Thursday, February 16, 2012

Obama Has Military Men Practicing Pregnancy

What is becoming of our military?? Now this is getting a bit ridiculous...of course this comes following the new push to have women serve in ground combat troops, so it's no surprise, they want males wearing fake breasts and empathy bellies;next thing the Obama administrations military commanders will want pregnant women in combat?? I guess to liberals it could be seen as another form of abortion if they are killed in combat??

In addition to these ridiculous changes to our military, Obama is cutting combat pay,wants to reduce our nuclear arsenal below Russia and China and he has already repealed "Don't Ask Don't Tell' which gives homosexuals the right to serve openly in the military. Why we needed this law repealed is unknown, but the military is turning into a mockery and social experiment under this administration. And then there is this news out that Secretary Napolitano Disrespects And Disarms Pilots. In the meantime our world is growing more dangerous and unstable.

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