Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Poll Proves Ann Coulter Was Right the First Time


Completely ignoring her original CPAC speech claiming that the GOP would loose if Mitt Romney was their nominee, she and others proceeded to make the exact opposite case that ONLY Mitt Romney had a chance in hell of winning in November.  It seems hell is closed for expansion renovations.

A new Economist/YouGov poll shows that twice as many Americans believe that Mitt Romney eliminated many jobs as opposed to creating many.  By a double digit margin, more believed he is more likely to have destroyed any jobs rather than create them.  Wasn’t this supposed to be his big selling point?

Remember, all the reasons the RINO’s, and betraying turncoats like Coulter, gave us to toss aside the most powerful conservative Speaker in our time who could legitimately claim the creation of 12 million jobs while balancing the budget four consecutive times, and beginning entitlement reform?  Let’s take a quick mid-term grade report:

Reason to Nominate Mitt


He can match Obama in Money


He has the best campaign media team


He can attract Independents


He is considered a job creator


As mentioned yesterday, since Mitt can’t spend is general election dough and can only use his primary money he is getting hammered in total ad spending.  The same thing he did to Gingrich in Iowa and Florida is being done to him.

You would think it wouldn’t matter.  Conn Carroll writes this morning:

Unemployment has stagnated at 8.2 percent. Consumer spending is down. Manufacturing fell for the first time in three years. The U.S. economy is sinking.

Also as @KLSouth reports, consumer confidence in the U.S. has continued to deteriorate in the month of June as consumers are more pessimistic about the short-term outlook of the economy and in early July, consumer sentiment cooled to its lowest level in seven (7) months.

How is this possible?  Shouldn’t Romney be leading by 20 points?  Gingrich was so effective with his $2.50 gas strategy IN THIRD PLACE that White House was answering him daily, and even faked approval of the Keystone pipeline to try and avert the damage.

There are two important things to consider here.  First, Mitt Romney and his campaign have no clue how to sell a big idea or land a big punch.  The revolutionary anti-colonialist communist collectivist in Chief delivered up an 82 mph fastball right over the center of the plate by telling business owners that, “If you’ve got a business. you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

The Romney campaign did a lot right.  They responded within minutes with outrage.  They got business owners together at a campaign stop to point out that Obama hasn’t attended a jobs council meeting in six months, but has had plenty of time for 200 fundraisers.

However, it took five days for ABC, CBS and NBC to even mention it – let alone the associated outrage.

Political Truth #666: Elections are still won by media, and money to buy that media.

If there were 100 voters, and 20 listened to Rush Limbaugh every day, they would know many of the problems with Obama (but not that a law enforcement investigation has proven that he has forged government documents).  A different 20 might be the deciding factor in an election and nearly ALL of their information might come from a few minutes of network news, friends they overhear for a couple of minutes or Jon Stewart.  Money matters because it FORCES a message to people who wouldn’t otherwise hear it.

The second thing to consider is that only about 8 states really matter.  Romney going up by (shockingly only) 2 points over Obama nationally is irrelevant.  In swing states, Obama is still up by 2, likely by a constant barrage of TV ad brainwashing.  And that doesn’t count the extra 4 or more percentage points he will get through outright voter fraud.  Eric Holder didn’t prosecute the New Black Panther thugs in Philadelphia, and he attacks states who want to clean dead voters off the rolls because they know they need it.  It’s why dead dogs are receiving voter registrations.


Political Truth #667: Money doesn’t matter if your credibility is seriously in question, or is demolished.

Massive conservative media attention on Sheriff Joe’s nine month law enforcement investigation including the testimony from the 95 year old Hawaiian registrar who allegedly signed a different version of Obama’s long form birth certificate would finally seep out.  It took two years for the New York Times to keep hammering on an insignificant political break in, and simultaneous public media prosecution WOULD eventually be covered.  Obama would loose all remaining credibility with swing voters and this election would be over.

The second option is to help Lawyers for Ron Paul on their lawsuit against the GOP to make sure the GOP convention nomination goes to a second ballot where we can choose a candidate who isn’t limp wristed in drawing distinctions between he and Obama that not only gets the coverage of the mainstream media, but forces the White House to directly engage.



