Monday, September 26, 2011

Texas Tea Party Under Attack

The Texas Democratic Party begins their September letter this way:
The Texas Democratic Party is fighting a three-pronged GOP attack trampling on your voting rights. As you read this, Texas Republicans are trying to: (1) suppress turnout by implementing an unnecessary voter ID law to prevent legitimate voters from participating; (2) make voting irrelevant by illegally gerrymandering districts to pre-determine outcomes; (3) prevent targeted groups from voting by supporting the right-wing extremist groups who manipulate campaign finance laws to fund their voter intimidation programs. 
True the Vote was instrumental in making sure that people who voted in Texas were, in fact, the person they said they were, and were legally registered to vote.  THE HORROR!

TX 18th Congressional District
They are also worried about the GOP finally having the political will to redraw districts to reflect their power in the state.  Take a look at the map to the left.  Guess who's district that is?  You got it, Ms. "I can see the American Flag on Mars" Shelia Jackson Lee.  I love the way the district is physically not even one unit and trickles down the east side of Houston dripping toward the Gulf.  God forbid the GOP does anything like what they've been doing the past 20 years.  When Joe Strauss was "outed" by Texas conservatives prior to the legislative session as a facilitator of Democratic "good ole boy" backroom dealing, most in the GOP gave up any chance of REAL redistricting happening this session anyway.  But even were they to have a shot at it, it certainly wouldn't be "illegal" unless the Democratic party would like to admit their previous district drawing was dishonest.  (I'm not holding my breath.)

And finally they describe the Tea Party effort to "prevent targeted groups from voting."  If by "target groups" they mean illegal aliens, convicted felons, unregistered and "dead" voters - this would be the first truth printed on their stationary in decades.  Unfortunately they count the mere presence of a properly registered poll watcher, "intimidation."  Would you like to see a picture of one of these intimidating GOP, Tea Party offenders?  Something akin to this lady. Terrifying right?  Now this isn't the actually lady - I'm not going to worry her about SEIU Union goons trying to show up at her door.  But she is about 5' 5" tall, maybe 100 lbs, 70 years old and needs some assistance in walking up stairs. 

I know because I had the great honor of attending "The Response" prayer rally in Houston with a lady just like this who volunteered at TRUE THE VOTE as a poll watchers from the last election who worked at a voting location in Sheila Jackson Lee's districts.  In fact, the voting location was actually IN THE BUILDING OF THE LEE'S OFFICES.  You heard that right.  In Texas, Republican and Democratic voting is actually separate, but in the case they shared the same cafeteria.   And up until she showed up, NO GOP poll watcher had EVER been at that polling location to see what was going on.  Ever.

Two stories.  First was when a minority lady walked in and told the poll clerks that for the first time she was thinking of voting Republican.  Democratic party officials quickly stepped in and told her she didn't want to do that, escorting her to the Democratic side of the voting area - a clear violation of Texas voting law.  It was written up and reported for investigation by the State's Attorney General.

At the same location, a Hispanic lady showed up and was told by a poll clerk that Republicans didn't have a primary vote, she could only vote Democrat.  Fortunately, a Tea Party poll judge was on hand to correct the poll clerk and the lady was able to vote.

Now what is NOT reported, and very gratifying to me, was that the poll WORKERS themselves were actually happy to learn the law from the True the Vote trained judges and workers and implement it.  Deep in the back of my mind, I wasn't sure how deep the corruption was.  But it is the Democratic party rulers who INTENTIONALLY keep their members misinformed to do their evil.  It is good to know that there are rank and file people in the Democrat party who truly want honesty and integrity.

The Democratic party letter (pdf here) goes on to say this:
And just for extra insurance, Republican activists formed a shadowy "non-partisan" organization closely aligned with the Republican Party called the "King Street Patriots." In 2010, they implemented their "True the Vote" program in Harris County. 
There the organization's poll watchers, predominantly white people at polling locations in minority neighborhoods, harassed and intimidated voters. Numerous complaints were filed, prompting the County Attorney's office to step in and the Department of Justice to send federal inspectors to monitor the election. The Texas Democratic Party filed suit against the King Street Patriots for operating as an illegal political action committee and violating their nonprofit tax-status. They have publicly stated their intention to take their program nation-wide in 2012.
Of course what they neglect to say is that all of those charges were thrown out, but the True the Vote trained watchers and judges got many partisan poll judges thrown out and a myriad of charges are pending on REAL fraud that occurred. 

They have indeed gone "national." Thousands of people watch the King Street Patriots weekly Tea Party meetings online (7 pm CST Mondays) while True the Vote is training organizations in other states to eliminate the voting fraud WHEREVER it may be and enforce voting laws.

The Soros funded initiative to "own" the Secretary of State in each state helped subvert justice in the Al Franken vote and others - and the liberal groups are pouring money into stealing elections any way they can. The Texas Democractic party makes it clear in this paragraph in subtext that they will continue to misuse the legal system to attack groups like True the Vote.
Your Texas Democratic Party stands armed and ready with the law on our side. But we also need the resources to continue to fight against the constant assault on voting rights.

Donate to these organizations.  Make sure your state, county and/or district have a voting program set up to eliminate the fraud and abuse that has stained the voting system for years.  When the light comes on - the cockroaches scatter.  Please help to turn on the light.


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