Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Speaker Gingrich

(By popular request, a printable PDF version is available of this letter)

Dear Speaker Gingrich.

We all know that other than Todd Palin, there is one endorsement that would make a profound difference in your run for President.  Mine.  I am writing to tell you that after exhaustive research, contemplation and prayer, I have come to a decision.

My journey has been an interesting one.  I casually started my blog to weigh in on whether a Christian should gloat over the death of anyone – including Osama Bin Laden; the hypocrisy of many NFL players during the strike; and the lies by some NFL players that Israel was killing Palestinian children.  Frankly, it was easier than facing assault charges venting my anger another way. (I grew up in Chicago.)

Then, through the Tea Party, I had the experience of attending and writing about a rally to protest the Obama Administration’s Director who had banned the use of the words “God” and “Jesus” at the Houston VA Cemetery.  I realized that a very imperfect American like me had to not just talk about these problems – but also DO something.  I got more involved in politics than ever before helping to speak at tiny community tea party events, and volunteering for various functions to take responsibility for this luxury of liberty we’ve been offered.

I remember reflecting upon the upcoming GOP Presidential race with the thought that I truly had no “dog in the hunt” or “pig in the auction.” …Until I saw THE UNDEFEATED.  It blew a gaping hole in my earlier impressions that A) Sarah Palin was just a nice conservative who really wasn’t educated or experienced enough to run for President and B) that any of the GOP candidates would do.  That film made me realize two things about this race.  First, I would support Governor Palin if she entered.  Secondly, we would need a candidate – who understood as Palin did in Alaska – that the battle was not just about policy, but a total takeover of the GOP and the conservative message that appealed to more than just the listeners of Rush Limbaugh. A candidate was needed to battle the corruption in Washington; replace the legacy government systems that continue to thwart freedom even “while in neutral;” and who could again inspire America again. The attitudes toward capitalism, conservatism and freedom are essential if this Republic is to remain the freest and strongest in the world.

GingrichPalinDefenseSince then, I have defended and attacked every political candidate running for the 2012 GOP nomination with the exception of Tim Pawlenty, and Jeb Bush.  (These two I only attacked as I never saw anything to defend.  I did find one good thing to say about Jon Huntsman. Only one.)  I have tried to call a “spade a spade.”  In fact, I wrote of my disappointment in you for trusting the scientific establishment so much that you, (like my own company)  fell for the falsified IPCC data supporting manmade (or possibly any) global warming.  I also chastised you for not insisting that some form of accountability and penalty be levied on ALL illegal immigrants, regardless of the length of their crime.  (We are not just about Truth and the American Way – but also Justice.)

And, through the process, I was very disappointed with the knee jerk reaction of conservatives beginning with the misunderstanding on the Paul Ryan issue.  Yes, you were a bit dull to conservative sensitivity that it was “us” versus “them,” and you were correct that Ryan’s design was destined for failure if it was shoved down the throat of the American people as David Gregory had posed the question.  But it was partly our fault in not giving you the benefit of the doubt.  Honestly, most of the conservative movement, bloggers and pundits were still in classes about history while you were making it.  And who in the past 20 years has taken the time to teach us what you really did?

I’ve been embarrassed by your narrow minded critics who would call you a “sell out” for associating with people they don’t agree with.  You and Jack Kemp had been two of the ONLY conservatives who made honest attempts to broaden the conservative message and some act like hillbilly’s afraid of the “foreigners.”  You mentioned a similar dynamic you observed when you took over as Speaker and graciously pointed out then that many of these are so used to being betrayed, they end up never growing the cause beyond the converted.

Like you did with Ronald Reagan over his failure to address the NAACP, too few realize that your Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and Al Sharpton forays always were part of a larger conservative initiative, even if it was poorly thought out an executed.  And unlike some of your competitors, I appreciate the fact that you not only freely acknowledge your past mistakes, but don’t pretend that you will be perfect.  One of my early mentors always told me to never trust anyone who does not walk with a limp, since their own pride will blind them to inevitable potholes and cliff’s that even Jesus struggled with.

Like many other conservatives, I had great hope in Bachmann, then Perry, then Cain only to see each fail on issues of their ability to forcefully represent the conservative message, or show us that they understood conservative policy, or exhibited leadership.  Like others, my limited knowledge of Bachmann and her Tea Party leadership made her a focus for me, until she became a typical politician.  When she accused you, the guy who would not quit sending partial birth abortion legislation to President Clinton, of being “for abortion,” she permanently lost my support.  We can not tolerate the same old stupid political tricks that liberals use among people who claim to stand for integrity and honesty.  I have noted that through the 285 debates this season (or however many there have been), that you have been the ONLY politician to strive to practice Reagan’s eleventh commandment.  Not only have you not distort the voting or media minutia of your fellow candidates, you have stepped in to defend them from the media.  And have done it honorably.

I remember a bit of your reign as Speaker in the 90’s, although I wasn’t deeply into politics then.  Frankly, the barrage of negative press that you endured, obscured my recollection of your leadership.  I was shocked to find that the GOP and Congress rose to unprecedented popular support among Americans during that time.  I think I “got” the whole global warming mistake better than most because I’m in the “clean and green” technology worlds – and the scientists I knew believed that early data too.  (I just love how some conservatives - who don’t know CO2 from DO2 - are acting outraged and shocked that you temporarily entertained using government measures to address what some serious scientists believed was a real threat.)

