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EXCLUSIVE: The NAACP’s Voter Fraud Crimes In Progress

UPDATE 7-14-12 (7:21pm ET): Reports are coming in from many other places of similar abuses.  Please link yours in comments.


Updates of dead pets receiving registrations at bottom of this post.

You don’t have to be a grief counselor to realize that it is important to tip toe cautiously around topics involving someone’s departed spouse.  Especially around anniversaries.  Unless you’re the NAACP.  Then what you do is drag the deceased’s name  into corrupt politics.  Or criminal voter fraud.

BarbaraGibson Last month, senior citizen Barbara Gibson was bracing herself for an emotionally challenging time as a widow.  It was roughly a month from the tenth anniversary of her husband Mike’s death.  Although born “Gary Michael Gibson,” everyone else only knew him as “Mike,” the fun 6’ 4” country boy who gave up becoming a city manager to be a trucker.   Besides reminiscences of her family and photo’s, the only other reminder was a monthly Verizon phone bill that she never bothered to change after his death.  And it was an odd reminder because although his voter registration, drivers license, and all other official documents never referred to him as “Michael Gibson,” the Verizon bill was addressed to this name he never used any other time.   

MGstickynoteBarbara received her first shock when a filled out, voter registration card from the NAACP arrived in that odd name of “Michael Gibson.”  Barbara has been involved in Greater Houston conservative GOP politics for some time and both she and her husband were not the traditional target market of what Rush Limbaugh called the “National Association of Liberal Colored People.”  Mike himself originally was a Democrat, but was not “colored” except for the sunburned neck Barbara jokingly remembers from when they first met. 

According to interviews with African American neighbors, Gibson is not only not known to be racist in anyway, she has strong connections to everyone in her community.  Said neighborhood friend Craig Plopton,

My wife and I have known Barbara for a very long time.  She is a sweet lady and is my daughter’s adopted Grandmother.

The invasion of the personalized handwritten “sticky” note however, looking like it was written by an individual who actually knew Mike, accelerated her confusion in multiple directions at once.  Would she have to explain his passing to a friend who didn’t know?  Was his identity stolen?  Or worse, would she need to spend hours on the phone bringing back the torment of those weeks following his death having to announce her personal pain to complete strangers over and over again?


Barbara Gibson explained to PolitiJim that following the probate of the will, her property tax bill was automatically changed to her name and she noticed that his name no longer appeared next to hers when she went to vote.  It was difficult, but provided some closure.  Until now.

Mrs. Gibson rationalized it was just an errant mix-up, although highly suspicious.  When she received a phone call from “Warren” at the NAACP days later, she knew it wasn’t a mistake.  Their phone number had been unlisted until a year or two ago, and certainly wasn’t in any public records at the time of Mr. Gibson’s death.

“Is Michael in?” asked “Warren” from the NAACP.  “I was checking to see if you got your voter registration we sent in the mail.”

Gibson was saavy enough not to say anything more than to infer that he wasn’t there at the moment.  But when she asked if a return phone call was necessary, Warren replied:

“No need.  We’ve sent tens of thousands of these out to people.”


“It hit me hard personally,” Barbara Gibson explained.  “It was so close to the anniversary of his death, I felt like someone was dragging him into voter fraud being helpless to defend against it.”

Gibson wants answers and has written a letter to the NAACP for an explanation.

Does Gibson have cause for concern?

The NAACP began an assault on the issue of voting rights of minorities last December, even taking their cause to the United Nations.  Their message was that, although they have to show their ID for everything from campaign events for Obama to any service for the government, people of color are somehow at a disadvantage when it comes to voting.  Even the press at their annual meeting in Houston last weekend needed photo ID.  Despite the overt racist idea that blacks somehow have a harder time of procuring a photo ID over English, Italian, Scottish or Norwegians Americans, the NAACP proceeds to make “voter suppression” the top issue of their 2012 campaign.  This dovetails perfectly with Eric Holder’s Department of Justice which refuses to prosecute members of the New Black Panther party intimidating voters on video, but assault on states who have passed voter ID laws, even to the point of filing lawsuits on Florida who merely wanted to remove dead voters from their voter rolls.

