Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Darryl Issa - Hit the Head Not the Holder

Dear Representative Darryl Issa: May I first say that when you began openly and fearlessly proclaiming investigation of this fraudulent Administration even before the GOP took control of the House, I had to recheck your marital status and my stance on gay marriage.  "Man crush" doesn't even begin to describe the respect, admiration and affection I have for your laser focus message and deafness to the national media's attacks on you.  You sir are a patriot and we are damn proud of your service to this country.

But WTF?

And I really do mean, "What’s The Focus?"  Holder has a history of insane ignorance of the law, the Constitution, morality and most illuminated, "doing the right thing."  A quick recap (better chronicled in Michelle Malkin's archive) of Eric’s Rap Sheet:
  • Lied to Congress about participation and knowledge in Fast & Furious scandal (and obstructed justice)
  • Refused to comply with subpoena on Solyndra
  • Refused to prosecute Black Panther Voter Intimidation
  • Refused to pursue a NYC bomb plot
  • Sided with Mexico to sue a State of America (Arizona) against upholding existing Federal law
  • Refused to recuse himself from Gitmo prosecutions despite his former law firm representing Gitmo detainees
  • Hid key information on fugitive Marc Rich as a Department of Justice OFFICIAL to recommend a presidential pardon by Bill Clinton
And let's not even begin to get into earlier stuff like paying terrorists in Columbia through his law firm.  So I ask this:

Why is the GOP focus on him to step down instead of Obama to fire him?

The Democratic Insider interviewed by the Ulstermann Report verifies that Eric Holder is the "firewall" that allows Obama to openly subvert the law and protect his machine.  Holder ain't leaving.  The revelation from a Hollywood Producer that the Obama machine used extensive voter fraud to steal the nomination from Hillary not only ensures that he needs him to protect him from the past - but for what he is preparing in the upcoming elections.  The $1 Billion Obama is amassing for the campaign, isn't for TV ads, it is for election fraud. 

Mr. Moral Macho Patriot, I am asking that you but the focus on the crime boss rather than the consigliere.  If I'm right (and of course I am), Holder obstructs while you continue to tighten the legal and legislative oversight noose, what do we get at the end of the day?  Anger, animus and antipathy toward a guy who is willing playing decoy for Obama as he runs above it all in 2012.  Have you EVER seen Obama (or any in his administration) take responsibility FOR ANYTHING? 

Even if the chorus moves to the mainstream media, Obama can keep "looking into it," avoiding all knowledge or stain of the actual crime(s). But if you, the GOP and every GOP candidate is directed to Barry to "Fire Holder," inevitably WE set the discussion on how (again) Obama is not acting as an executive.  The focus is now moved in the public discussion to how Obama could have hired such a guy, not been "managing" him and knowing what was going on in his own Department, and won't have any excuse for not knowing the details by the time we get to the critical part of the elections.

For too long we have let the Democrats and the media set the conversation.  We answer stupid questions about "why do you want to kill poor people by depriving them of health care," instead of asking the media, "why do you want hard working families to loose jobs and steal money from their own families?"  It's why Newt's answer about OWS went viral when he pointed out the media never asks these guys who pays for the park in which to protest if there is no profit. Who knows.  Even the media might commit what Rush calls "random journalism" which will get the rest of the nation asking,

"Yeah, Barry. Why aren't you firing this guy and running your administration?"


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