Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sometimes You Just Need Someone To Believe In You

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Cubs Outfielder Bryan LaHair is an overnight success and is on his way to playing first base at the MLB All Star game next week. 

“…to think that after my first full year on the books I’d be an All-Star, it’s kind of crazy.’’

Only one thing.  He’s not a child prodigy like Starlin Castro and he can’t blame the other “Castro” in Cuba for living in communist country that wouldn’t let him out.  He’s 29 years old and has spent over 5 years in the minors waiting.  Working.  And waiting some more.

Some of you may feel the same way about your lives.  Just like Bryan, you KNOW where you are at isn’t where you are supposed to be.  You can feel it.

‘‘I had a dream when I was little that I played in the major leagues and was an All-Star,’’ said LaHair, who got emotional last Sunday when he was told of his selection. “

Some of us have caused many of our own problems.  LaHair can relate.  In speaking of his coach (who is now the GM of the Toronto Blue Jays) he says:

‘‘I didn’t exactly take [Ricciardi’s] advice all the way through,’’ said LaHair, who was the Massachusetts high school player of the year in 2000 before going undrafted after a Clemson commitment and a perception that he was unsignable dropped him from consideration as a potential pick in the first five rounds. ‘‘I mean, if I would have listened to him, who knows? Maybe I would have been a first-rounder.’’

LaHair was drafted in the 39th round.  That’s like the round where the Big’s start laying claim to All City League players in juvenile detention.  And after your co-draftees start rising up through the system, or giving up to go back home, it takes a toll on your ability to believe.

It’s tough to do it by yourself.  His coach was key.

‘He always believed in me,’’ LaHair said. ‘‘He always told all the scouts, always told the GMs, always told all the agents that I was going to be a real good player and had a real shot.’’

If you’re like PolitiJim, you’re happy for Bryan LaHair but you can’t help but wish you had someone like that.  And perhaps in the middle of your pity Spring Break, it might dawn on you there is Someone who does.  Or perhaps many someone’s whether they are currently in your life or not.  It may be one small encouraging word from a teacher from 7th grade, or an Aunt you seldom saw.

But know that that dream wasn’t put in you to waste away.  And also know that even more than you believe in God, He believes in you.

I wrote an article yesterday on how we Americans have to BELIEVE that God isn’t done with our great country yet for Him to work. 

The same is true for the destiny you dared to dream once.  Keep waiting expectantly.  Keep doing what you can to improve your skills in that area.  Trust God and one day, like Bryan LaHair, you’ll finally get called up to live your dream.

God IS faithful.

All quotes from the GORDON WITTENMYER column in the Chicago Sun Times.

Photo: ESPN - Benny Sieu/US Presswire


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