Friday, September 23, 2011

Absolute Crap: Morgan Freeman: Obama Made Racism Worse


Morgan Freeman: Obama Made Racism Worse, Tea Party Will Do 'Whatever [It] Can To Get This Black Man Outta Here' |

Those pea-brained people (mostly progressives by the way if you look at the evidence) who think Americans are so stupid to condemn all "blondes" because of Brittany Spears childish ignorance may indeed "make racism worse."  All 5 of them wherever they are.

When I first saw Barak Obama in 2006 I WAS EAGER to like him.  The mainstream media and liberal "group think" will never accept that social conservatives like myself in Texas not only don't judge someone by a physical characteristic, we WANT them to succeed so we can quit talking about this sh*t! (pardon my French.)  (and apologies to the French for the insinuation that this crude term is part of their language.) (and my apologies to the oil people who feel i've further disparaged their industry by associating the term "crude" in a negative manner.....) know, being responsible and worrying about how everybody "feels" is getting old.  As a Christian I absolutely will think more of others than I do myself (as best I can), but Mr. Freeman - let me give you comfort.  We won't think less of the dark skinned races because of Mr. Obama any more than we will have the white ones that make up the other half of his family tree.

Be at peace.


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