Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Perfection Under A Red Umbrella: Throwing The Crown Jewel Under The Bus

My dear friend Melody of the aptly named Perfection Under A Red Umbrella blog has written a masterpiece and a must read for every Conservative.

I had just mentioned in my latest blog on choosing candidates that the Healthcare issue in the debates had boiled down to a numbing Gregorian chant of "Waivers and Repeal." Now we Americans ARE much smarter (on whole) than politicians give us credit for but we are forgetful.  It has not even been two years since the passing of ObamaCare corrupted the lives of many previously respected Congresspeople and the entire healthcare sector of our economy.

In reading, Throwing The Crown Jewel Under The Bus, I was shocked HOW MUCH I had forgotten about both terrible implications of ObamaCare and the criminal way in which it was passed.  And I'm not even an Elephant. I'm an Independent.

As we individually tweet, blog, debate with friends and family, and tell all to real ghost stories around our fall campfires - this morality tale is a MUST READ to keep fresh in our minds what the argument is really about.  i just wish every candidate has already done so.

And the best part of the article is at the end in her analysis of WHY IN THE WORLD the Obama Administration is handling it's defense in a heretofore inexplicable manner.

So quit reading this and READ THIS: Throwing The Crown Jewel Under The Bus

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