Although he didn’t impress me, I likely would have gotten behind Santorum after Cain fell into disfavor.  Then as you were attacked, I (gasp) did the unthinkable, and researched the objections against you as you were attacked left, right and center.  She may have lost her marbles now, but Ann Coulter used to have a great line that was something like, “If the liberals are for it – I automatically assume it’s bad.”  The over the top smearing of your record made me detect scents of a rat. From more than one sewer.

As I uncovered long buried interviews from your contemporaries in the late 80’s, and then interviews with Paul Weyrich and Pete DuPont, I rediscovered the enormity of what you had accomplished as a young Congressman.  I became incensed that I didn’t know this, and that current conservative leaders didn’t seem to care.

EarlyNewtPoster Until someone puts themselves back in the era of what was considered a “permanent” minority position, no one today can comprehend the mental, financial, political and cultural challenge to reversing 40 years of Democrat domination.  And you were planning it as a hippy-looking, first term Congressman from Podunk Georgia.  (Really, what was up with those sideburns?)

When I discovered that Glenn Beck’s rantings on Teddy and Franklin were made of pure historical ignorance, I actually began be a bit embarrassed to be one of those who not only didn’t appreciate what you had done. In fact, I didn’t even recall it.  (Shout-out to Beck:  Your hero Calvin Coolidge picked Teddy Roosevelt for Mount Rushmore and Ronald Reagan’s initiated a “Theodore Roosevelt Day” as President.  Take the tinfoil off!)

When you began to bang on Bain, I was hip to your jive.  I’ve been an investor and victim of venture vultures and was shocked that people like Rush Limbaugh and others thought that ANY scrutiny on Mitt Romney’s reign at Bain was “off limits.”  Especially when the entire Obama machine has been gearing up for a “fake” 2012 fight over Wall Street excesses. TRUE conservatives shouldn’t have any hesitation to attack “bad” capitalism.  There is no defense for Enron, Lehman and the like.  Why take the idiotic position that EVERYTHING called capitalism is correct?  It makes no sense.  (So I was down with that ‘yo.)

But your explanations on why this subject should be broached, began to make the slow synapses in my mind spark and sputter.  I kept saying to myself, “PolitiJim, where have you heard this vibe before?  And why are you talking to yourself in the third person?”  Then it dawned on me that I had gone through the same thought process when watching Sarah Palin’s UNDEFEATED.  When she attacked “Big Oil,” I had the same initial emotional revulsion that the Limbaugh’s and Levin’s reacted to as you brought up Bain. 

As I thought about it back then, I realized that not only was Palin right – (Greed is NOT Good) – it also was the reason she enjoyed 80% popularity throughout most of her Governorship.  And why she was able to get things done.  She didn’t pitch “conservatism” or “capitalism,” but in doing what was correct and common sense.  Even the moderates and liberals respect someone who is against predatory practices whether they be environmental, criminal or entrepreneurial.  You were not only on the side of de Tocqueville, Adams and Monroe, you were smart enough to be positioning yourself to steal a major point of contention the Democrats had planned to use in the general election.  It has been truly idiotic how blindly conservatives were freaking out about simply honest talk about the excesses of capitalistic parasites.  Then again, these are the same people that couldn’t stand up to George Bush and the establishment to the excesses of Congressional spending.  Why should we be surprised they leaped on Limbaugh’s line to defend excesses ANYWHERE?

Having gone back and listened to many of your speeches for the past 30 years, I was refreshed that you weren’t just pulling a Romney repositioning of rhetoric.  You’ve been a careful student and strategist of how to move America from the left to the middle, and then more rightward for over 30 some years.  I suddenly realized that you not only had the winning campaign strategy against Obama, OUR side hadn’t a clue of what they were doing.  Talk about the whole “what have you done for me lately” juggernaut run off a cliff.  But then again it seems you had the same problem with those that put their own interests ahead of the country in Congress.  No matter what you did, everyone was continually upset with you.  The fanatical conservatives felt you were selling them out by not demanding the abolishment of Federal Reserve and the fearful ones were upset you made it hard for them to pad their pockets or bring home pork.

Then I got in trouble defending the attacks on you by Mitt Romney and the GOP Establishment forces before Michael Reagan, Jeffery Lord, Bud McFarlene, Art Laffer and others jumped in.  The good news is that it caused me to dig much deeper into your past ideology and record.  I don’t blindly defend ANY personality.  Even Reagan.  I want to to only traffic in truth like any honest conservative.

And I was astounded.  I now understand why Nancy Reagan was willing to preside over the event where Ronnie passed you the “torch” of revolution.  I now understand why Weyrich worried you would run for President, because losing your unique talent in making coalitions among Republicans that steadily moved us rightward was irreplaceable.  I also see why the liberals and establishment are deadly afraid of you.  If you set out to reform Washington DC the way you did Congress – even in your first session – they are SOL (excuse my French) to keep mesmerizing not just the American public, but their mediums in the media.

