Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I’m Sick of Mitt Maulers and Willard Whitewashers


On one side we have the “Mormon Romney is satan” crowd and the “Romney is a secret liberal” group screaming to not vote for the Mittster.  They argue not to vote for Mitt – even now - on religious or conservative purity grounds.

On the other side we have the perpetual RINO’s gloating about their inevitability or those metrosexual Mitts that are petrified of saying ANYTHING negative about Romney fearing that it automatically extends the lease at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for four more years.

Neither are thinking straight.  (Oh yeah...  “IMHO”)


Anyone who thinks that Mitt Romney will be any more effective than George Bush 41 likely also thinks the Chief Justice Robert’s ObamaCare decision was helpful to the country or at least the GOP.  If you are in that category, YOU are the problem.  You are the people who didn’t want to press the budget ceiling debate and settled for Boehner’s $1 Trillion Defense cut “compromise” with Harry Reid.  You make me sick.  And mark my words – you will no longer run the GOP or the conservative movement.  We, the Tea People, won’t let you.

You “let’s don’t rock the RINO boat” people caused the Pelosi/Reid takeover by straying from limited government principles, too afraid to call out George Bush for fear the democrats would hear you.  Frankly, you seem to love your political party more than your country.  It is indisputable that Romney’s governing record was dismal including the outright lies he made to cover his implementation of gay marriage by Executive Order in his state.  Not only is he NOT a good representative of the GOP or conservatism, there is absolutely no reason to believe he will govern any differently from his liberal leaning moderate Massachusetts RINO record no matter what he says.  George Herbert Walker Bush channeled Newt Gingrich and Ronald Reagan to get elected in 1988 and we ended up with Bill Clinton as the real Voodoo economics voiceover had to actually, you know, make decisions and lead.

KNOW THIS Group 1sters: Every true patriotic Constitutional conservative will be fighting you like Neo on Mr. Smith in Tampa in hopes that we can get to a second ballot.  We will take any chance to not just to delay the inevitable destruction of true constitutional conservatism under Romney – but to actually fix it.


Those who think that Mitt’s Mormonism (or his lack of a true conservative ideology) are more important that stopping a forger with his finger on the button and who just gave himself the ability to suspend all cell phone and wired communication under last Friday’s Executive Order, are one “M” away from the LDS themselves.  They are morons.  (That means ESPECIALLY you Bill Keller.)  As Gabor Zolina wrote at Western Journalism, “Why doesn’t a President need this power with only 120 days left in office?”  Even WITH having to get reelected, Barry Obama and Hilary are giving away our sovereignty via the sea treaty LOST, the UN gun control treaty, the gulf drilling forgery and the Russia Alaska island give away crimes just to name a few.  I supposed you Pharisees also refuse to let the Pakistani doctor in the Emergency Room apply the tourniquet to your loved one who has been in a car accident too?  Yeah, let’s make sure that every cook at every restaurant tithes and isn’t fornicating as well.  After all – THE TOUCH YOUR FOOD!!  (insert spooky noise here.)

First to the sanctimonious subset of Group 2, the Mormon Alarmists: I’ve got news for you.  Even Barack Obama, isn’t the anti-Christ either (though he’s trying very hard).  How about the active GOP adulterers and accepters of bribes in Congress?  Where is your selective outrage about their sin?  The only people Jesus cursed and upbraided were the self-righteous religious people.  Romney has said out of his own mouth that Jesus is Lord and that he accepts the Bible as the Word of God.  That very bible says that ONLY God knows a man’s heart.  You who actively call Romney satan and spew hate are not Christians.  You are like your father “the accuser.”  Jesus didn’t do that.  Why can’t you unemotionally point out problems without attacking him PERSONALLY.  He is not part of a plot by the Mormon church to take over the world.  If so, they will be sorely disappointed because the man can barely lead a willing horse out of burning building.  You people embarrass the rest of us Christians who know it will be extremely disappointing if Romney does become the nominee in Tampa and likely wastes a real chance at getting this country back to a Constitutional mindset.  Yes Mormonism is a cult.  Yes, they have weird Scientology-like doctrine.  But not a single person will respect your opinion since you are a rabid, fire breathing stranger to them with no credibility.  Minds are not changed that way.  And in comparison with what Obama is doing – he’s not going to start conducting secret rituals in the Oval Office any more demonic than what the current occupant is doing.

