Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Fight an Enemy Who Has No Rules

sword gun fight

I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in animus drenched comments on PolitiJim within the past week.  Many are trying to pull me – or my readers – into an argument on race and/or on women.  (Let it be noted that PolitiJim’s attraction to racy women has long been over.)

Like Debbie Whats-her-name Schultz and the entire MSNBC/MMFA mafia, facts are no longer important.  Like Obama, he will say or do anything to get elected and win a “news cycle.”  He lied about his true relationship with Bill Ayers (who admitted to writing his book), he lied about his relationship with Reverend Jeremiah White and ACORN, and his Michelangelo of malfeasance was in presenting a proven forgery as his long form birth certificate.

ObamaRomneyDuelingPinnochio This isn’t just a Democrat thing either.  Even in the GOP primary we conservatives faced this from Romney and his supporters who could care less about truth and integrity, by blatantly lying about all the other candidates. This included, remarkably, an attack on Gingrich’s credentials as being part of the Reagan team.  There was, of course,  no apology by the Romney camp when footage of Nancy Reagan passing the torch to Newt at a dinner was uncovered, and worse, most conservatives just chalked it up to “politics.”  What happened to trying to hold people accountable to being TRUTHFUL?  What really shocked me was when Bachmann, Santorum and fellow conservatives who supposedly BELIEVED and PROMOTED Christian virtue, did the same without remorse or repentance.  And those that wanted “their guy” to win, just conveniently buried their own morality for political advantage.

Gingrich himself makes a point in an excerpt from his new e-book,
No Taxation by Misrepresentation, that the planned and implemented deception of Obama and his minions is dangerously historic.

It constitutes a level of systematic dishonesty worthy of Orwell's "1984" or of the Communist newspaper Pravda at the peak of the Soviet Empire. Uncomfortable facts become nonexistent. "Necessary" falsehoods become the new truth. Doublespeak reigns.

He goes on to point out that our system of “self-government” can not operate in this environment.  Our first three presidents made a point of this and Gingrich gives multiple references including this one:

Thomas Jefferson, our third president and author of the Declaration of Independence, wrote in 1774 that "(t)he whole art of government consists in the art of being honest."

What is shocking to me about the man who I consider to be the ultimate,righteous political rebel cage fighter of our era, is that he too argues how important the election is and stops right there.  I’m not sure what happened to the minority leader that called on a CSPAN audience to “rise up” and resist the corrupt liberals, to be content with pointing out problems rather than leading the troops.  Sarah Palin too disappoints by playing the political game in saying that a pro-abortion, global warming loving, sovereignty seceding RINO who lives with radical liberals would make a “wonderful” VP choice for Romney.

Erick Erickson, continuing to ignore his sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, says not a word about proof that foreign nationals are getting birth certificates in Hawaii, but that he’s “not worried” about Romney’s election in November.  All is well, we got this in the bag.

They are all elephant shaped lambs headed to slaughter, thinking their traditional political assumptions and games will save them. 

In fact, the vast right wing conspiracy is mind-numbingly ignoring the stream of lawless acts by the White House to simply rewrite their own laws whether it is not prosecuting illegals or simply undoing the welfare reform of 1996 that subverts the will of 83% of Americans.  They forged documents to get into office and they forged a committees report to cover up their intent to strip America of offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Even Democrat Pat Caddell has said that this election will escalate the already pervasive corruption to levels that are inconceivable.

How can conservatives think this guy won’t simply “suspend” elections as floated by the North Carolina Governor and Obama’s former OMB Chief?  Too radical of an idea?  Did you ever think Obama would force ObamaCare AFTER it was defeated by the most representative body in our government on a Friday, only to “deem it as passed” in the Senate the next Sunday?  Did you think he would personally authorize the killing of an American citizen without Constitutional due process?

I still remember arguments (which you can see in the comments) of conservatives inanely arguing that the American assassination was ok because it was an American who was working with Al Qaeda.  Apparently most conservatives are willing to suspend our rule of law as long as the outcome is something we like.

