Monday, July 2, 2012

TRUEth Stories On ObamaCare Impacts NOW


I’d seen some anecdotal tweets on this, and even this Blue Cross article, but I realized it is just now REALLY hitting “the streets” as they say.  Huge premium increases are not just happening to private insurance – but to Medicare supplemental insurance that so many count on.

I’m posting the original PolitiJim Facebook post, and a few others I’ve received.  It’s worth noticing THIS STILL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TAXES that are to come. has all 12 coming in regressive order.  All Wall Street Journal economist calculates that 75% of all ObamaCare costs are coming from those making less than $120,000.  So much for that “no new taxes on the middle class” pledge, right?  Or any of the other 4 promises broken JUST via ObamaTaxCare.

The real life consequences of real people are happening below. The first is from a friend with a young family (2 kids).


Other quotes I received:

Raynel Thompson Rush My son's supplemental to medicare went from $280 to $680 . It came with a letter explaining to us that is was because of the new healthcare bill. I have been telling people about this for months and one person even said I was not telling the truth. Oh yes, I am.!!

And those who pay cash – not being FORCED by the government to supplement abortions and pay penalties against their will:

Randy Wright You need to put this in a blog so we can forward it to the ends of the Earth; and I am one of the people who chooses not to buy health insurance, I pay my costs out of pocket; I may live paycheck to paycheck but it's far cheaper than buying insurance and I work for a hospital

Randy, I’ve made this suitable for emailing either the link or the content with some key links and statistics.  Here is a PDF version of this post. Mail away.

UPDATE: Professor Jacobsen has a touching story from a fan that oddly folds directly into this.

My family of four currently spends $18,000.00 per year on insurance premiums. I am self-employed. Our premiums jumped $2,400.00 this year in anticipation of the costs of ACA. At the same time, my wife’s healthcare savings account at work informed us that her contributions had been capped by the Feds at, I believe, $2,500.00/year. So there’s another grand that ACA has already cost us before any ultimate tax increases that will surely arise to pay for the cost of this experiment in statist socialism.

You MUST read the entire thing here. For the first time the GOP has the ability to present heartfelt stories that will move people EMOTIONALLY as well as INTELLECTUALLY.  (We are normally terrible at the sentimental crap because we conservatives don’t run our lives by our emotions.)  This WILL have bigger impact on independents if we can include these WITH our facts and figures.

Please post yours either here in comments – or on the original FB post.  REAL NAMES help add credibility – but I understand if you would rather not.  Please give your state, and whether you are a low/middle/high income classification.


Mitt music the sound of "America Street" campaign song (VIDEO)

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