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PolitiJim Paranoia Over Sudden Perry Pillory


A week or so ago I got an email from a Santorum supporter in Texas, complaining that Rick Perry was not spending very much time in office.  It was originally reported in the very liberal Dallas Morning News, and the emailer grumbled about planned campaigning around the state for Gingrich in the upcoming primaries.  (There was no corresponding reference however on Mitt Romney’s 220 days out of office his final year of Governor by either the emailer or the news article.)

I have also seen very legitimate complaints about Perry’s reluctance to do anything about the pro-Sharia, Muslims schools being paid for by Texas taxpayers, but no allowance for Christian ones.  There have been numerous reports by PolitiChix, Pam Gellar and others on Nover Grovequist, who has been fronting Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the CONSERVATIVE movement.  And Grover is a good friend of the Texas Governor as well.  (And also Rick Santorum, by the way.)

But a story Sunday morning by the New York Times put my Anti-Conservative Conspiracy Meter on high alert.  It is a legitimate story on a double dipping governmental perk, but the bad expression photo alone editorializes a need to paint Perry with a bad brush.

But why now?  Perry has dropped out of the race.  With the Santorum Surge and Mitt’s Michigan moves, what purpose does this serve a NATIONAL audience in a major paper, at this time, no less?  There are no coincidences.

So the PolitiJim Paranoia has some proposed pretexts for this suspicious political ploy.

  1. Mitt Romney is already at work on 2016.  It has been widely reported that Romney began to undermine Palin’s 2012 presidential hopes with a PR group to smear her directly after the 2008 elections.  Although Perry isn’t up for re-election until 2014, he would need to be in full campaign swing by next year.  By encouraging others to run against him, it would be two ex-Governor’s running instead of an active one and a liberal one who only served one term.
  2. This is a preemptive Gingrich strike.  Perry is to head up a 10th Amendment project with Gingrich.  Don’t forget how many other conservative Governor’s initially supported Perry (like Jindahl).  He has pull.  And whether it is Obama forces who fear real substantial resistance from a unified group of conservative Governors or whether it is a Romney, Paul or (less likely) Santorum strategy – bringing down Perry’s negatives will make him less effective campaigning for Newt.
  3. Obama forces are about to escalate their Texas state skirmish into a White House war.  It is shocking that Texas and this Administration have had major showdowns this past year including: Coal plant closing EPA restrictions, TSA replacements at Texas airports, border battles and the recent DOJ attack on the Voter ID law.  Obama needs a villain for his class war strategy and since Allen West and Herman Cain are strong Newt supporters, perhaps he feels tying Gingrich to Perry with his racial epithet rocks and Southern hick canards. 
  4. The Obama Crime Plan? Maybe he’ll force a national showdown with Perry over Voter ID over “racist” Perry to attempt to invalidate the election results.  I know it seems far fetched, but remember how many subpoena's he has ignored, laws he has broken and unConstitutional actions he has brazenly flaunted.  Most of us suspect he is planning vote fraud on a national scale the likes never even seen on the South Side of Chicago.

Whatever the reason we must understand that this election is not only the most critical of our lifetime, but it will not be played by any conventional rules of politics past.  If I’m correct, there will be another major “hit” piece on Perry in the next two weeks.

And a final note about opportunistic Santorum supporters.  It is quite strange they are complaining about this now and not when it was clear to everyone he was in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Iowa.  Most hypocritically is that they would not be passing any of this along if Perry had supported the PA Senator.  The Tea Party has a great many problems with Rick Perry.  He is NOT a strong willed, crusader against reform not even having helped to replace the RINO Texas Speaker who has sabotaged everything from banning sanctuary cities and the TSA to preempting the showdown with Eric Holder on holding up our Voter ID law during the critical 2012 election.  (Read how bad this guy is here.)  But as a successful Governor with 8 years of EXECUTIVE experience, charm and every bit as much conservative credentials as their boy Rick, they might show a bit more humility knowing Santorum would never have gotten the attention had Rick Perry still been in the race.


