Thursday, September 22, 2011

I TOLD YOU SO! | PolitiJim - PolitiCarnac Discussion of Tonights FOX Debate


PolitiJim interviews PolitiCarnac Discuss Who Won The Debate? | Fox News

PolitiJim: Welcome to tonight's quick post-debate wrap up.
PolitiCarnac: I TOLD YOU SO!
PolitiJim: Well, you did PolitiCarnac.  You predicted on August 15th that Perry would do poorly in the debates.
PolitiCarnac: And.....?
PolitiJim: You also predicted that the Dems and the MSM would openly start talking about another potential Democratic nominee to replace the President.
PolitiCarnac: AND.......?
PolitiJim: I'm not giving you the Cubs missing the World Series.  Even my best friends 3 year old granddaughter got that one.
PolitiCarnac: No, not that one... although of course I was right on that... I said Michele Bachman would remain a #3 contender behind Perry and Romney.
PolitiJim: But you missed that - she is actually #4 behind Ron Paul.
PolitiCarnac: PUHLEEEEEEZZZEEE!  A) First, we all know Crazy Ron will never win.
PolitiJim: Because of his views on the war, weed and weird Ahmadinejad to win a conservative GOP nomination?
PolitiCarnac: Well, yeah but we all know all polls are crap.  But Rasmussen is the only one that aims to gauge LIKELY voters.
PolitiJim: Oh, I see. So you think Paul's popularity is with people who don't really intend to vote - he's kind of the cool weird guy to follow?
PolitiCarnac: Hell, no.  Rasmussen knows all those potheads will be too high to make it to the polls!  Bachmann is still #3 of LIKELY voters as I predicted, although she really sucked tonight, I thought.
PolitiJim:  I don't think she did that badly, but she is just so earnest and pleading even in her good answers.  She's still a mom to me, not a President.  If she makes that turn and turns into Thatcher the Commander  - I might sign up.
PolitiCarnac: You seem to think this post is about you and of course it is not.  So let's talk about how insightful I am.
PolitiJim: (sigh).  I think I hear thunder.
PolitiCarnac:  Fine.  God gets all the glory.
PolitiJim: Did that kill you to say that?
PolitiCarnac: I don't know.  It might be a latent reaction.  But I was the one who put it out there - others are too wussified to actual go on record with what God tells them.
PolitiJim: Does it weird you out even a little bit that you were SO dead accurate?
PolitiCarnac: No, but given my last prediction I expect Sarah Palin to be calling me this week... 


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