It also leads me to this; an apology.

Please forgive me for not knowing my history, and taking for granted what you accomplished for the entire conservative movement from 1978 until your resignation in 1998.  Please forgive me, for not defending you more fiercely out of the gate, or questioning your love for this country and the calling you have had since you were fifteen years old on the WW2 battlefields in France.

Forgive us for questioning your conservative principles when, by EVERY objective measure from the American Conservative Union to accomplishments within the conservative movement, you have surpassed both your co-candidates and nearly any other political figure in our time.

Most of all, please forgive the disrespect of the so called conservative “leaders” who sit in front of their microphones, cameras, or keyboards never really risking their fortunes or reputations to be scrutinized and attempting something truly heroic and patriotic for this country.  It is a shame on us all that everyone has forgotten the personal price you paid when you set out to do something hardly anyone in the GOP thought possible, much less other conservative leaders.  And then, their thanks was to throw you overboard second guessing your strategy.  And where did it get them after you left?  Runaway spending and a launching pad for socialism ala Barack and buddies.

GodAmericaNewt I suspect from the interviews I’ve heard you give evangelical leaders, (and many who have already given you their support like Don Wildmon and Tim LaHaye), that you truly have a love for God and a new humility making you a stronger man.  The adamant and fervent support of your daughters has made me realize that Moses, King David and other very imperfect humans in the bible weren’t just fairy tales, but promises that no matter what our past – God can always use us for His plans in our future.

I can forgive the personal stuff easily.  You see, I’m not proud of decisions I made in my first marriage.  Like you, one day I looked in the mirror and realized I needed to be determined to NOT be “the guy” that didn’t keep commitments.  I had never wanted to be anything else, but it takes some of us longer than others to get our will power to reign over our perceived emotional voids.  We may not be able to change the mistakes of our past, but we can absolutely control our actions going forward.  And as I’ve asked God to change my life, I’ve seen him make me stronger in my conviction than the so called “righteous” ones who were never tested.

And isn’t this just like our country?  We can’t undo slavery, or internment or depriving the fairer sex equal rights – but we can be the best from here on out.  We can’t take back mistakes of casting our vote for Carter, or settling for McCain, or allowing liberals to kill children under the deception of free choice, but we can resolve to reaffirm the Reagan revolution to bring freedom and liberty to all.  This country is about redemption, from the first pilgrims who were thought of as criminals, to our founders who risked being called traitors and worse.

Even the Father of our country screwed up his first military assignment and lost more battles than he won during the entire Revolutionary War.  In the British army, he wouldn’t have likely been chosen to lead a brigade to bring supplies, much less command an entire army.  The promise of America from the beginning was that we would not be held captive by class, or wealth or even past failures – but it would be a land of hope opportunity for all.  All it requires is continually learning, humility, and persevering to be better.

Republicans can’t take back the excessive spending that profligated after you left office, but we can once again show America how conservatism is done.  You took Congress and the GOP from subpar to overwhelming approval and started it in the early months of the first Reagan election.  You took a sledgehammer and dynamite to many of the excesses of bureaucracy both with Reagan and the Contract revolution.  I was shocked to learn that you resisted Reagan and his appointees who wanted to stray from strict conservative fiscal policy.  Frankly, none of your competitors can hold a candle to not only your past accomplishments – but to the core of what drives you.  As Paul Weyrich put it in an interview with PBS:

Q: Do you have any indication of what degree Newt is devoted to carrying on reform --if we shouldn't use the word 'revolution.'

Weyrich: Oh, I think he wants to carry on reform. I think that is the primary objective that he has in mind. The question is whether he would carry this on in his current position or whether he would attempt to become President and carry it on. I think that's the issue. But I don't think there's any doubt about his devotion.

As I see the 9th Circuit Court overturn the clear desire of the people of California; other courts - including those in your home state of Georgia - subverting basic Constitutional laws; an Attorney General refusing to enforce basic protections or comply with court ordered directives; and corruption so deeply ingrained in our every level of our voting, legislative and executive systems that our Founders would feel they lost the battle against King George III; there is only one person left that I see that not only has a primary objective of reform – but has actually done it by orchestrated the money, candidates and media to see it through.

Two of your competitors have never really “run” government, or have been in places of successful large organizational leadership.  The other has shown when in power previously, he quickly succumbed to political forces even leading one of his supporters to admit:

…there is no question that Governor Romney’s initial fiscal discipline slacked off in the second half of his term…

Are we really willing to risk (again) electing a nominee who has never done ANY of this before?  Or a nominee who gave up their fiscal discipline half way through their first and only term?  With a chance of world wide monetary collapse imminent, massive conservative legislative battles ahead, foreign threats to our closest allies and soon-to-be nuclear-armed enemies who have already declared war on us – I don’t know of any candidate, running or not running, that has the following experience needed for such challenging times:

  • Standing up to forces that oppose conservatism without alienating them in a way that entrenches them against conservative policy,
  • Leveraging truth and balancing similar political interests to even get the liberals to balance a budget (multiple times) and agree to financial and governmental reform,
  • Building national conservative funding organizations to recruit future conservative lawmakers,
  • Studied and taught at the War College for over 20 years,
  • Developed a keen understanding and use of media to persuade the American people,
  • Being committed to continue learning ways to make Constitutional government run more efficiently and less expensively while being committed to get rid of that which is not the job of government,
  • Studying and developing the core tenants not just of policy, but of “governing,”
  • An ability to hold accountable those who have committed crimes of corruption and treason if the facts and circumstances warrant.

