 Trillion in defense cuts slide by without demanding the White House do what is right has bugged me.  Seeing how many allow the most progressive Massachusetts Governor in the past 20 years pass himself off as “conservative” within the ranks of the Grand Old Party makes my faith flinch just a bit.  But good southern red state judges who are ready to pull Obama off the ballot must have made an honest assessment of the facts and found them wanting.  Our system can’t be that corrupt can it?  Cook County court crime is still limited to Chicago, Illinois, isn’t it?

I’m with you good folks.  I’d say that the most telling reason that there must not be anything to this is because of my readers, fellow bloggers and Twitter pals.  Great conservative twitters who attend national caucuses, have their own radio or TV shows don’t say nary a peep on the subject.  In fact, many shut talk down on it in a flash.  And the average conservative social media consumer on my Google Plus and Twitter time lines aren’t SCREAMING for me to write more about this – or challenge the bigger conservative media to do the same.

These are PATRIOTS after all.  They are of the blood and spirit of those who not just threw East India Tea into Boston Harbor, they were the ones that wrote their names so big on the Declaration of Independence they didn’t care if they lost their lives, fortunes OR sacred honor.  These people love TRUTH and will sacrifice their lives for it.

smallOBAMAS-BIRTH-CERTIFICAI had to think what it would mean if these people were right.  If a corrupt Chicago politician, was able to play his state, able to play his political party and the national press and able to play the opposing political party and their patriotic conservative base – and not just get elected, but have no one aggressively challenge this egregious affront to our values and honor….then I’m not sure there is a clear path to reassert a Constitutional compass in this country.

How could I trust my fellow soldiers to take over and reform the GOP, (much less the country) when I couldn’t trust them to go on record and fight against something THIS important.

I would not want to consider that possibility.  It’s one thing for an innocent man to be falsely punished.  It’s quite another for a corrupt one to go untouched by those that claim virtues of God, Justice and the American Way.  That isn’t who we are.

And what would the world think if it turns out it was true.  Well, observers here would not only no longer take us seriously on issues of freedom and democracy, they would likely think they could put other things over on us too.  For all that hub bub we boast of our Constitution – they would know it’s no different than the new “constitution” of Hugo Chavez or the promise of peace from Hamas.  Thank God we don’t have that to worry about.

I’m sure Georgia isn’t losing sleep over this ruling.  From what I can see, the Atlanta media is barely covering it.  Well known conservative, Erick Erickson – a lawyer in good standing by the State Bar of Georgia - isn’t saying a word either.  And not only did HE take an oath to the Constitution of the United States, he has many times discussed how much he cares about the integrity of the upholding it as an American citizen and patriot.  He SWORE to uphold it, and unlike Eric Holder – he’s a conservative like me and wouldn’t allow the honor of George Washington, John Adams, Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson to be soiled by doing absolutely nothing when the truth was staring him straight in his Redstate face.

No – turn out the lights there in Georgia.  This whole trial has proved that it’s time to just move on.

So sorry for being such a downer.  Now, who wants to play a fun hashtag game on Twitter? #2012ElectionFoods

I’ll start: Concord Great Machiavelli Jelly.


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