“Purist” economic conservatives and/or uneducated libertarians are the other half of this second group.  Of course Romney is lying.  Of course Romney will end up leaving some kind of health care.  Of course he will end up NOT reforming government.  Y’all acting like the weenies in grade school who would sit down in a tantrum and cry if they didn’t get to be the pitcher on the pee-wee league.  Your are ignorant of history if you think the guys who WROTE and RATIFIED the Constitution were all on the same page.  Most likely we would have been un-unified when England and France wanted to re-invaded us, had they not duped the dumb slave-loving Southerners with the “all men are created equal” definition.  (Yes they were dumb because they didn’t think that slaves were included in “all men”.)  Just look how torn apart the country became when the Federalists and Jeffersonians didn’t have George Washington to keep the peace.   But like World War 1 and World War 2, we Americans unify to attack the biggest threat to us all, and push off the things that won’t kill us to argue over later.

And let’s face it.  Four more years of Barack Obama and his Marxist Round Table WILL put an end to our countries future for a very, very long time.  Even the non-conspiratorial probabilities are disastrous. Many Cubans that were intimidated by the charisma of Fidel Castro learned quickly how hard it was to overturn a tyrant AFTER he had power.  As did the Russians.  And there isn’t another democratic republican superpower out there that will come to our aid.  In fact China, North Korea and every other group already has plans to keep us under the thumb of oppression.  As the Taliban proved, if you keep compromising, you end up with tyranny.  You won’t be mistaken for a tin foil fool by firmly resisting more desecration of our Constitution.

So let’s please be rational.  Romney is NOT the nominee yet.  Although the media, the GOP and the conservative MSM don’t want to tell you – this delegate thing is long from settled.  And there is every prospect that the RNC will attempt to use Obama-like tactics to grease the track for Mitt’s coronation in Tampa.  The scaredy cats of Group 1 will cry and wail like a 6 year old brat having to each spinach before going to bed early.

So for TRUE conservatives, I propose this plan:

A) Attempt ordered chaos in Tampa, pressing the delegate challenges to attempt a brokered convention.   At worse, Romney still has his cash and he knows he will have to keep the Tea Party happy.

B) If we are successful at getting to a second ballot, we steadfastly refuse ANY candidate that 1.) can’t argue effectively in the media or the debates, 2.) who has successfully crafted multiple successful national campaigns based on conservative principles and 3.) who will give clear differentiation's over Obama’s lies like "$2.50 gas."  It wouldn’t hurt if that candidate had balanced the budget 4 times in a row in the 90’s and reformed welfare.

C) If we are not successful, we get Mitt elected to stop hemorrhaging of our freedoms under Hugo Obama.  And (although it won’t help) we ask the new administration to investigate and prosecute ALL of the crimes of the past 4 years, this time not allowing Obama to become “senior statesman” like G. Bush did to Bill C.

D) When Mitt is elected, we work our tea stained trousers off to get Jim DeMint types at every local, state and Federal position possible while figuring out how to take over the GOP party.  UNDER NO CASE do we let Mitt slip into RINO mode as many did with Bush for fear of criticizing him.

E) When RomRom reverts to his RINO ways – we fiercely attack and embrace a Gingrich or Palin type (Scott Walker?) to challenge in 2016. 

But we vow to never, ever, trust a man who implemented the most liberal policies of ANY state in the nation in enacting policies of socialized health care, abortion, gay marriage and cap and trade.


There is a certain truth to what Carpenter writes. I do remember reading the book "God and the State" by the Russian Anarchist Mikhail Bakhunin where he viewed Satan as the Great Liberator. It was because without the apple, human beings would have been idiot automatons without knowledge of good and evil. But I think that is the only time I have heard Satan actually mentioned by a major anarchist or libertarian figure. So I dont think you can call all of libertarianism Satanic for that. If a neo-hazi supports Romney, does that make Romney a neo nazi? What about Father Sirico at the Acton Institute? He's leading figure amongst Christian Libertarians. I dare you to call him Satanic to his face.

One other thing, there is no disputing, as Politijim and Reagan said, that the core of conservatism today is libertarianism. After all conservatism by itself has no actual philosophy, it is usually defined by what it is against. In the 19th century, conservatives were fighting small govt classical liberals and adopted many of the arguments that were later adopted by the socialists.

You make the error that all Libertarians are devotees of Rand. Far from it. Just like there are Mormon Republicans (and believe it or not, even Islamic Republicans) - the beliefs of a few don't dictate the fundamental underpinning of the philosophy of the movement. (Unless your Cloward/Piven).

You got me wrong. I'll explain.

IF Libertarianism was inline with Conservatism (and its not) that would mean that Conservatism is Satanic. Conservatism is NOT Libertarian and vice versa.