What people forget (even between debates it seems) is the gift God has given you to inspire and challenge Americans.  Your message is one of uncompromising devotion to eliminate corruption and return power to the people.  It is the hope of Ronald Reagan – even our Founding Fathers – that we can be redeemed once again.  (You need to do this more often in my opinion.)

Rather than take the luxury of being “impartial” I feel that the times our country is in dictates for us to risk whatever we can.  For me it is no longer protect my tiny insignificant blog branding concerns.  I’ve always been repulsed at the reporter or cameraman who feels that it is their duty to “document” disasters rather than being an American and jumping into the fire to save lives.  I’d be a hypocrite if I stayed on the sidelines any longer while our country faces the most severe test in her history.  I only hope the Rush Limbaugh's and Sarah Palin's do the same, commit to someone and start going "all in" not just to defeat Barack Obama, but in creating a revolution within the GOP.  I see that you always have believed that America can be great again.  And we all have to start “doing.”  To let the people know, justice WILL be enforced on everyone in government, business or education who is intentionally undermining this original Constitutional intent of this country.  To quit just talking about how bad things are, and registering to enforce vote integrity, walk their neighborhoods and contribute time and money where needed to revive a people who are active in holding accountable this government that “We” are supposed to be running.

Since the times are too drastic to take a chance on those with unclear political motives, or no track record of actually reforming government, it is my honor therefore, to wholeheartedly endorse you as the next President of the United States.

I am not only for you, I am with you. 

We can be redeemed.  Again.

Now don’t screw it up.  I don’t want to look stupid.

Yours sincerely,



One of the first endorsements that actually brought tears to my eyes. Thank you PolitJim!

I am in agreement with Barbara in the tears coming to her eyes...I 'welled-up' a few times myself. I am going to post what I wrote on another's post of this within FB (which I also added to my own page).

"This was one of the most heartfelt articles that I think I have read and I can't remember when. It wasn't that it was just about Newt which was awesome. It was also about how you could 'see' the maturity and realization in Politijim's life. It was like I saw him "grow up" right within the article. (sure that wasn't exactly the timeline) but mostly the way he told the reader of the timeline of all that he had researched and discovered about himself and about Newt and the other candidates. This was tremendous!!!! Hope others will read this....what a HUGE blessing!!!" [The other lady's post stated that she had sent it to Newt and doubt they will 'tear-up' as well. Thank you for your honesty, forthrightness, careful study and determination to see it through.

I have admired Newt from his early years in DC. I am a GA native and I know that he is the man for the job without a doubt in my mind but thank you so much for what you have said and most importantly the digging you have done to make that informed we must fight for Newt...he will be in my opinion the man that will turn this great country around and back to the roots of our foundation.....

This is exactly how I feel..thank you for putting it into words for me! BRAVO!!!!

Thanks Jim,

I started coming to your site about a month ago and its daily reading for me now.

What people don't see is that Gingrich is not just the least objectionable of a lousy bunch of candidates. He is truly the man for our time. He has the vision, language and battle-toughness to, not only get us going in the right direction, but cause this country to flourish like never before. He is an incredible resource that we have. It would be a shame to see that go to waste.

Like you, I realized that the reason Palin struck a chord with all of us is that she didn't take bull from big government OR big business. The 2008 catastrophe woke a lot of us up and made us realize there are forces that have taken over our country that seem beyond our control (politicians and, yes, sometimes big business AND sometimes wall street.)

I appreciate you taking this stand and not letting the number of hits to your site be the sole driving force behind what you post. What people don't realize is that power and money DO corrupt. This awareness is woven into the fabric of our constitution and its balance of power. What happens to politicians and media pundits is almost predictable with few exceptions. They breath fire and brimstone to get elected (or an audience), then slowly their next career move takes over. This happens with the media on both the left and the right. I can no longer listen to Hannity and Limbaugh (throw O'Reilly in there too). They all seem to be hedging their bets: "I better be careful what I say so I won't offend this or that segment of my listeners." People don't realize that these guys make A LOT of money and will do whatever it takes to keep that going and sometimes the truth suffers and so does our country.

I wish Palin would go all in for Newt.

Great article - it speaks for so many of us who have supported Newt from day one. Now the question becomes how do "we" get this message out to our fellow conservatives and get them to see the light? Yes I too think Newt Gingrich is the man of the hour and more than capable of becoming a great President.

Possibly the best article I have ever read. Candid assessment of how self analysis can lead to clarity of research. Forceful in your honest description of a voyage we should all make to find accurate data in choosing our leaders . Gives me reassurance that picking Newt Gingrich to lead us from the abyss is the only rational choice

Thanks, Jim.

I heard Newt speak at the Colorado Energy Forum last Monday. He spoke for an hour and was just fantastic.
I'm putting you on my favorites list!

Can we copy and spread it around...with attribution?

