Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm Sorry But Screw You Erick Erickson

------Update Oct 6, 2011---------------------------------------------------
Since this shows up at the top of my "most popular" column I'll redirect you to two sources commenting on the latest of Erickson/Palin matters.

A great summation on the classlessness of Erickson can be read here - by RS McCain.

If you missed it, I showed how Erickson totally distorted the writings of Real Clear Politics  on my piece, Erickson is Still a Petulant 8 year old.

I'm cool with Erickson having any views he likes.  Just don't call yourself a Christian conservative and act like liberal twit - especially someone who has given conservatism more attention than anyone since Ronald Reagan.
Who appointed Erick Erickson as Conservative Electioneering Sheriff?

First it was the Jamie Radtke thing. By virtue of his admitted betrayal to her campaign on behalf of his employers (i think he wrote he would 'gladly' accommodate their request to pull back on his support to her) and the obvious contrary evidence by RS attendees of his portrayal of her - Erickson is quickly loosing credibility.

Now Erick has decided that he decides who should run, and when. If they don't do it when it is convenient for him - to hell with them. Or her. (Enough | RedState)

"At some point, I decided Sarah Palin could not defeat Barack Obama"

Good for you, Erick. Last I knew YOU were not taking the risk of exposing YOUR family, YOUR finances and YOUR privacy to run for public office.  And one that will steal years from your life should you win it.  You sound like a union thug declaring how much a CEO of the company they work for should make. I think we should respect the decision of EACH candidate who is even considering subjecting themselves to the world's most painful and public colonoscopy.

Erickson suddenly agrees with Ann Coulter (who supports GOProud at CPAC and clearly desires a clearly suspect conservative in Christy as President) on her analysis of Palin. Ann is the prototypical GOP elite who thinks she is smarter than 'regular people.'  

If I like Coulter (and I do), I must say I have really, really liked Erickson. Besides the DC Morning from the Daily Caller, his morning briefing is the only other "must" read for me to catch up on political news as the day starts.

But he has increasingly exhibited signs of losing the two things I admired about him. First was his objectivity. Now it seems to be his integrity.

He starts out by attacking Palin supporters. They are crazy. They are scary.  BREAKING NEWS ALERT ERICK: Candidates may have people who don't look or sound good on TV. He is worried that these 'fans' will somehow ruin the conservative movement if Palin runs.

Really? Have you not seen Obama's groupies?

I have run into similarly 'off base' Perry and Romney supporters (albeit less frequently I'll admit) - but since when is the candidate defined primarily by their followers?  Or would you say similar things about Demint?

And by the way, I know MANY tea partiers who will block walk for Palin and no one else except Bachmann (that excludes Perry by the way). As we know from the polls she has THE HIGHEST level of committed support of any candidate right now - and after holding our nose and downing bottles of Tums to vote for McCain - I wouldn't be so quick denounce the idea of her jumping in at some point when SHE wants to.

And this whole idea that Palin HAS TO get in now. That somehow she "owes it" to the GOP movement.

Excuse me, Erick if I say, SCREW YOU! (I apologize but it does feel good getting that out)

I'd say you owe her much more than she owes you.  Did you forget it was PALIN who helped galvanize and garner the conservative movement in 2008? Have you not read the citations of those of us who started with Santelli and were empowered with Palin who comment how many ended up as 'the tea party?'  When the 'big government' republicans and pretenders forced us onto McCain - Palin was a sign of hope. And she also continued the attack during her own withering assault against Obama, no thanks to you.

She has done far more for the conservative movement than RedState or Erick Erickson could possibly think.

Who are you to tell her when she should or should not get in the race?  Are you aware that if she were to announce now, Steve Bannon might face serious litigation from the FEC for 'in kind' campaign contributions? This area of law seems to tilt toward the producer since Palin and SarahPac have no money in the film (it is likely they would eventually win) - but it wouldn't be very smart to invite such attacks when the issue goes away after the DVD is released in October.