Christian Conservatives can never align themselves with Ayn Rand or with Libertarians because of the Satanic Bible which was authored by a Libertarian who used AYN RAND's writings.

Also when Libertarians (and Libertarian Tea People) hate Mitt Romney I feel better because if they liked Romney then we would be doomed by the Libertarian connection to Ayn Rand who is in hell.

Ronald Reagan was not talking about Ron Paul or about the Ayn Randianistic Libertarian movement we see today. Reagan was a Christian not a Randian.

The problem is that Libertarianism is a Pagan religion. It is Satanic. Libertarianism comes from Hell and the very first political act in history (Satan giving the Apple/freedom to Eve) was an act of Libertarianism.

Did Satan to to get Eve to have sex with the apple or to abort her children? That's what a Liberal would do. So you see that
Libertarianism is responsible for the fall of man and all evil.

Just search google for satan + libertarianism and you see MILLIONS of posts and articles and ect...

Anyway I would be scared if Romney was one of your kind and I think I'd leave the USA.

So Ronald Reagan is RINO? Because he said the very HEART AND SOUL of conservatism...was libertarianism. Go look it up and come back when you are better prepared.

actually the REAL RINO's are the people who scream bloody murder about GW Bush and Mitt Romney. They are Republicans you aren't.

You a TeaParty Libertartian which means YOU ARE A RINO!

Libertarians are NOT Republicans they are Republicans IN NAME only. Libertarians are RINO's.

I'm kind of confused by this article. I consider myself pretty conservative and abortion and gay marriage are important issues to me. I am a Christian and am not thrilled that Romney is a Mormon, but I do believe that he is more conservative than what some people say he is. I've researched his record and he reminds me of how Ronald Reagan became more conservative later in life (Reagan used to be a democrat and even passed pro-choice legislation in CA as governor, which he later regretted). I have researched my brains out to find out the truth about Romney's record in MA and I fully believe that he did his best to be a conservative governor (in most ways) in a liberal state with an 85% democratic legislature. Scott Walker would not have been able to do as much as he did in my state if he had an 85% democratic legislature. I have found that libertarians and conservatives have many things in common, but I have found many who don't even like Reagan (I've read pages that mention how the debt went up under him)--so when I look at Romney and Reagan, I don't see Romney being much less conservative than Reagan. But libertarians should strongly disagree with Reagan on many things b/c they disagree strongly with Romney and most other republicans on the very same stances on most issues. It's so odd to me, this whole thing about Obama and Romney being the same. It makes no sense to me. Romney does believe we should change how the federal reserve is run, and audit it, he's just not as extreme as libertarians on that view. Obama hates capitalism. Romney embraces it and encourages growth. His tax and energy policies are WAY better than Obama's. Are there some things Romney could improve on? sure. I'm not one that gives him a pass on or agrees with him on everything. But it's very frustrating to me for people to claim that he's just like Obama when I just don't see that. Libertarians are different than conservatives, which are different than liberals. but certainly conservatives are much more in tune with libertarians than they are with liberals! and I am convinced that Romney is pro-life and that is extremely important to me. extremely--so I made sure to research every last bit of info on Romney conerning that issue, and I am satisfied with what I found and was disappointed that many things have been twisted on him about that. in politics, very few things are black and white.

Thanks StephanieJane. It was confusing for me to write. My point was simple. To those who want to demonize Mitt because of his religion or his extremely non-conservative record (he was named a Top 10 RINO by Human Events in 2006 for a reason), I wanted to explain to them that if ALL he does right now is to stop Obama - he can be utilized by "true" conservatives. And to those (perhaps you) that think he is conservative, you will not only be sorely disappointed - you have NOT done your homework. Mitt Romney was semi-fiscally conservative his first two years, and even his own supporters admit he restored all the spending he cut in the last two years. Hell - he didn't even bother to show up to his office his final year for 250 days. And, he implemented gay marriage the same way we castigate Obama for granting amnesty or tearing apart the 1996 welfare reform - by executive order And then he besmirched the MA Supreme Court and lied continually about while trying to buy far right groups in early primary states like a coward. He implemented the most extreme socialized medicine, without which ObamaCare might not ever have seen the light of day and he implemented the most austere cap and trade program for 7 states while telling energy plants "they killed people." There is very little he did while ACTUALLY GOVERNING that could be seen as conservative. Since he left office, the only thing he has been successful at is lying. He has had one big PR campaign that included secretly funding people to rip Sarah Palin after she and McCain lost. It is why I am adamant that he must be stopped in Tampa if possible. But if not, perhaps we can use a RINO tusk to impale the threat of the the despot in office.

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