Phil, refugee from Chicago, living in Colorado.

By the way, I just want to say for the record that I would take Newt over Palin every day of the week and twice on Sunday, for one simple reason. If someone from the left asks him why he believes in something he can tell very well WHY he does, because, like Reagan, came to his conclusions because of intense introspection and because of his lifelong experience. While I am a fan on Sarah Palin, I feel her achilles heal is that when someone asks her "why" she doesn't really know how to respond. Part of the reason being that she was born and grew up in relatively conservative surroundings (just like many liberals on the upper west side can't because they probably dont even know any conservatives personally.) and so that limits her ability to convert people to our side. Unlike Newt, who, like a Milton Friedman or an FA Hayek can use reason to deduce why you should be conservative.

Jim - not only great political analysis - but also a wonderful witness to the truth. One small thing - Newt chose not to take his seat after the election of 1998 - not 1996.

God Bless,


Finally...someone has called out the Conservative base and goaded them into taking a real stand. All of Newt's endorsers together have a powerful influence to stand behind the only true leader and organizer of the Conservative Revolution. Saying you support Newt is one thing...taking your belief in his mission seriously and wearing it on your sleeve in the face of scrutiny is what separates true support and conviction from a claim in the also ran category. NEWT IS NEWT...get passed your own egos and put this man in the Whitehouse before we have nothing left to save from the liberal left and the obstructionist right.

thank you very much Bill. 1998 corrected now. (I think I was still thinking about "6" from Santorum's loss in 2006)

Appreciate the correction.

Outstanding article! I am hoping that everyone will take the time to read this very complete article about Mr. Newt's accomplishments. Thank you for being so candid as to your own opinions and how they have changed to back Mr. Newt.

I try to find any legit information about the FCR ( I believe is the discription) that those against Newt seems to bring always about, the only thing I found is a video that talk about " the True Newt" from the Bird fundation? I found also that this foundation is supporting RP, and since I believe that he's and will be the worse president in the history of this Nation, with out including O. I have the feeling that this is just propaganda to destroy Newt.
I have make the same observations that you have, I'm as I said before very analytic, so as you I talk about everyone good and bad, until I start pulling dirty clothes that no one seems to paid attention. I also look for the "body language" of those who perform in front of the American audience, and has show me allot, for instead, Rick is egocentric, Mitt a republican progressive ( some call rhino I call a liberal in disguise) RP has to me to answer on integrity, principle and believe it or not the Constitution, that him and everyone in both houses, has no problems to step on and betray, in my personal opinion on 2008 everyone has commit treason. So he will never be vote for by me, until he rectify the damage by a public apology to the American people as anyone of both houses, and them work to expose, prosecute, clean up and abolish all the illegal things done against this Nation, them I will think about it.

So I listen everyone, only two people were positive in the entire panel to be enforce by another one, those were Newt, Cain and Rick Perry, the rest bigotry, insults, dishonesty and lies, even today in the body language, Newt look like he has good time, like he can't believe the false statements that they do, as the father look to his kid, wonder to when the kid is finally going to understand, that his father know to be a lie. As you said, he never attack anyone, from time to time praise, he question and he's bold, he's don't use political correctness and that itself if refreshing... he embold Rick Perry, and by the end, Rick look allot better than in his start, was too late for him, but I'm sure that Newt helped him to make better impression on the people.

The vicious and dishonest attacks of Santorum really make me mad... because Santorum has said on one of the debates " He learn true conservatism through Newt, and he admire Newt for that" if that is so, in this case, Santorum can never be a true conservative, because he has to be teach, instead to feel the need to be one, he's in some aspect in opportunist, and when accuse, make really bad impression, it's when his ego spread out so much, it's so strong that feels close to hate.

I love your thought process and I will share this. thanks again.

God bless.

That letter was amazing, Jim.
I forwarded it to Rush Limbaugh.
Hope he reads some of it tomorrow.

I'm not backing down on my Newt choice even though I was mocked for it at my caucus in Minnesota.

Newt/West 2012

The truth about Newt Gingrich has never been spoken with more clarity and precision.

Thank you Politjim, for saying for many of us what we know but have not the blogging platform to express.

Jim, I know your letter will only be read by a relatively small number of people but you have performed a valuable service. You succinctly, if not concisely, summed all of the reasons I have supported Newt from the beginning. I was accepting, with despair, that he would most likely not make it and trying to overcome my resignation to having to campaign and support Mitt. But your letter has relit the fire. I will not settle and I will not compromise before I have to. It may be a long shot but there is still time. I personally will send this, with your permission, to everyone I know. I realize most will not take the time to read it but I will have at least given them the opportunity to have their eyes opened. I have written a lot about Newt as I well remember what he did in Congress and afterward but my posting all together don't come close to what you have written. Thank you again.

If, in critical times such as these, the like of the people that we Conservatives daily listen very attentively to, such as Rush [Limbaugh], Sean [Hannity], [Mark] Levin, Laura Ingall, and the rest (even Bill O'Reilly), and they don't have the guts to tell all of us, their faithful listeners, which candidate they support/endorse, why the heck should we be listening to them during the campaigning/election seasons. . .heck, why should we still be listening to them at all???
At they very least they should tell us who they're for. . .and more importantly---WHY???