Many laughed at The Ulsterman Report’s predictions made by the “Wall Street Insider” and the “White House Insider.”  They shouldn’t be laughing anymore as nearly every prediction has come true regarding Eric Holder, the resignation of Chief of Staff Dailey, and the reports that Obama personally was approving drone strikes and watching them for entertainment like Grand Theft Auto.  All now verified by mainstream news sources.  His most recent interview with the “Military Insider” confirms what many of us have suspected.  He will stop at nothing to stay in power.  Obama’s BFF George Soros has orchestrated similar “faked” unrest in other countries to undermine governments opposed to socialism.  In fact, Soros already has predicted it here!

Has everyone lost their minds?  Did no one study in grade school the reason an accused is “innocent until proven guilty” is PRECISELY because of abuses by those in power, whether they’ve admitted their guilt or not?  Either we are a nation of laws or not.  Call me crazy for still thinking that the Clintons should have been charged with theft for stealing furniture out of the White House, and that Congress should at least look into a nine month investigation proving that the Chief law enforcement position in the United States is presenting forged documents and involved in ID theft.  IF THESE CRIMES AREN’T PROSECUTED WHY WOULD ANYONE OBEY ANY LAW, ANYMORE?

$20K stolen by youth flash mob

Only punishing “severe” crimes by those who don’t have wealth or great attorneys is a cancer even in our conservative culture.  Is it lost on anyone that there are roving bands of youths massively rioting and robbing stores in broad daylight?  These are happening almost weekly including one where 300 teens robbed a Walmart. Thomas Sowell this week reminded us of the national media’s censorship on race riots happening all over (like that at a Wisconsin fair last year). NO ONE IS COVERING IT.  It’s like the CONSERVATIVE media like Malkin, Breitbart and HotAir who only want to nibble away at shocking petty policy initiatives or Obama’s past college associations that in the end, don’t educate the poor dupes in America who still only listen to the mainstream media or who believe what their Congressperson tells them.  We are sitting on enormous amounts of incontrovertible evidence that Obama may have committed felonies WHILE IN OFFICE – and they don’t want to seem “uncivilized” from their Georgetown or Santa Monica circles by being associated with a “conspiracy.”  If this was 1775, these are the people that would have demanded we not get “too upset” at the British for fear of becoming targets.  They certainly wouldn’t have done what Sam Adams and company did in rioting by destroying tea, or exaggerating the firing on the crowd by the Redcoats near Faneuil Hall.  Were it not for the Sam Adams and Jerome Corsi’s of the world, the entire world would have no model of freedom.

It’s like I’m in a time warp where a pearl-wearing June Cleaver wouldn’t dare think that the Wally and the Beaver would drink or have sex in 2012 although surrounded by friends that make Eddie Haskell look like John Paul II.  “Our team” is living in lala land where they assume Obama will behave like Al Gore did in 2000.  They think Obama will try and cheat the best he can, but eventually he’ll give up when all legal avenues seemed closed to him.  Well, Toto, in case you haven’t noticed, we ain’t in Kansas anymore.

Rocky vs. Thunder Lips Hulk Hogan

I’m reminded of Rocky III, when, in what he thought was a friendly exhibition, Rocky had to “go street” with the Hulk Hogan character.   Rocky started out politely boxing against the wrestler, but realized that Hogan wasn’t playing by ANY rules.  Even boxing HARDER didn’t help.  After nearly getting killed, Rocky literally takes the gloves off and eventually subdues the far physically superior “Thunder Lips” in a choke hold.  Anyone who thinks Obama hasn’t already made multiple plans to subvert the election or stay in power is everything they accused the “birthers” of being.  And we won’t put this unrepentant radical down by playing “who has the best economic policy or TV ad.”

To beat the amoral, you have to start doing what they don’t expect.  Start showing you are unwilling to stay within the rules THEY think you will abide by.  After the Bain attacks, there are reports today that Romney is getting serious about “going after” Obama.  Really?

