Wednesday, September 7, 2011

God is Raising Up Women

I have a dear producer/director friend who has been waiting to do a new - ACCURATE - version of Joan of Arc for about 10 years or more.  When I read the script, I wept.  First for France, since she has forgotten her religious heritage.  But secondly I wept for women.  I wanted this film made for my daughter and all women to know that indeed, if in heaven there 'is no male or female' as the bible says - there is no prohibition on what God can do THROUGH THEM here on earth.

I try to stay away from purely spiritual but felt this post today from Elijah List would encourage many.  Visit ElijahList and sign up for daily emails here.

Kathie Walters
God is raising an army of women who will have an anointing like Joan of Arc. The Maid of France (Joan) was a 17-year-old village girl who knew nothing about battles and soldiering. BUT, she had visions from God and heavenly voices who told her how to win the battles and give the French victory over the English.
God told her to bring the French Dauphin, Charles, to Reims to be crowned King. The King didn't even believe for himself – he was a wimp – but Joan had such confidence herself that he decided to believe her.
In April 1429, Joan set out with her army to relieve the siege of nearby Orleans which was begun by Thomas de Montacute, Earl of Salisbury. Orleans is situated on the Loire river, in the present day department of Loiret, region of Centre. In 9 days her forces routed the English and broke the siege on May 8, 1429.
Coronation of Charles VII
On July 17, 1429, Joan's army triumphantly entered Reims and Charles was crowned king (with Joan standing nearby with her banner) at the cathedral, the traditional venue for the crowning of French kings.
Joan had her special banners given by God. Joan later stated that she preferred to carry her banner into battle so that she would not have to kill anyone. "I loved my banner forty times better than my sword. And when I went against my enemy, I carried my banner myself, lest I kill any. I have never killed anyone." Of course, Joan was hated by the English who captured her eventually and burned her at the stake. However, her heart was never burned.
Joan was definitely not "qualified" to lead a troop of boy scouts, let alone the armies of France. Who is this young girl to announce that God had called her to get the Dauphin crowned King and defeat the English? Joan of Arc – the Maid of France – operated mostly through the word of knowledge – and prayed all the time.
It's not what you know but WHO you know. It's not what you feel like doing, it's about what God has called you to do. God is looking for His daughters to rise up and go after a big vision – He is not limited.
God's Wild Grandmas
Watch out, devil – God is raising up an army of wild grandmas! When I had that word on The Elijah List a few years ago, there was an article in my local paper the next week talking about an old lady in her eighties. She was in the house alone (she had a walking stick) and she was not too mobile. A young guy of 28 broke into her house. She went after him with her walking stick and unfortunately broke his collar bone – and sent him to the hospital. I took that as a confirmation. So, if you don't have a wild grandma – recruit one for your life. I would. I think I might do a conference for wild grandmas. Wow, there's oil at my desk and in my face, and diamond dust on my keyboard!
I loved reading about and seeing on YouTube the elderly lady who came out of Walmart and got into her car. As she did, a man got into the passenger side and said he had a gun. He said he would shoot her if she didn't give him money. She told him, "No, you're not getting my money," three times, then she ministered to him about Jesus for 10 minutes. She said "Jesus is in this car and He goes with me everywhere I go." The man broke down and cried and said he would go home and pray, then she voluntarily gave him the money she had – $10. He even kissed her on the cheek. Don't mess with the grandmas!
"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." – St. Catherine of Siena


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