Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ferguson Funny Man Advises: Drink with Newt


He also says Gingrich is a “sexy bastard.”

This is 15 minutes that might be a riot for you, whether you are with Newt or not.  The second part is funnier, but you won’t understand the second segment without watching the first.

Topics include:

  • The need for more drunken Republicans
  • Why a “drinking” platform would devolve into fights about Scotch and Irish Whiskey
  • Ferguson’s poll on what kind of politicians America wants
  • A Gingrich “meow” discussing Obama
    (you’ll have to watch to find out)

(@WenB71 – this one’s for you)

As a conservative, I loved that Gingrich actually took him back around to why they should want a serious leader.  In a Comedy Central era, it’s a polite way to say “GROW UP!”

(And as PolitiJim readers know, I’m all about being polite…..well, I”m working on it.)


I guess this is refreshing.

Craig Ferguson deserves credit.

Ferguson seems less steeped in the mind-meld of the usual Leftist Hollywood ideological strait-jacket. Ferguson seems as if he might have some smarts and common sense if he ever got a chance to use them on Late Late night television.

But for heaven's sake, Ferguson had Newt there, and Ferguson's questions are so shallow that it's almost boring. Newt, whose most casual conversation, whose asides in speeches, are interesting. Newt, who understands why Ferguson might feel at home in the South, who could talk about the relationship between Scotland, Ireland and the United States and make it interesting. So much potential, but what a lost opportunity.

It would be nice to see even one "comedy" host who isn't a political blank slate or a sneering Leftist.

I would LOVE to see a funny conversation where both people know the score. THAT would be fun. THAT would be awesome.

So weird how ideology trumps the spirit of free enterprise.

There is an enormous percentage of the American People who are so eager for tv and films that are politically savvy and reflect an understanding of how awesome our country is, and our history is.

And yet, crickets and silence.

Someone, someday, is going to make a fortune doing something like the original Tonight Show, but with a sensibility like Rush has, at night and funny.

THAT would be awesome!

This made my day! I think Newt should be doing more of these.

I really enjoyed this. Thanks for posting. If Newt doesn't win, I hope he stays on the scene. He is a treasure. I wish more people could see it.

Never thought I would be giving credit to Craig Ferguson. That was great!

Funny stuff! I used to watch Ferguson, once in a while. Always had the impression that he was, on the whole, a lot funnier than other late night comedians. Most of the others seemed very close to being funny, but just short of it. Wonder if he'll ever make the big money.

Newt did well, especially considering the hand he was dealt. Hoping & praying he makes it.

So, Hopechange, I see you're not just another pretty face. You really spend some time noodling things and express your conclusions very well.

2 points everyone. This was long before the Presidential race, Newt was promoting his book.

Second, Ferguson IS smart. He authored one of the most well reviewed novels of the last decade, and as most immigrants turned citizen, is NOT among the usual leftist mind meld.

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