In the NAACP’s recent LDF report they stated:

Instances of in-person voter fraud are extraordinarily rare. In Ohio, for example, a statewide survey of votes cast in 2002 and 2004 found that out of more than 9,000,000 voters, there were four instances of voter fraud. In fact, there are far more reported UFO sightings than reports of impersonation at the polls…

(h/t HotAir)

What they didn’t say was that in 2004, the Cleveland, Ohio NAACP sent out 325 voter registrations, 48 of which were fraudulent.  And just last year an NAACP executive was sent to prison on 10 counts of voter fraud.

Ironically, the NAACP was highlighted in the Houston Chronicle just this past Friday this way:

As the 103rd NAACP annual convention begins in Houston this week, leaders say the organization remains focused on its core mission of ensuring all citizens have the right to vote.

Alan Vera of True the Vote commented to PolitiJim that this problem is widespread and a common method for groups like ACORN to flood the system with false registrations and to hijack the names of existing registered voters.

Pew24MillionFruad The Pew Center on the States just released a report this year that 1 in 8 voter registrations were inaccurate and that there could be over 1.8 million active registrations of dead voters.  And that’s not the half of it.  Not only are there hundreds of counties in the United States where the number of voter registrations exceed the number of residents, in the most recent Scott Walker recall election in Wisconsin, somehow 119% of the registered voters in Madison were able to vote. documented a string of similar reports of widespread corruption.

Bob Cooley, author of the book on Chicago political corruption “When Corruption Was King,” says that he knows for a fact that the people around Obama used this tactic to get their nominees elected.

“I was instructed to do it myself.  I had a handful of absentee ballots I’d have to drop off at locations where I was told it would be safe to do so.  Even where I live now in the South, I had people at my local supermarket  in SEIU T-shirts handing out voter registration forms in January, ten months before the election.  It doesn’t even matter that ACORN is split up into a dozen other named outfits.  Obama is going to take vote fraud to levels no one can imagine.”

In addition to the ABC News of nearly 1,000 felons voting in the Minnesota Senatorial election that Franken won by 312 votes, over 2,800 dead people also voted.  Franken helped the Democrats procure 60 votes to pass the Affordable Care Act that is now estimated to cost over $200 Billion per year.

The Houston Chronicle article quotes an NAACP board member reiterating that they are a non-partisan organization but many Black Republicans think it is obvious that they are “in the tank” for Obama and any liberal Democrat.  Writing on a Washington Times blog, African American Stacy Swimp noted that every member of the NAACP’s annual report card gave every Republican a score of “F.”

“The GOP is in a no-win situation with the NAACP because they’ve essentially become an extension of the Democratic Party,” said Ron Miller, associate dean and assistant professor of government at Liberty University, and author of SELLOUT: Musing from Uncle Tom's Porch.

“Even House Speaker John Boehner’s leadership in reviving the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, which has strong support and proven success in D.C.’s Black community, would get him an ‘F’ because their Democratic Party benefactors, specifically the teachers’ unions and the education bureaucracy, oppose parental choice in education.”

1929NAACPRepublicansConservative commentators have wondered why, with the African American unemployment plummeting to 14.4%, the NAACP isn’t advocating policies that have helped minorities in years past.  There were even members of the Congressional Black Caucus that began to raise their concerns as late as last year.  It is a long way from the historical view of the NAACP, which was started by Republicans, and reflected their appreciation similar to African American US Rep. Joseph Rainey of South Carolina in 1875:

"We intend to continue to vote so long as the government gives us the right and necessary protection; and I know that right accorded to us now will never be withheld in the future if left to the Republican Party."

And what about the NAACP/Eric Holder charge of massive voter suppression by advent of tighter regulations on voter registration and ID voting?