For what Sarah Palin has done, and continues to do, she has a right to do WHATEVER she wants and still receive the thanks from conservatives - nay, AMERICANS - everywhere.

And I'm not even a Palinista!!

The minute she jumps in SHE becomes the lighting rod. She obviously does NOT fear competition.  It seems, in fact, she kind of thrives on it. Have you ever thought perhaps she was being GENEROUS to her buds Michele and Rick to let their voice be heard BEFORE she jumps in? It allows the broader conservative points to be made WITHOUT HER PERSONALITY becoming the issue.

I for one think it is brilliant for her to stay out of the race as long as possible. She can fire at the enemy without being in the direct line of fire.

Where is the God fearing humility you once exhibited? Do you now think YOU are the king maker of king makers? Regardless, I have had enough of your "judgments" of what is "right" and "wrong," given your terrible miscues of late. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

And don't forget. The biggest Palin supporter sits behind a golden microphone that I think you still covet.

UPDATED Sept 30, 2011
Erick Erickson took again to his (partially wonderful/partially awful) Morning Briefing this morning to go into hyper shrill that Palin had misled all of her followers. OMG! She said she was making a decision by September 30th!  A Palin Blogger said so!!!  I'm not even going to link to his cry baby diaper filled whine - you can find it on RedState Morning Briefing for today.  But how does such a great conservative like Erickson - with a similar dislike for the GOP establishment and same goal ....ACT LIKE THE GOP ESTABLISHMENT!??? (I wonder if that is enough punctuation to emphasize my point?)    Again we get this holier than thou,  "you're ruining it for the rest of us, Sarah," caterwaul that is not only childish and impudent - IT'S NOT EVEN ACCURATE!   

But as his unwarranted attack (still without apology that I'm aware of) on Jamie Radtke has proven - Erickson believes that truth and maturity shouldn't stand in the way of a good story - or a RedState bias. 

He has been running a 3rd Grade stream of posts all day such as "2 PM AND NO SARAH ANNOUNCEMENT" while not referencing Sarah Palin's campaign, spokespeople or any official representative but the U.S. for Palin blog.  Isn't this what he just accused the White House, MSM and liberals of doing on ...sheesh... about 40 billion other things? 

Originally I was only going to just send this in rebuttal (and did via a tweet):
Sarah Palin CLEARLY SAYS OCTOBER FAIR TIMELINE in IOWA. (Quit lying please) 
This interview taken during the Iowa Straw Poll It clearly shows the CBN reporter asking Sarah if September OR OCTOBER would be her deadline (emphasis in the case of an Erickson PerryVision periphery Lapse).

David Brody: Is that short order by the end of September? October?
Palin: "I think that that is a fair timeline for people, because Fall time, they can start getting engaged with different campaigns, but still thinking about it, and really, really desiring to be a participant in the positive change that needs to happen in this country."
So what does Erickson or RedState gain in this very churlish and unsubstantiated attack on the Palinista's?  A cynic would note the very Perry friendly (even apologetic) pieces and wonder if they weren't acting as much as conservative analysts as political propagandists for their "guy" or worse, their owners.

I even defended RedState to some today who "unfollowed" or urged those to unsubscribe to the RedState site claiming they were RINOs.  In my opinion RedState has been DEAD ON in the analysis of the debt ceiling, Fast & Furious, RomneyCare, ObamaCare and even Governor Perdue coverage.

But notice something.  EVEN the "Hot Topics" on RedState today, after Perry has dropped over 20 points or more, when Cain has risen to at least 3rd place, only include Rick Perry.

