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America’s Best Days Are Ahead


It’s not hard to feel like it’s lunchtime in America and all that’s on the menu is a crap sandwich with a side order of French lies. Joel Rosenberg’s IMPLOSION focus (namely that the moral corruption is leading us to not just a cultural meltdown, but an economic and political one as well), isn’t that hard to fathom when our government and media not only is built on lies, but it defends them.  As we all were supposed to learn in kindergarten, if you lie and steal it doesn’t turn out well.  As many of us learned in grade school, if you keep lying and stealing, life gets harder and harder.  If the teachers have no morality, not only does the school cease to function in it’s purpose, they raise platoons of intellectually and moral perverse young people.

WARNING: For those of you A) do not believe in God and/or B) do not believe in the power of God via prophecy, healings and the like -  this will likely annoy you greatly.  I do my best to give objective references for those, but this article is not really written for you.  It is written for those “who call on the Name of the Lord.”

The President is literally destroying the economy and the Constitution of the United States.  Media and government refuse to address the crimes he perpetrated to get in office, or the ones he continues to perpetrated to stay there.  Even those who seem to be on “our side” either spinelessly cave to the fear of man, or worse, perpetrate their own abuses for selfish ambition over principle.  It seems like right now that the wicked succeed at everything they do, and the “righteous” are schmucks for doing what is right. 

But our best days are ahead of us.

Sure, it’s easy to see things going to hell when those sworn to defend the Constitution not only allow clear perversions to take place, but perpetrate them.  But may I suggest one thing?  Change doesn’t take place without those who believe.

That works both ways.  Barack Obama and his merry Marxists believed they could change this country to one of European socialism and they fearlessly continue to do so despite obvious problems for all the world to see.  But they are succeeding in their belief of god by government.  The bible even says

Prov 16:30 He who shuts his eyes to devise perverse things and who compresses his lips [as if in concealment] brings evil to pass.

I’m amazed at how much power one single person’s belief and tenacity can defeat enormous forces against them.  Colleen Vera is a retired school teacher of 30 years.  She was incensed that a “fake” county school board was illegally double taxing Houston residents and splurging it on 5 star restaurant meals, payoff’s to political cronies and themselves and worse.  The “fake” district itself had zero students, but performed services by taking bad students from other schools although taxpayers already pay for theses services to be provided by the state through other state taxes.  Through her researching and blogging on, she stopped a rate hike that the county’s own tax assessor showed wasn’t necessary.  She helped force a change in the rules that finally allowed more than 3 citizens to speak at the board meetings.  She has stopped thousands of dollars from being spent on frivolous and not so frivolous expenditures.  She also stopped what surely was an attempt by a Soros backed, Malcolm X advocate getting a foothold in the Harris County GOP and this corrupt institution.  You wouldn’t believe the disparaging remarks and pressure put on her by the Board of this group and others.  It would have been easy to second guess what she was doing and all the beneficiaries of her work – Harris County tax payers – kind of shrugged with amusement.

It boggles my mind how much corruption and waste would have rolled forward without her effort.  None of the major newspapers, TV stations, radio stations (whose job it is to do this) not only weren’t on top of this, they just didn’t seem to care.  The same is true with Donna Laframboise, the creator of who has single handedly brought truth to the sinister plans of the United Nations and the World Wildlife Fund’s to exploit the “fake” global warming movement to gain control over nations.  At the True the Vote National Summit, there was a panel of 5 everyday humans who started looking at the integrity of the vote in their respective states.  Cathy Kelleher just an average realtor in Maryland, was shocked to find that her team was the only one looking into this in her entire state. 

We questioned 5400 irregularities in one single county that simply shouldn’t exist.  And rather than appreciate the help, the people in government whose job it was to make sure the voter roles were accurate actually began to defend the inaccuracies rather than just fix them.  I couldn’t believe that not only weren’t the people who were being paid to do this not doing it, but that if we hadn’t – it might still not have gotten done.”

So, you can keep cursing the darkness in the cavern – or light a candle as this patriot did in taking seriously her responsibility as a “We the People.”  You will be surprised how many patriots will come along side your efforts as they have the original 5 founding patriots at Election Integrity Maryland experienced with 75 people now committed to their cause.