While I’ve beat up Byron York on that very issue of not doing his homework on birtherism, he is also one of my favorite writers.  His brilliant column today discusses the contrast between the Romney of the GOP Primary versus the one we are experiencing now.  He makes the point that while the Romney team reveled in how they leveled the Speaker with 3-1 ads to wipe him out in Florida (literally every one of the 68% of ads seen in Florida were negative ads by Mitt, only airing a single positive ad about himself on Spanish TV), Romney now, can’t use his cheap tricks.  He can’t spend any of his general election cash until he’s nominated.  It’s why with the worst economy in 80 years he is still even or losing in key battleground states.  He also has been far more willing to lie and disparage his fellow Republicans who stood in his way, than he has Obama.  And with Obama he doesn’t even have to lie to win!   Even his SuperPAC’s aren’t as effective as Obama’s so far.  Byron York writes my “I told ya so:”

During the primaries, Republicans didn’t want to hear fellow Republicans criticizing Romney’s record at Bain Capital.  Some characterized attacks on Romney’s Bain history as attacks on capitalism itself.  Democrats and many independents don’t feel the same way, and Obama and his SuperPAC allies are relentlessly slamming Romney’s business history both nationally and in key states around the country.

But even Gingrich never “got” what Donald Trump inadvertently tapped into.  The fearless warrior who will start raising the issue of the Obama crimes  - regardless of how they will perceived by their peers – will galvanize the entire GOP and a lot of Independents around them.  Trump’s numbers only dropped when he shut up about it.  Worse, unless multiple conservatives of national stature start channeling Paul Revere, we are going to end up either losing the general election by massive fraud or being unprepared for blatant takeover of the internet, all communication and even the military by martial law which he has now authorized himself to do by recent Executive OrdersDo you think I’m being an alarmist?  Why would any President in domestic peacetime, with less than 4 months left in office, sign an Executive Order that takes control of all communications for civil unrest?

Just one remarkable accomplishment of the D’Souza film (2016: Obama’s America) was that it creates a workable theory that fits EVERY seemingly strange move Obama has made in office.  It confirms it’s hypothesis by both implemented policies and actions that ALL revolve around not just implementing radical socialistic policies – but in destroying America as an economic, cultural and military power.  Just as Obama chose to ignore the law that prohibited him from implementing defacto amnesty, we can predict his FUTURE actions that interfere with his goal.

Maybe they are afraid of being singled out and assassinated as is suspected by many of Bill Clinton’s best friend and head of the Arkansas Democratic Party.  You need to go watch Marlon in On the Waterfront to know they can’t take us all if we firmly stand and resist together.  I frankly think it is far worse than protecting their family.  I think they are more worried about their personal perceptions than being committed to tell the truth.

In my Rocky 3 analogy, tweeters and bloggers like me are only like Uncle Paulys swinging a foldable chair over Hulk Hogan’s back.  When rubes on the blogsphere try to bait and argue, we can reiterate our “facts,” accuse them of being racists themselves for seeing the world through anything OTHER than character.  We will eventually block, ban or report them since they are “unwinnable” to reason.  (Some suggest doing that right off, but their insane arguments MUST be challenged and documented, not so much to convince them – but to make sure the undecideds watching get the correct information.)   But at the end of the day, unless you can raise a few million for a SuperPAC and the media professionals to run it – we can only influence the people who rely on us.

A massive effort is needed to call out those who DO have an audience or a national voice – in media, politics and government.  “We the People” still have power by “going gangsta” to head off a disaster, as is our responsibility.  I don’t personally hate – or even dislike – the Malkin’s, Limbaugh’s and editors and DO consider them on our side.

But all it takes for evil to prevail, is for good conservatives in media and government to do nothing.

Please demand your favorite pundit and your government representatives press for the impeachment of Eric Holder (who prevents any REAL prosecutions to happen while at DOJ), for special investigators to investigate Obama’s document fraud, and for resolutions to be made in Congress and by the military, that they will not allow the Executive branch to exert any more powers without Congressional approvals.


I believe that some recall that Ross
Perot cost the GOP the election when disenfranchised Republicans tried to make
a go on their own. I think today Tea Party types are scared to repeat that
possibility with the anti-colonialist collectivist we have in office now and
are willing to support Romney IF NOONE ELSE is nominated. Such support against Obama
should not be construed as support for Romney.

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