Holder was greeted with great enthusiasm at the NAACP last weekend saying this:

“In our efforts to protect voting rights and to prevent voting fraud, we will be vigilant and strong. But let me be clear, let me be very, very clear: We will not allow political pretexts to disenfranchise American citizens of their most precious right”

Many have noted that all voters - even African Americans for Obama - are “disenfranchised” when the integrity of an election can not be trusted. 

Hans von Spakovsky, Senior Legal Fellow at the Civil Justice Reform Initiative Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, has studied the impact of Georgia’s tougher voter ID laws on minorities.  At the True the Vote National Summit, von Sapkovsky shared that not only did minority participation increase after the implementation of voter ID, the state only experienced 26,000 “votes” without ID over six years.  That calculates as 0.002 of all votes cast. And Georgia offers an free ID upon request to boot.  That correlates very closely to what happened in Tennessee where 0.023 percent of voters refused to return with ID after being given a provisional ballot.

Detractors object by saying the Heritage study used bad numbers by showing minority population growth in general instead of minorities of voting age.  And they complain that 2008 was an aberration because of the prospect of the first black President.  To election integrity observers, this actually proves that more minorities would show up if motivated.  Does the suppression of “white” voters in 2008 means that Voter ID disenfranchises them?

In the analyses viewed by PolitiJim, these critics conveniently ignored the continued increase of minority voters in 2010, and never mentioned that the ACLU couldn’t find a single person in the state who couldn’t vote.  They also hesitated to mention that the University of Nebraska and Delaware found identical results.  The blog Sweetness and Light parses every position of the NAACP in their LDF report showing the absurdity of the NAACP’s logic on their other positions of “suppression” as well.

VoterFraudNewsList And to those still think voter fraud is “rare,” this list is only a partial one of up to the minute tracking of voter fraud incidents.

Theories on the NAACP Voter Initiative

After calming down from the shock, Barbara Gibson got serious about finding out why she and her husband were targeted.  First, she verified that the only use of “Michael Gibson” she had was from Verizon.  She even double checked the public obituary.  But it became worrisome that somehow they had obtained her phone number, and that it had been unlisted for nearly 7 years after her husband’s death. Even an extensive “People Web Search” using just the name “Michael Gibson” yielded nothing that would provide an address, much less a phone number.  How did the NAACP get that address and that phone number? 

It was pointed out to her that the neighborhood in which she lived, had a dramatically increasing minority population.   A friend from the True the Vote noted that they found multiple registrations in variations of the same name such as George Bush, George W. Bush, G.W. Bush, etc.  In Wisconsin almost half of the signed petitions to recall Scott Walker, were duplicates or illegitimate attempts to sway the recall.  With the NAACP admitting they sent out “tens of thousands” of voter registration cards, and using high level telemarketing techniques to follow up on mailed ballots, Is the NAACP target marketing minority neighborhoods with intentionally fraudulent voter registrations?

Gibson heard an interview this week with Cheryl Johnson, Galveston County Tax Assessor on KSEV 700 AM, describing a nearly identical registration form with the fake handwritten yellow sticky note, but from a renamed ACORN group.  Are all Obama supporting groups coordinating massive registration fraud?

Is this systemic fraud?

Just about every form of vote fraud was documented in Charlie Rangel’s recent primary victory. What shocked observers was the effort wasn’t even concealed in most instances.  It was uncharacteristically brazen. Even for New York.  Accuracy In Media has uncovered an entire corrupt “system” that seems to be escalating as Bob Cooley suggests.  Barack Obama himself registered 150,000 voters in Illinois with Project Vote in 1992.  In 2008, the Obama campaign tried to hide $800,000 to a supposedly defunct ACORN entity precisely to continue the corrupt ACORN activities.  This blog has covered the documentary on the Obama campaigns documented voter and fund raising fraud against Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008.   In 2010, True the Vote uncovering massive fraudulent registrations for existing voters among many other things by a Soros founded affiliation of SEIU and ACORN.  The Harris County registrar confirmed that only 7,193 of 25,640 registrations were likely new voters.  The entire story is much more sinister – but shows a continued coordinated effort between the Obama campaign and special interest groups who are consistently being found guilty of blatant fraud.

