Thursday, September 29, 2011

Staff AP Photographer just "happens" to catch pic of Michelle at Target?

So I flash by Drudge and see Mama O in Target.  The headline is: First lady a not-so-secret 2012 campaign weapon.  Something smells bad on Aisle 11. 

So I'm wondering who the lucky "joe" was who just happened to hit the photo auction jackpot by finding her in the wild and it turns out "joe" is a "Charles."  Charles Dharapak no less.  
Charles Dharapak was born in New York and studied print journalism and economics at New York University. He joined the AP in 1995 as a staff photographer 
And of course the article goes on to put 100% goose down (or another goose produced substance if you prefer) in a puff pieces beginning with,
She's mingled barefoot among Aspen's elite... 
Forget the Birth Certificate, forget Fast & Furious...  the most telling sign of the inept inanity of this regime is caught on one single internet page.  What other news service than "Yahoo" would be appropriate for a PR play so transparent that even Sheila Jackson Lee wouldn't buy it.

So I suppose the "approval" numbers of Michelle have taken a hit beginning with the Prejudice about her country (or was it Pride?) on to the taxpayer funded excursions to Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Hawaii and Paupa, New Guinea.  (Ok she didn't go to that last place as far as I know).

Perhaps the dual jets to Martha's Vineyard made someone in the Obama re-election campaign say, "this might not look good."

And then they decide to recount all the accomplishments of the First Lady trying to look like Jane of the Junior League.  I hate to tell the White House but her image has gone way past "down to earth" to six feet under.


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