Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just As I Thought – Men Are More Romantic

LoveBirdParrots had a great idea of taking a poll of what single Christian men and women think about luuuv.  And it’s just as I thought.  Men are more romantic than women.  The highlights:

  • 58% of men believe in love at first sight
    as opposed to only 53% of women
  • 81% of men want a significant other for Valentine’s Day,
    as opposed to only 61% of women
  • 55% of all Christian singles believe in love at first sight.

No reference as to what the heathen singles think.  Of course, it’s possible that it isn’t so much that men are more romantic.  It might just be women are more realistic.  Or that women know the pool of good men is 20% less than the pool of good women.

Nah. Couldn’t be.  They don’t call me a love bird for nothing.  But I do wonder if 20% of Christian women are only hoping for an “insignificant other.”

ChristianMingle®.com Poll Shows 55 Percent of Christian Singles
Believe in Love at First Sight

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Feb. 9, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- A recent Valentine's Day poll conducted by, the largest and fastest growing online community for Christian singles, revealed 55 percent of Christian singles believe in love at first sight. Twenty-four percent said they didn't believe in love at first sight and 21 percent were undecided on the issue.

The ChristianMingle poll included several questions related to love and the upcoming February 14th holiday. Surprisingly, the results suggest men have more romantic tendencies than women, with 58 percent of men saying they believe in love at first sight, compared to 53 percent of females. Also, when asked the question, "What do you want most for Valentine's Day?" 81 percent of men answered they want a significant other as opposed to only 61 percent of women.

"Even after everything we think we know about love and commitment, singles still believe you can tell from the first impression whether a person is right for you or not," said Ashley Reccord, Christian community manager for Spark Networks®, owner and operator of ChristianMingle. "These results are contrary to what we expected. While the stereotype is that women are more romantic at heart, our poll suggests men may trump women in believing in romance, even if they don't always show it outwardly."

In response to other questions, the online survey revealed 46 percent of Christian singles believe there is one right person in the world for them, compared to 34 percent who disagreed and 20 percent who were undecided. The poll also showed age as a key determining factor when it comes to soul mates -- with only 39 percent of those 56 years and older answering favorably to the question compared with 57 percent of 18 to 25 year olds.

The full story here.


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