Politijim, I just want to thank you for all your great posts! I visit your pages every day. I'm an all-out Newt supporter, and am praying and doing all I can to support his candidacy for President.
I've noticed some buzz lately, too, but this buzz is from Perry supporters who are spreading the rumor that he's about to get back in the race. I'm thinking, that doesn't make sense! He's on Newt's team now. I'll try to find a link to what I read about that.
Also, I'm sure it's obvious to you that there has been an unbelievably deliberate media blackout on Newt Gingrich. Naturally, this has had the desired effect of supporters for Newt abandoning ship. Last night a guest on Greta (I think it was a Politico guy), when asked by Greta what he thought about Newt coming back, or doing well on Super Tuesday, said, that Newt's not even "part of the conversation." Whaaatt?
That's one of the reasons I visit your site - to get the unvarnished truth. And Santorum, for the most part, is getting a pretty free pass with the MSM and establishment. The obligatory flap over religion and government seems to be over now. Very few are reporting the truth about Rick Santorum's record, and he's getting a great amount of press everywhere, in all quarters, and mostly positive.
I'm also sick of the fact that he has dissed Newt so many times, or claimed credit for things that never would have been without Newt, or for which it was really Newt doing the heavy lifting. Only recently has Newt fired back and called Rick a big-government Republican.
Anyway, God bless you! You really get it!
Your comments?

Perry better not get back in the race. He needs to worry about his own turf. The people of Texas may be growing tired of him.

I just hope Perry will do a good job for Newt in Texas. I think Newt has the idea that he will do well in Texas, which I think may not be the case.

I think two things need to happen for Newt: Sarah Palin needs to come out and fully endorse Newt and work with him on the campaign trail 2) Newt needs to start attacking Romney and Santorum on their atrocious records. 3) Newt needs a landslide victory in Georgia.

I've been beside myself with all the negative press that Newt receives that it's just beyond maddening.

HI GraceIsHere --

Me, too. I'm totally in support of Newt.

The whole point with Newt is, winning the presidency is just the first step!!

Over at Legal Insurrection today, commenter Jack Long said the Michigan race is like watching two Wile E. Coyotes with no Road Runner.

They TRY to express conservative talking points, but they don't understand how to WORK the plan to RECOVER OUR COUNTRY work.

Remember the old story about the experienced ELECTRICAL GENERATOR engineer who took care of the GENERATOR for a WHOLE CITY for some 50 years. Everyone in town relied upon that generator for power for their own work, their lives, their energy, their future.

Then a bunch of smart-guy newbies came in and forced the experienced engineer out. THEY wanted to run the GENERATOR for their own purposes.

So the new guys started tinkering and tampering with the GENERATOR. They added gadgets. They diverted energy. They reduced fuel levels. They allowed trash to accumulate in the intake channels. They never cleared the release valves. Now the GENERATOR system is so complex and has been so diverted from its true purpose and function that the GENERATOR is down to 20% capacity, and the new guys DON'T KNOW WHY.


So they call in the original GENERATOR engineer and he goes and unhooks the gadgets, flips the switches, cleans out the traps, opens the intake channel, restores the fuel levels and puts the whole, complex system to rights. He calls in the towns people to help figure out what they need from the generator and how to support the live and the growth of the community.

--- and the GENERATOR starts up!

Now, of course, the newbies want to run it again. They try to buy the GENERATOR MAN off with $50.

But he wants to KEEP THE GENERATOR RUNNING. He CAMPAIGNS for the job.



Now the GENERATOR runs every day! Everyone has all the energy they need! Young, smart boiler engineers are being trained the right way! There is a system of continuous improvement, and the physical plant and the plans for the future are constantly upgraded.

Newt is that GENERATOR MAN.

Newt understands how the systems work. Newt has a plan and it is written down for all to see.

GraceIsHere, I'm so glad to read your comment. Newt is the man with the plan!

I would imagine you have seen this speech. It's from 2009 --- "2012: VICTORY OR DEATH." If you haven't watched this speech yet, GraceIsHere, you will love it.

It's so good to share this hope for the future of our country.

Are you signed u at Newt's Network? The people there are wonderful.

So nice to meet you, GraceIsHere!

We're in this together! The election is the first step! Go Newt!

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