Dude you 4 real??????What a F**ING IDIOT you must be!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL, Romney being outspent??? Obama is shooting his wad. He is spending the vast majority of his cash on hand on trying to define Romney and it hasn't worked. Obama blew 100 million this month on negative advertising and it did jack diddly. Romney on the other hand is keeping his powder dry and letting Obama destroy his image by going negative. ONce this race is gets into September/October, Romney will start to pull away. Now I will agree with you that Newt would make a far better candidate and president, IF he didn't have such high negatives.... I personally could give a rats butt about his extra marital crap, but it is what is and the American people probably would re-elect the marxist over Newt, sadly. Romney is the guy, whether you like it or not so jump on board or wallow in self pity.

You forget that Obama has only lost ONE month of fund raising - AND that he will meet whatever Obama is lacking with fraudulent small donations as he did in 2008. (Over $200 Million as documented in an early PolitiJim post). He also has all the slush fund money from Stimulus waiting in reserve, and the government rewards as he just gave the sister-in-law who heads up the Atty General office in CA for the Home Loan fraud slush fund. All Obama has to do is focus his funds on swing states.

Worse, as Byron York pointed out yesterday, he is losing the media war with no prospects of breaking through unless he changes the style of his campaign and rhetoric. The GOP is still playing tiddlywinks in a cage match.

I am resigned to support Romney if gets the GOP nomination,but while everyone wants to ignore the reality - it is not a "done deal" as many would like to believe. An alternative is remote - yes. But if you look at the Federal lawsuit by Lawyers for Ron Paul - this is far from over.

"Obama" has been beating himself since the summer of '09. His brilliant rant concerning his hatred of capitalism continues the trend. He doesn't have much of a chance, no matter who he runs against.

Is that the best response you can muster given all the information Politijim provided? And you call him an idiot! LOL

There is no "media war". MSNBS, CNN, et all are leftist propaganda outlets. There is no war to be won there. Romney has his own media.

You're living in a dream world. Romney's been touted as the equivalent of the "Dream Team" and Obama's economy would make him Cleveland State with a 2-28 record. If "anyone" could beat him - Romney should be up by 20 pts in swing states. Instead he's loosing by 2 pts (losing by 6 to 10 points if you include planned voter fraud).

And it's ineffective thus far. You're smokin Obama's favorite reefer if you think this doesn't come down to who can get the most media attention. Yes It's a war. And Obama's planning a REAL one to distract the public's attention even more.

Sad truth is that too many Americans
confuse his sly socialist rhetoric with their desire to help those in a modern
society. I am concerned that many do not see the difference and still support
the only President who could not complete a naturalization form (meaning that
those that become citizens have to show they are not communist on the form in
order to be a citizen – yes, I guess I do hold POTUS to a higher standard than
the average Obama supporter.)

There is a third Option. That is to write every delegate in every state and make an appeal. I urge everyone to prayerfully watch

Barack Obama has a history of prosecuting Dems who oppose him. How much less mercy will he show a Republican? John Edwards, Rod Blagojevich, Gov. Ryan (an R); how much more will he do for the POTUS job? Romney should withdraw for the good of the country, to avoid prosecution and to save the US.

If you are interested in such a project, there is a FB group called Grassroots Republicans Empowered Against Tyranny (GREAT) where the members tend to coalesce. There is also a nightly blog talk radio show ran by Sammy Samford where many tend to gather.

I like Newt, too, but what makes you think ANY Republican candidate would ever get fair coverage? The media just plain stopped having debates when Newt shamed them - end of coverage. No one can break through their Obama Obsfucation Wall. In spite of their willful misreporting, the whole country knows the economy sucks, knows Obama's been in charge and knows Mitt is good with money. The media can't influence those simple truths. Plus Romney has the support of the Old Guard GOP, which Newt did not. Romney has as good a chance as any Republican candidate to win. Plus, I never believe the polls - remember, Jimmy Carter and Reagan were supposedly in a dead heat.

All very good Barbara!! Will check out the FB page

Very good read here....Do as Barbra Haney says here and write all delegates in every State and demand appeal. We nee another candidtate !

I vote option 1, and Barbara's Haney option simultaneously!

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