I personally (as you see from my posts) don’t think it is helpful to ignore the problems or to only present the “positive” spin on everything.  The Resurrection of Christ is meaningless without also knowing he was crucified.  And running farther and faster than the boundaries of your enlightened candle allow will at least result in bruises if not into an unexpected chasm you didn’t see coming.  But there is a spiritual truth that dwelling on how bad things are actually CAUSES more bad things to come.

Proverbs 15:15 All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances]. (Amp)

Suburban mom Catherine Englebrecht of True the Vote could have just tweeted the how terrible the Texas voter fraud was and – it might have made a few people unaware.  But helping Rick Scott and Florida purge millions of dead people and illegals from voter roles, and suing the State of Indiana to do the same with Judicial Watch wouldn’t have happened without BELIEVING something could be done about it.  Being personally pilloried in the local and national press as a “racist,”  and being personally sued by the Soros surrogates would have been fine times to say it wasn’t worth the financial, emotional or relational stresses on her and her family. 

She believed the best days were ahead of us, for her, her family and our country.

American Idol star Danny Gokey appeared at Lakewood Church in Houston to give a short testimony and sing his song, “I Believe.”  In this clip, he describes how when his wife died and everything looked darkest, it was the process of having faith – that not only inspires and changes lives through his music and made things better for himself – but his non-profit foundation helps thousands.  All from someone who didn’t just sit and complain about how unjust his situation was.

Newt Gingrich often talks about how, in the winter of 1776, George Washington’s troops had dwindled from 30,000 to less than 3,000 and about 1/3 of those had no shoes, leaving a trail of blood wherever they went.  It would have been easy to start “rethinking” the battle, just go home and give up taking a “moral” victory for what had come to pass.  But in their most weakened condition when they were separated from their loved ones and the comforts of home on Christmas Eve, they attacked.  What gave them the gall to do so?  They believed

It wasn’t blind belief.  They knew the German mercenaries would be caught off guard, if not drunk and they knew they had many natural advantages.  They could have said, “what’s the point?"  Even if we win we still have less than 30% of our fellow Americans whom we are fighting for and certainly no cash to continue the next battle.”  But they chose to step out in faith, knowing the righteousness of their cause and, as we know from Washington’s letters, some sense of God’s Divine Providence.

It is important to know that the war would go on for 6+ more years.  Many more homes would be destroyed and many more would be killed.  But it was enough to give those who DIDN’T have the faith in the Divine cause of Liberty, enough to start believing themselves.  As often as I want to get mad at our own conservative media for ignoring the great forgery every perpetrated on our country, it is important to realize that some weaker people simply need the acceptance of others before they have the courage to do what is right.

Want proof we have to believe for God to work?  Jesus went to a city to heal the sick and do other miracles.  But,

… he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.

Matthew 13:58

Even after hundreds cheered Jesus on Palm Sunday and only a few stayed with him during the crucifixion, God didn’t wait for the entire world to believe in Him before He gave us the Power to teach all nations about him in the Upper Room.  There were only 40 who prayed despite Jesus showing himself to over 500.  It was a one-eyed itinerant black preacher named “Seymour” in Los Angeles who stood in faith for God to move in the middle of a nation in chaos.  The country was just beginning to distance itself from the animosities of the Civil War, as well as surviving the Spanish American War.  Working conditions in most areas of the country were deplorable as the industrial revolution was accelerating.  The injustice of woman’s right to vote was building into frustration.  Drunkenness was rampant.   People felt victimized by almost every institution of society while the rapid changes in the first airplane flight, the invention of the motion pictures, and the new electrical age were frightening to many.

Similar conditions happened around the world but a few people knew that the world had lost any focus of God and/or morality in exchange for an embrace of self-ambition and materialism.  In Wales, Joseph Jenkins simply gathered some people “to deepen their loyalty to Christ.”  Not necessarily a great political strategy that Karl Rove or James Carville would have orchestrated I bet.  But just like Los Angeles and New York – the IMPACT of this humble actions of belief in a Creator who would change their world was evident.  Here is what happened in Wales:

Whole communities were turned upside down and were radically changed from depravity to glorious goodness. The crime rate dropped, often to nothing. The police force reported that they had little more to do than supervise the coming and going of the people to the chapel prayer meetings, while magistrates turned up at courts to discover no cases to try. The alcohol trade was decimated, as people were caught up more by what happened in the local chapels than the local public houses and bars. Families experienced amazing renewal, where the money earning husband and father, the bread winner, had wasted away the income and sowed discord, but now under the moving power of the Holy Spirit, following the conversion to be a follower of Jesus Christ, he not only provided correctly for family needs, but was now with the family, rather than wasting his time, and wages, in the public houses of the village or town. Souls were saved, individual lives were changed and Society itself was changed. Countless numbers were converted to Christ. (Source:

There have been many of these “awakenings” where entire regions or countries suddenly have a mass change not only in how they act – but in how they see themselves.  And lest you think it is mass hypnosis or hysteria, go Google similar reports in the Los Angeles and New York Times from the era.  One report in New York had passengers pouring out of a train in tears crying out to God in repentance of their pride and sin spontaneously.  Another report describes how the New York police force had to find other employment because crime rates dropped so low.  These “revivals” also preceded both the American Revolution and the Civil War.  Of course it is banned from modern public school textbooks but it is likely that the American Revolution would not have occurred without The Great Awakening, not only giving the colonists a renewed sense of justice and destiny, but in enlightening their thinking to the idea that God wanted every man to have an opportunity to own property and have his own “rights” not dependent as coming from either a political or religious ruler.  It also eliminated the religious schisms that might have prevented a unified rebellion, reducing the Puritan and Anglican denominations form 40% to less than 3% of the population.

Just as Jesus usurped the Pharisees and King David supplanted a controlling and tyrannical King Saul, God will orchestrate chaos to overthrow ANY entity that tries to put itself before God and his people – secular, religious or economic.  And He can move mightily in a few pioneers asking GOD to give them a pure heart – rather than those who try to convince us of their own righteousness.

The understandable fear is that if you do NOT hold up a standard of “right” and “wrong” you end up with – Lady Gaga and the 2012 Grammy Awards blaspheming the Catholic church.  But history shows these revivals and national repentances are never led by popular culture.  They are led by the Spirit of God.  The Great Awakenings, Azusa Street and the rest all started from a very small group of people crying out to God just like it did in the Upper Room. Not through billboards or even the charisma of any individual pastor or political leader. 

Could you imagine what would happen if every politician governed himself or herself on the issue of crony capitalism?  Could you imagine politicians not being told to come clean when they screwed up, but doing it themselves because they couldn’t live with their conscience?  Those trying to ridicule or manipulate people and events in secret couldn’t simply because there was no one to believe or help them in their deception?

The whole purpose of this post was inspired by an email I received this morning – describing what happened to a pastor who was meeting and praying with some government officials in the Philippines.

On Monday May 14, 2012 we were taken to meet with the mayor and other government officials of the region. The day before the mayor had attended the first service, where he was miraculously healed by the power of God. This, in turn, opened us a door to speak into the government of the region. While in the meeting on Monday morning, a powerful prophetic anointing came into the room and in the center of the table a tangible cloud began to form as I prophesied into what God was going to do in the Philippines. Suddenly, as I was prophesying the cloud took me into a vision of an open door. Then the Lord spoke to me that what I was seeing was the Door of the Lord and that He was releasing to America the key of David, once again in this hour, to unlock its destiny. I continued to prophesy to this mayor as God released this vision to me and a word for America. Unaware to those in the room, the past, present, and future was passing before my eyes. It was

And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open. And I will fasten him as a nail in a sure place; and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father's house.
(Isaiah 22:22-23:)

This pastor goes on to say that God made it clear to him that God gave America a similar opportunity in the 1950’s and people were to busy with the “American dream” or to caught up in their own intellects to respond with humility and praise and acceptance to the Almighty.  At one point (1956) a preacher declared in Chicago (of all places) that since they school prayer-prisonAmericans had rejected God’s offer, this movement would dry up.  In months it did.  A few years later school prayer was declared “unconstitutional” despite 7 references to God in the Declaration of Independence and continuous calls to prayer AND FASTING by Presidents from Washington to FDR.  Here are some other things that happened over the next 40 years:

  • the murder rate tripled;

  • Violent crime went up 544%;

  • Prior to 1963, divorce had been declining for 15 consecutive years. After 1963, the divorce rate more than doubled;

  • unwed birth rates 10-14 years of age shot up 553% by 1983;

  • Sexually transmitted disease rates (15-19 years of age range) shot up 226% by 1975;

  • the percent of children living in fatherless households increased from 6% to 40%.

