Monday, September 19, 2011

Is Obama PLANNING to drop out?

AS I was reading: Steve Chapman: Why Obama should withdraw -

The thought occurred to me: Maybe Obama does NOT want to win the election. Or run.

Bear with me here. (Go Bears! Start Hanie! - whoops. Got sidetracked.)

Why would someone come up with a jobs plan adding 1.5 Trillion in Taxes when he himself has said it is foolish to raise taxes in a recession. I know political message consistency, or even the truth for that matter, are assets of his. But why?

Especially after the loss of NY-9 that TRIED a class warfare themed campaign that backfired injuring the generals of the plan.

I may have one reason. Because he can leave the Oval Office as the King Maker with a $1 Billion PAC.

I remember the hubbub of the 2008 election where Obama claimed he didn't take money from PAC's but didn't exactly discuss the fact that he had his own called the HOPE Fund.

I can't tell if it is still operating, but even making the decision of WHERE to donate unspent campaign funds would give him a job only a money launderer could love.

We know he loves slush funds which is essentially what he created with Stimulus and even ObamaCare. With the Solyndra news that his staff rewrote a loan guarantee to cover one of his contributors - the mind can run wild as a naked Mustang in Vegas.

How about donating $100 Million to the AFL-CIO PAC and they just happen to hire him as a consultant for $10 Million. Sounds like Obamanomics to me.

If this one term presidency idea that he planted the seeds for over a year ago is more than just a comment, perhaps he's been setting up an exit strategy in the very case these numbers continue to tank.

After all, this whole Presidency thing has begun to interfere with his golf hobby.


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