Monday, November 21, 2011

Non-Union Manufacturing Creates MORE Jobs

As outlined in Is This the Obama Crime Plan?, there is strong evidence that Barack Obama is not planning to win re-election by means of honestly creating a compelling majority of Americans to vote for him.  Later this week, we will be posting the past history of Obama’s vote fraud efforts, and the speculation of a former Chicago insider (please Chicago clean up my home town) of how extensive the vote fraud effort is that is already underway.

Clearly, as in the beating of Kenneth Gladney at the St. Louis Tea Party meeting by union thugs, SEIU is a major part of this plan.  It is no coincidence that in the first two years, the HEAD of SEIU was the most frequent visitor to the White House.  And the new effort we learned about over the weekend to change rules so that Union representatives can control the NLRB is an affront to not just the purpose of the NLRB, but the intent of our Constitution.

The chart this morning (above) from is critical to our battle as bloggers and citizens to battle the ever encroaching effort to unionize everyone from government workers to “working” girls.  (Think I’m kidding? Google it.) 

As LUR explains, nearly the entire appeal to works of WHY unions even exist, is the myth that unions make your job more secure.  As they state:

While all manufacturing has decreased since America’s current economic recession began, from 1983 through 2006, union-free manufacturing had actually increased by 52,000 jobs.

We know that Scott Walker had success in Wisconsin using simple math to explain how completely free, unlimited benefits to teachers would LOSE jobs and enrich the few union teachers left on the rolls.  This kind of objective data could have been used effectively in the Ohio proposition that failed, and everyone needs to bookmark it.

Simply stated, in the last 17 years, unions for manufacturers lost 73% of their workers while non-union manufacturers only lost 14%.  Email it, tweet it and memorize it.

At this point we have to pray the truth will set the workers free.


Perceptin is Reality=All people see is a rich white guy
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