For those of you who don’t believe God speaks to people anymore, (even when an agnostic investigative reporter verifies it for himself) this may all seem as important as a childhood nursery rhyme.  We won’t judge you especially since so many of us were in the same place before we experienced God’s love and mercy in our lives.  I even ridiculed and ATTACKED Christians for the foolish silliness.  Go figure.

But it is God’s nature to save His people from destruction EVEN WHEN they don’t deserve it.  Just read the Exodus!  The “believers” complained constantly.  And even when they got impatient and set up a gold cow to worship, God still brought them into a promised land.  With the terrible things our country has done to the native American Indians and to those victims of slavery, we don’t DESERVE a damn thing.  Actually, “damn” it’s exactly what we do deserve even with all the good America has done to and for us to make us the greatest country in the world, the hope of freedom and the beneficiary of God’s benevolent grace.  “God shed His grace on Thee,” indeed.

When you can grasp that it is not because we accomplished more, or were more deserving, than other nations – but because our forefathers believed in, and gratefully accepted, God’s mercy and unmerited favor, then we will be like the Roman Centurion of whom Jesus boasted had “great faith.”

The centurion answered and said Lord I am not worthy that thou should come under my roof, but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed. Matthew 8:8

It isn’t believing in OUR goodness or righteousness that will turn things around, but in God’s.  It is incredibly important to read the entire thing as I’ve edited some of these thoughts, but it offers a great bit of hope to the prospect of those who still are concerned about frailties of American even if ObamaCare is repealed and someone other than Obama is elected President.  The pastor continues (empasis mine):

The Lord revealed to me that He had personally offered to many of that time this dimension of His glory. Yet, because they felt the price was too great they let the door pass before them without stepping through to the other side. God wanted to take that generation far beyond the place of simply laying hands on individuals to see miracles…

The Lord said to me that only one man tasted in a measure what He is now going to release to this generation in full. Towards the end of William Branham's life (the pastor who experienced the offer of God in the 1950’s) he tasted in a measure what God wants to pour out in abundance in this generation.

A Great Revealing of Manifested Sons and Daughters

This a time of resurrection and of great grace (Acts 4:33). God has opened to us this great door of opportunity to embrace this new place. We are going through to the other side. There will be a great revealing of manifested sons such as no generation has seen before. In this place we will speak the word only and they will be healed.

This pastor is not the only one prophesying this and many have even talked about a new season of grace on the Church beginning this year.  When you become a Spirit-filled believer you quickly learn it doesn’t matter WHO says WHAT, but what that Spirit confirms within you.  Believe me when I say, there are probably MORE so called “prophets” who get it wrong than get it right.  We are ALL always responsible to seek God and hear for ourselves what God is saying.  I urge you to do that about this word.

Intellectually, you never see God leave His people to wallow in pig pens of life, but always gives them a way back.  America wasn’t over when we fought through a civil war.  America wasn’t over when we looked outnumbered by the world in two world wars.  America wasn’t defeated in the “Great Depression” nor even the malaise of the Carter years.  Yes.  There were certainly logical economic and political changes that helped America recover from those spiritual, economic and cultural doldrums.  Our schools have buried the not only the evidence of Divine Interventions, but the published humility and petitions of our leaders who asked it to happen.  There were many Divine “coincidences” that defy explanation in winning the Revolutionary War.  A one time “deist” – and by the end of his life an admitted Christian – Benjamin Franklin put it this way:

"I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth--that God Governs the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?"

If that isn’t convincing enough you should read his letter to Thomas Paine, who was trying to deny the act of Providence (God) in the founding of the country.  Don’t forget that not only was Franklin not only one of the supreme intellectuals of America, he was also one of the leading scientists, philosophers and the founder of the first secular college – the University of Pennsylvania.

Lost in history was that the “remnant” of believers in America – did what they were supposed to do.   Believe.

And I pray, and believe, America’s best days are ahead of her, as we ask for repentance for abdicating the responsibility our founders entrusted to us in the power of WE THE PEOPLE over our government.


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