Through Battlefield He Strides Now; Attacked, By Both Machines,
Through Soros Owned Encompassed Minions, Eating Soros Beans;
Establishments Are Rallied Round Cacophonies Of Screechers,
They Carp His Bones, With Sharpened Phones, That Echo Off The Bleachers.

One Hundred Years We’ve Lived It, Yes! Taunted And Deceived,
By Media And Moguls' Politicians We've Been Fleeced.
They Sound Conservative Enough, They Trick And Sneak And Duck;
To Sell US Junk, Just One More Punk, And Fakers In A Truck.

We Throw Them Out, But Look Now, Redundant Petty Paws;
Carbon Copies, Wrapped And Shined Deceiving For applause.
No Thank You To Establishment's Continued Quigley Marches,
No Thank You To The Plastic Man, No Thank You To The Marxist.

We Need A Proven Man This Time, Against The New World Order,
Against Agenda Twenty-One , Against Who Fights To Board U.S.
A Man Courageous, Standing Strong, Against The DC Hell,
Who Proved His Days, No Taxes Raised, for U.S He Suffered Well

Genuine In Word Today, A Man Who Sought Redemption,
Accepted It With Joy And Peace, Now Raises Up His Nation,
Who Calls Upon Almighty With Trust Achieved Through Test.
It Can't Be Bought, It Must Be Taught, For US To Be Our Best.

Before Defilement Ensued: Corruption On Our Benches,
A Proven Hero, Necessary, Hero In The Trenches.
Religious Freedom, Rights Restored, To Every Man And Woman;
Where Life’s Respected, Cherished; Where Life’s A Being Human.

Can A Man Redeemed, Restored, Step Up With Dedication?
For Tackled Hard We Dropped The Ball. We Search For Restoration.
‘Twas Not Just Him Who Fumbled Down, We Are Responsible.
We Rid Ourselves, We Kid Ourselves, Encyst In Horrible.

Blindsided Through Our First Request To Rid U.S. From Conceptions,
It Grew, It Rooted, Blooming Out In Selfishness Inception.
What Man Can Bring US Back To Life, Can Bring US Back To Beauty;
Our Nation’s Face, Her Hands, Her Place, Today We Find Our Duty.

A Man Who Sought Redemption With Humble Contrite Heart
Restoring Sacred Honor! Day One: A Brand New Start
Unleashing Our Own Stateliness, Reminding U.S. Of Worth;
Repelling RINOS Trickery, Reviving Our Own Birth.

Where Politicians Fear To Go, Newt Gingrich Battles On!
Solutions Practiced, Found Results For US - A Common Bond.
To Raise A Standard For The Wise And Honest To Repair,
Event Of Such A Magnitude, In God’s Own Hands We Share.

To Earthly Kings He Bows NOT, For U.S. There’s Only One;
Strong Lion Tribe Of Judah, Our Lord, His Only Son.
Across This Nation Borders! A Mighty Lion Roars!
Newt Gingrich, Captain Steadfast; Command Our Nation’s Doors!

by joachim 6Feb12

101st Birthday Of Ronald Reagan 40th President Of The United States Of America

WOW WOW WOW! I had tears too! One of the finest letters i have read!

Thanks for writing it!

Concerned Citizen
Clark J Denson
#withnewt :)

Thanks. As a Newt supporter, I needed that!

God bless you Jim, and your honest research attempt and assessment of Speaker Gingrich, the author of the Second Reagan Revolution, with credentials that tower above al other GOP candidates.

Name me please any other candidate that has factually Cut Big Lib/Rino Govt spending/taxes/budgets, reformed Welfare, and worked with a liberal POTUS, Clinton, to expand our economy and create 11 million new jobs. You can't!

But the paid trolls never stop trying to deflect/smear. This is all we need to know, because these proven accomplishments by Speaker Gingrich are Exactly what we need most now, again, if we are ever to restore America to its traditional successful and proven principals.

Newt Gingrich taught me History at Tulane in ‘69 when I was an under grad, while he was earning his PHD. We had both worked for Goldwater in '64 and saw eye to eye - he was a great professor.

I have admired and respected Newt for his commitment to Conservative principals throughout his entire political career. I was lucky to have known the real Newt for so long and have been defending his campaign on blog boards for many months now.

How refreshing and encouraging to learn now of a true research effort and conversion as your is and your comparison of Newt's efforts/accomplishments, which are legendary now, to Palin's "Undefeated." It is very accurate and succinct. Newt has accomplished Nationally what Gov Palin did in AK. Enough said.

If Conservatives can't comprehend Newt's message, and now yours, we will truly have little to save after '12 if we elect a RINO or the Radical Alinsky Socialist, except the rubble they'll leave in their wake.

Wake up America, before it's too late, support and vote for Speaker Newt Gingrich. Thanks Jim, for your heartfelt post.

Thanks so much for all your hard work. I have been "EDUCATED". I really liked what Newt was saying. Now I know the truth about all three thanks to you.

God bless Newt & Callista Gingrich & all that are campaigning for them! Put him in office, so we can really see him go to work for this country and turn it around for Your glory. Time to stop riding the fence, Sarah Palin . . . no guts, no glory! Keep up the good work, PolitiJim.