Click to enlarge if needed - or jump out to

NOW HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?  It began Monday when Erickson refused to even acknowledge the Zogby poll showing CAIN jumping ahead - citing concerns about "online polling" (which he has referenced in the past).  I have a poll focused journalist looking into writing a piece on how ONLINE polling is actually a MORE accurate and timely measure of public awareness since nearly 20% of America has disconnected from land lines and Zogby and the others have made great strides in the past 3 years of working out the inconsistencies.  But damn "big time" journalists are SLOW (excluding the lovely Emily Miller of course).  Of course Erickson HAD to cover it - albeit with all kinds of disclaimers and cautions - when Fox's poll this week confirmed a large movement.  Shouldn't he be happy a true conservative is jumping ahead of Romney?

It is time for RedState to just admit they are either directly or indirectly a formal arm of the Perry campaign or loose all credibility.

And after all the jabs and "candle lighting" disparagement's against Sarah Palin followers - I think they have right to expect a leader of conservative coverage to a) apologize to them AND Mrs. Palin, and b) to quit acting like he is Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann.  I've SEEN the Christian character in his pieces from the past 5 years and know he is capable both of contrition and cogency.

Otherwise perhaps, Mr. Palin, can stop by Atlanta to kick his ass.

But he wouldn't.  Todd has too much class.  And likely wouldn't want to soil his boots.

UPDATED Sept 30, 2011
Turns out Mr. Erickson egregiously misled in his article about Palin referencing Real Clear Politics.  Read it here 


Conservatives Elitists are NO DIFFERENT from Liberal Elistists. Besides Erickson, you can add that arrogant non relevant joke nemed George Will. I remember seeing him bad mouth Sarah Pallin months ago on some talking heads show. Guess he needs to do that for his little tiny. Self esteem.

Erick's Epic Fisking...

Just wish I wrote it.


Thanks, from a Palin supporter.
I think Erickson is going all in on Perry, prematurely. He is making a big bet on his career reputation. He is falling for Perry without much research. Speaking as a Texan for 30 years, long before Perry was anything.

Kudos...I really liked reading Red State, and particularly liked reading articles from Erickson and Moe Lane. Lately, they've become shrill, arrogant, and over the top.

The whole mess with Radtke - raising the straw man about her behavior, then dismissing it as "we can't verify her condition", but still repeating an unsubstantiated rumor from anonymous third parties. Excuse me, isn't that the exact sort of character assassination via half-hearted responses to rumors RS typically excoriates the left for using? The whole non-sense about Trig's birth is an example of this, and now they use it against Radtke? Sorry, that is beyond the pale, low, cheap-shot, leftist politics of personal destruction scum-bag tactics. The whole RS crew owes Radtke a huge apology for putting those rumors - they knew to be false - out there.

Then, the wannabe king-maker, declares we already lost the Virginia senate seat anyway. WHAT?!?!?! Are you out of your mind? It's 14 months to the election, almost a year until nominees are chosen (June I think), and Lord Erickson has already declared Viriginia a Dem/Socialist hold?

Well, pardon us...let's just ask RS to publish their list of concessions for next year's elections now. We don't need to work, raise money, or vet candidates, we'll just ask Oracle Erick.

The problem is, he's done this again and again, where he decides a race is not winnable, he spikes the cannon, caves prematurely, and goes out of his way to make sure everybody knows Lord Erickson has declared candidate X a sure looser. Way to help Erick, be sure to sabotage every possible upset and knock down every Hail Mary pass on our side, and throw as many good conservatives who are braving the arrows under the bus.

This is why he should NEVER be given access to the golden EIB mic - he's a defeatist. He's a pessimist, and increasingly he is all too willing to appease for his own ego. He's done this in other races too...he is no better at forecasting the 'best' candidate, most electable, or ultimate winner than the NRCC or NRSC, and their record is lousy.

With friends like him...who needs democrats

The thing about Erick's pronouncements on Palin was that he took nary a look at her positions on the matters vital to our nation and recognition of how effectively and consistently she stands up for them. She comes off more as one of his discarded chess pieces in the great game of presidential politics than the leader we desperately need to be effective.

why is it that these people are so establishment? we need a strong conservative who isn't afraid to speak out against establishment on both sides of the isle, and the progressibes. as I see it that is Cain or Palin.

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