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The Penn State Parent Problem

Penn St Moms Is Not In Any Way Affiliated With This Story

Let me start by saying that those involved in this story should get everything our justice system can give them. I am as horrified as you.
abcSanduskyMomInterview Like some of you I watched the ABC interview of of who is now named Victim #1. You know, they one where the Mother is shadowed out? While listening, I became more and more.....angry. More questions kept coming to mind. More questions than answers. So I went on a quest and am just as frustrated now as I was before. As a Mother and Grandmother I keep asking why didn't these Mothers do more? No, I am not blaming them for what happened, that lies only on Jerry Sandusky. And on Penn. state for their cover up.

I know that if this was my child, I would have been in the news years ago, when this happened for going after Sandusky myself. If no one including the University, The Police Department or the D.A's office would listen to me, I would go to every media outlet that would listen to me. There is no way on Gods green earth I would keep quiet or sit still until this man was in jail.

So I did some research on what role the parents had in getting justice for their child. And it is important and needs to be addressed.

Reuters-11/11 1198 "Victim #6" told his Mother of an incident in a shower where Sandusky "lathered him and hugged him." She called Campus P.D, (yes Campus P.D.) They investigated and found another boy whom this happened to. A PROMISE was made by Sandusky, not to do it again.
And........this was ok with the Mother?
2005/2006 A Mother reported to the University of more abuse. Sandusky was then barred from the Campus.
Ok? And.....this was ok with the Mother?
touchedBook Victim #1 (From ABC blog the video)
  • Her son was acting out, he asked her what a "sexual weirdo" was, said that "Jerry was weird".
  • She sent her son to counseling at school. (excellent call)
  • She find out Sandusky has been pulling her son out of class. Had spent the night in Sanduskys basement.
  • The counselors tell her of their concerns of possible abuse.
"A FEW YEARS later" her son felt comfortable enough to tell her of the sexual abuse.

Her son was 10 during the abuse, a "few years later" he was somewhere in his teens, still a minor. Then, she goes to THE UNIVERSITY to tell them of the abuse. She did not by her own admission go to the police. Only the University. WHY?

Another victims mother came forward 10 years earlier to The University, not the police. She is quoted in saying "THEY should have done something earlier. THEY dropped the ball" And what is your responsibility Mom? ( 11/11)

Again, Victim #6's Mother went to Campus Police,  not the town police department. 2005/2006 Victims mother was ok with Sandusky just being barred from the University? Why didn't she raise holy hell. After a few months of stalling, I would have gone to the media. Not wait 3 years for him to be arrested!

These are questions my mind just cannot understand.
PnStCryDrawing It was brought to my attention that these were low income families. Ok and so? To be brutally honest I am sick to death of hearing that as an excuse not to do your duty as a parent. Being "poor" is no excuse of anything. It is more of blaming others, blaming your circumstances for your for not following through as a parent. At one point in my life I was a single Mother with 2 small girls. I worked 2 jobs and put myself through college. I.WAS.POOR. But I always knew where my girls were, who they were with. If there was a sleep over, I knew who was going to be there I met the parents at thier home. I am a parent, when you give birth to that child you are responsible for their LIFE. For their safety. No, we cannot be with them at all times
When their child felt safe enough to tell them of the horror they went through, why WHY didn't they fight and fight until Sandusky was in jail? Then, not 10 years after the fact. Not even 1 year after the fact! Why did they rely on Penn. State to take care of the problem?

sanduskyinhandcuffs I keep having the horrid thought of...were they paid off in "hush money." I pray to God that it is not the case. As a Mother I find their lack of follow through as sickening as the University Cover Up. It is as if they dropped it in the Universities doorsteps to take care of and washed their hands of it. Instead of fighting for their child. And now they say, "They dropped the ball, they should have done something sooner."

Yes THEY did, absolutely. But what about you as their parent?

Why.Didn't.You.Fight.Harder.For.Justice? For your child. And if you think that at sometime, your child isn't going to think this or ask you this, you are seriously deluded.
My heart bleeds ONLY for these young boys who lost their childhood at the hands of a pedophile. NOT the coach who witnessed the rape and walked away, NOT the head coach and President of Penn. State who covered this up for years. And yes not even for these mothers who did not fight hard enough, fight tooth and nail. Did not scream it from the mountain tops demanding justice for their sons.

Someone needs to stand up for these victims in this media blitz.
They are the victims.

Not Penn State

Not their Parents.

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