Dear PolitiJim, Thank you! for getting me back on the right pathway, as I was becoming somewhat charmed by Rick Santorum's ruddy cheeks and passionate words! Forgive me!
Your letter is just awesome! So much so, I began to weep a bit...I'm sorry, but our country has never been in such dire straits, and I have vasolated between our conservative candidates, relying on emotions and forgetting vital facts.
Thank you! Thank you! for shedding such a bright light on Newt Gingrich's accomplishments, committments, perseverence, his openness to accept responsibility for past mistakes(I'm not speaking of personal issues because I, like so many others, am not worthy nor have been tried in the fire, as he has), and just pure hard work that he has done for the American people. I am now back on path and I endorse Newt Gingrich devoutly, and will not wander again.
I hope sincerely that this beautiful letter you wrote graces the eyes of millions of people!
God bless you PolitiJim! Keep up the great work!
Pat Chandler, Bowie, Texas

PolitiJim, you have crafted a masterpiece. I must admit to feeling a bit discouraged recently by the media constantly chipping away at Newt's downfall in the polls.

Last evening I received an email from NewsMax that Newt and his staff had crafted out a plan to bring him back into the race. I had renewed energy, and now today when reading your letter it made me swell with pride that I was supporting the right candidate.

Like you, I can forgive his personal history, although there a many, many people who hold it against him.

Your message needs to be spread to the masses. Newt needs to be our President and it's imperative that We the People help Newt achieve his mission.

I want Mitt Romney disposed of after his unmerciful and deceitful pack of lies unloaded on Newt in Florida. I don't have a venue to put this message out, except for blogging on a daily basis at certain websites. It seems people have a very distorted thinking about Newt and some of it is wrong.

If you have the ability to post your comments on other websites, I believe you should. It's so important to this nation that we get the right person to be our leader. I also agree that Sarah Palin needs to get off the fence.

Thanks again for all of your hard work.

An excellent letter! Thanks to the person who posted a link in a comment that led me here. i'll be passing this on.

Thank you, Politi Jim.

Your letter is beautiful. You express so well what I feel and what I think about Newt Gingrich.

You did all that original research! I respect and appreciate what you have accomplished in writing this letter. I will share it on other blogs.

Rush Limbaugh OUGHT to read your letter on the air. Now that you have written this, Rush has no excuse anymore for pretending he doesn't know Newt's record.

I think Newt is the MAN WITH THE PLAN and I want to do everything I can so that Newt will be our nominee.

If Newt is the nominee, I feel certain Newt WILL WIN IN THE GENERAL ELECTION.

As NewtCerto says, "Certo!"


I shared this earlier over at Legal Insurrection:

"I talked to a friend a few days ago who is helping Newt's campaign to call back thousands of people all over the country who were asked to help and have said they want to help Newt.

The people he's been calling -- all over the country, he said a couple of times -- say they can do fundraising, make calls, organize and just overall reach out to help Newt.

My friend was clearly elated because of the good time he had had talking to them --the sheer number of them -- that they were all over the country -- how smart they are about Newt and the issues facing our country -- and just in general how wonderful the whole experience was. I don't know when I've heard him so happy. I felt happy too, hearing it."

---the above is part of a comment I left over at Legal Insurrection. I share it here to encourage everyone who supports Newt.

Legal Insurrection is the blog of Professor William Jacobson, who has endorsed Newt, and who says Newt's third surge will be be the charm. Outstanding blog, highly recommended!

Also, by the way, Newt's Network is always asking for help from all Americans, so if any reader wants to help Newt, you can go to newt's network and sign up.

I wasn't sure what to do next, and I posted a comment on the PUBLIC SQUARE with a request and people responded and helped me. They'll help you get connected. The people at Newt's Network were wonderful, just so helpful nice.

I did alot of research as well and had no good feeling about Romney- Nope to Santorum when I saw his Massive Pork Spending - and while Watching Newt Debate - My husband & I said he is the only guy that will be willing to Be Bold- Be Loud & Get things Done. Womney Wants it to bad- and he has a Horrible Record as the Article says- Wicky is just a wounded bird that somehow has Risen Why I think there is so Purple Koolaid or something - I don't hate him- I just don't think he can Beat Obama - I think if Newt would get it Run with some one Excellent - Like Mitch Daniels (EXCELLENT record in Indiana Worked for Reagan) & Brought in Allen West as a Head of Homeland Security (Bye Janet NAPO }- Sarah Palin to Take over Dept of Energy DRILL Here Drill NOW we would see Dramatic Change & We could reserve the Deep Ditch the Progressives have Dug us in before Obama gets another 4 years - and he will shovel us in Deep It Can not happen ! OMG O bama M ust G o

