Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hypocrisy: (noun) Pretty much anything the Left does. | The Right Sphere

Ken Gardner (@kesgardner on Twitter) RB (aka @diggerbill) has a GREAT piece about two things I couldn't think through until I read his piece (located at this link:)

Hypocrisy: (noun) Pretty much anything the Left does. | The Right Sphere:

[Apologies to whoever "RB" is and for the wrong credit. Although I must say, anyone who doesn't use their real name deserves a crap their way... :) ]

One is the comment on the moron's who yelled "let him die" during Wolf Blitzer's questioning of Governor Perry on the uninsured.

The second (and more important point to me) is dealing with they hypocrisy of the Left (MSM dead center) of inability to associate the actions of 500 thugs at the Longview, WA shipyard who destroyed property and held workers hostage.

I would only add these two insights:

For shame: Regarding the first, we must as conservatives 'shame' our fellow miscreants who have never learned the basic fundamental values of propriety, civility and even morality. They ARE out there. As RB states - there are SO MANY MORE (and larger) examples on the left - but the Left still has a bigger mouthpiece to the uninformed American. I sat at a Tea Party event SHOCKED by the comments of two men next to me who were definitely Islamic bigots. They had correctly discerned some of the truths about Islam but had a foaming fear that all Muslims KNEW exactly the tenants of their faith and were in one accord to overthrow the world. If this was true, Baptists would have been able to do this long ago and "So You Think You Can Dance" would be the Disney Family Hour. THESE PEOPLE are out there. Most I think are just simple minded but we need to be vocal not only in disowning their actionswords publicly - but also in correcting them individually. Christians know we are to "correct, encourage and rebuke" other believers - and this is a good formula for all Conservatives. Have the patience (and balls) to correct them, but do so - as much as possible - in love. Two parts admonishment to one part encouragement is always a good rule. They may just grunt and laugh - but we have to try.

Never Forget: RB's article is not only good as information today, but it now is part of the database archive of liberal failures that will be needed in 2012. Debates are great and speeches are peaches - but it is true ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL. We will win the day one on one with our family, neighbors and co-workers. I often think how foolish my Twitter circles are to actually influence the key voters we will need in2012. We sharpen our understanding of issues among ourselves but too often I see people flame the "trolls" rather than trying to engage them with truth. Yes, they can be a pain in the ass. Yes you have a right to have a social club to make you warm and fuzzy - but if you ONLY politely engage a Perry, Palin or Romney supporter - you are still netting ZERO additional votes for the election. PLEASE USE ARTICLES LIKE RB'S to reach beyond your "friendly zone" into the "firing zone." And bookmark it.

With an arsenal of truths like this - not inflammatory but reasoned (and documented), those remaining independents will A) see that this behavior doesn't reflect the majority, B) will respect the honesty and transparency we acknowledge those 'off base' among us, and C) plant a seed that has a great chance to take root as they wake up to their alternatives on the other side of the aisle.

Please read RB's article here (and bookmark it)


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