For this reason True the Vote is attempting to recruit one million volunteers to ensure the integrity of elections in November, something everyone from the New Black Panther party to SEIU has already promised they would do.  True the Vote representative Alan Vera has consistently stated that they need poll watchers, computer operators, telephone volunteers and that there is something to do for nearly everyone who believes that America should be the example to the world of voter integrity.

By coming forward to ask for help in determining how this happened, Barbara Gibson has become one of those 1 million.

True the Vote video from True the Vote on Vimeo.

UPDATE:  2 records of DEAD DOGS receiving Voter Registration cards.  Notice how similar the fake yellow sticky note is to Barbara Gibson’s sample.

Dead Dog Brenda Charlston holds a photo of her long-deceased dog, Rosie, and a voter registration form for “Rosie Charlston” that arrived in the mail for the canine last month in Seattle. Rosie was a black lab who died in 1998. A left-leaning group called the Voter Participation Center has touted the distribution of some 5 million registration forms in recent weeks, targeting Democratic voting blocs such as unmarried women, blacks, Latinos and young adults. But residents and election administrators around the country have also reported a series of bizarre and questionable mailings addressed to animals, dead people and people already registered to vote. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
The liberal group Voter Participation Center sent out 5,000,000 voter registration forms – many to dogs and dead people. The groups says it has registered more than 350,000 since last September 2011.  (Full Story here.)

In June, another story was posted on the PolitiJim Facebook page.

BEDFORD COUNTY, VA -- When Tim Morris got his mail last week he found a pretty big surprise, a document asking his dog Mozart to register to vote.   Not only is Mozart a dog but he's been dead for two years.

"I opened it up and looked at it and I just laughed," Morris said. "I thought it was a joke at first and it turns out it's real."

The form is addressed to Mo, the family's nickname for the dog.

What amazed Morris is that if Mozart was human he would have been eligible to vote for the first time in 2012.

"He would have been 19 years old this year and he passed away two years ago," he said. "I still have no earthly idea how they got his information."

10 On Your Side looked deeper and found that the voter registration forms were sent by the non-profit Voter Participation Center, not the State Board of Elections.

Full story here.



Yes, we need to vote the Liar-in-Chief out of office!! The Dems must be getting pretty desperate if they are sending voter registrations to dead animals. And I agree with miltoncross...we need everyone's vote. That is going to be the only way that we can win & send this man & his cronies packing back to his adopted city of Chicago.

Hey, everyone please make a concerted effort to vote this socialist and all his America hating minions out of office on November 6th, tell your friends, family, neighbors and anyone else who will listen, we need their votes to save America. Vote the Blamer/Complainer/Campaigner-in-Chief out of office.!

The reason state-controlled media is oversampling Democrats in all their polls is to provide cover for the massive election fraud being engineered by Community Organizers, Inc.

NAACP to us... "These are not the voters you’re looking for."

I need some clarification: I understand that organizations such as the NAACP, Acorn and Acorn spin-offs are involved in voter registration. according to your account, they submit many thousands of registrations, and there is reason to think that some are not valid. Registrations of family pets and people who are dead can only be turned into fraudulent votes if someone either attends at the polls to vote, claiming to be the registrant, or if someone sends in an absentee ballot in that name.

So: What evidence is there of large-scale coordinated voting that involves the fraudulent use of bad registrations?

One more question: Are absentee ballots checked against polling place records, to verify that there is no double-voting? If not, presumably someone who was inclined to submit fraudulent votes, could submit hundreds of absentee ballots, in batches. Even if such checking occurs, one could vote "bogus" registrations without much worry that someone would cross-check to make sure the same person did not cast a ballot at the poll.

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