Apparently you've put into words what many of us wanted to but could not. Kudos to you, PolitiJim.
A few other thoughts: Time heals all things. Time changes our perspective. Newt is the only one of the candidates that has had enough time to change his perspective on any "mistakes" he might have made back in the day. Romney has not been out of the governors mansion long enough to even consider the ramifications of Romneycare. Santorum has not been out of the Senate long enough to see what his pork barrel spending has effected. Age and maturity goes a long way in a presidency, IMHO.
2) Perhaps because of the dictates of Obama, it seems we have all recently embraced the idea that the POTUS makes the laws in this country. Newt talks about a moon colony--people laugh and call him crazy. If Santorum wins, birth control will be outlawed. If Romney is elected, Romneycare will take the place of Obamacare, and we would have no military under Paul. This is nuts! The president may suggest ideas, propose legislation, convey his principles, even push with his influence. But constitutionally, everything must go thru Congress to become a reality. I'll be the first to admit we need a stronger House and a Senate majority. Perhaps our current GOP is the reason we have given so much (psychological?) power to Obama. I don't think Newt would rule by decree.
And last but not least--Palin and her "non" endorsement. Her endorsement would help Newt--for a while, maybe long enough to see him win the nomination. But I think it would hurt the conservative dialogue that we so desperately need at this time; she's still a lightning rod--it would be a media circus and distraction; and it would feed the libs/media all the ammo they need to say she's "just another politician". Let her wait. There is still time. She probably has a better sense of who to endorse and when than any of us. The future of our country and our way of life hinges on this election, it cannot be "just another one". If Obama wins, you can kiss conservatism and free elections and the vetting of candidates goodbye.
I'll vote for Newt in the primary. Then I'll vote for the "R" in November.

Wow, That almost mase me puke , That was absolutely unbelieveable , leads me to this question : Are you a cheerleader ? Pom Pom and all? and just a general comment : Where I'm from we flush our turds , you want to dress them up and send them to DC ! Just saying , Yes I did say that , Can we please stop the love fest and get to the real issues , He Voted YEA for Dept of Ed, Yea for NAFTA & GATT , Yes to WTO How is this conservative , How did this improve our Country ? I haven't seen it , but 20 yrs later we are all feeling it , Jobs , Industry have all left this country , But you seem to think thats a good thing , Hopefully This Chucklehead will not make it to the convention and may we get a real president Jan 2013 , Maybe he , Nancy and Obama can hang out at freddie and fanny mae's house after this election

How brave of you to use such coarse descriptions under the name "Anonymous." He has the highest conservative score of ANY of the candidates. He balanced the budget 4 times. He is the ONLY politician since Reagan to succeed in leading an effort to turn back government spending and did so with a Democrat in office. He is responsible for the GOP taking back Congress after 40 years and according to GOPAC founder Pete DuPont, and Heritage Foundation/Free Congress founder Paul Weyrich - conservatives would still be looking for the FIRST tax cut since Reagan if it hadn't have been for Newt Gingrich.

Yes he voted for Dept of Education and has been sorry for it ever since. Just as Reagan was for Simpson/Mazzoli and making abortion rampant in California.

Are you planning to slam Reagan now too? Because you bring up WTO I assume you are a Paul-bot, although unlike myself who clearly designated my bias - you seem to be too cowardly to do so. Or perhaps it just escaped your mind. The wacky weed can make you woozy I know.

Gingrich helped cut 12 of 84 agencies in his first term with Reagan. He was THE keynote speaker against Al Gore on Cap and Trade. I think he has more than proved his conservative credentials to those who are intellectually honest to do so.

lol, Anonymous said:
"Can we please stop the love fest and get to the real issues."

:) Surely you're playing the devil's advocate, Anonymous. Surely you've heard the good news . . . that eternity is all about love. Surely you're not afraid that if we don't continually argue our perspectives that it will ruin the fun. :) I've had a lot of arguments in my life . . . most, if not all of them failed; but love never fails.

Maybe if enough cheerleaders bring their pom-poms, in between the hardcore political savvy, G W Bush will drop in for the fun of it. :)

Newt Gingrich is the first presidential candidate I have had enthusiasm for since Ronald Reagan. I have been watching in disbelief how the establishment and media have made a mockery out of him and his accomplishments. Coming from liberals is one thing, but so few realize that Gingrich brought 100% CONTROL to the congress for the ONLY TIME in the past century during a democrat administration; and with a democrat president, brought a balanced budget that Clinton had promised four years before but did not achieve until a republican congress forced it. If it hadn't been for Gingrich, nobody would be talking negative about George Bush, and the Bush-Gore election would have been a landslide for Bush, with Gingrich on Bush's heels to keep him in check.

The biggest problem of the Bush presidency is that he didn't have a Gingrich led House---the republicans, through their own self-righteousness, destroyed themselves by ultimately going out of control during Bush, and the ultimate result of becoming duped by the Obama machine and the democrats. This country would not be in the sad state it is in had Gingrich not felt the rejection of his own party and resigned. The republicans exhibited phenomenal weakness by not standing behind Gingrich---much as they do now.

We need him back so desperately---and republicans should be apologizing to Gingrich rather than putting him down and ignoring the great things he did when he was in office.

It's not too late---continuing to crucify Gingrich is going to be the biggest mistake that will take this country down. Gingrich's only weakness is that he will not be able to rise from the dead after crucifixion, as Christ has done. Bring back Gingrich now as the President of the United States!

My hat is off to you, PolitiJim, for inspiring your readers with the emotion needed to help bring back life into the Gingrich . You had me in tears.

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