Monday, November 21, 2011

Conservatives Weaken National Security

DefenseCutsBoehnerDuring the budget debate, I pleaded with “conservatives” to not accept Boehner Bill #1, #2 or #3.  I was told “we can’t win anyway,” “we don’t control the Senate,” “the GOP will look obstructionist,” and “you’re too extreme.”  Well known tweeter, Ken Gardner, even blocked me last week because HE was one of those who thought it was foolish to fight for Cut, Cap & Balance and now denies that he ever took such a stance.  Some people can’t handle the truth.  And the truth is that me, Rush Limbaugh, Jim DeMint, Erick Erickson, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin were absolutely right.  The Ceiling Cap Compromise is worse than no deal at all.  As I explained in my article “The Lesson of the Tea Party 22,” the Democrats continue to play high stakes poker while Republicans play Candy Land.  And now it is time to measure what that cost us.

Heritage Morning Bell has a terrific and horrifying analysis of exactly what the $1.2 Trillion cut in Defense means to our security.  A summary of what this will mean to us in the next 10 years:

  • Smallest ground force since 1940
  • Smallest number of ships since 1915
  • Smallest Air Force in US history
  • Termination of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
  • Termination of all helicopter modernization
  • Termination of all combat vehicle modernization
  • Termination of all European missile defense
  • Termination of all unmanned surveillance systems
  • Elimination of our intercontinental ICBM capability

And that doesn’t even take into consideration the termination of the next generation submarine and bomber programs as the number of radical Muslim governments and China military power grows.

How could ANY congressperson (let alone a Republican) agree to the possibility of this kind of national security disaster when Obama had ALREADY cut $850 Billion from Defense spending?!

I had more faith my Chicago Bulls would offer me a spot on their 2012 NBA roster than that the so called Super Committee would ever come up with a plan acceptable to both parties even BEFORE the charlatans committee members were named.  Rush Limbaugh had the foresight all along that the Democrats had set this up to blame the Republicans.  I suspect Obama WANTED an impasse to continue his destruction of the American government.

Our Founding Fathers have turned in their graves so often during the past three years I suspect their skeletons are now resting in Seoul.

BoehnerWestRyanBand Who is to blame?  Everyone who compromised for fear of the media, fear of politics and desire for convenience to put the prospect of a “Deal before an Ideal.”  And the Band Captain, Drum Major and Baton Twirlers were John Boehner, Alan West and Paul Ryan.

All of these are good men.  Allen West and Paul Ryan especially have done great things for the conservative movement, which makes their role in this betrayal all the more painful.  It is not just time to say, “Et tu Brute?” but to start asking those who allowed this to happen, what they will do now.

One of the greatest revelations Reagan had was how the Soviets operated.  I don’t feel I’m too far off – or that many of you would disagree – that the modern Democrat party isn’t of a dissimilar mold to that of the Communist Politburo. I wish I could find the exact quote (someone post it in comments if you locate it) but at one point Reagan said something equivalent to, “for years in negotiating with the Soviets, we would propose to cut missiles, they would say no and we would come back the next time with another proposal of even more cuts to which they would also say no to.  This has got to stop.” (Reagan’s 1981 speech of US arms offers here.)

Republicans have continued to  play the ignorant dupe to Reid’s impersonation of Brezhnev.  Regan understood that WHAT THEY SAID was not truly their game plan.  And the GOP had better wise up quick, because Barack Obama is the Gigantor version of Brezhnev.  With not a single move in the direction of the American public majority to cut spending, you have to come to the conclusion Barack Obama DESIRES a complete emasculation of American power.  Forget the admission he ONLY hung out with Marxist radicals in college.  Forget the fact that he has made nearly every move to overburden the country with debt, and refuses to give troops to defend our border while giving Mexican drug lords guns to kill our own border officers.  The fact that he publicly admitted in a

Nuclear Security conference that he was not fully in support of America being a world superpower should send us into ACTION on getting this guy out of office NOW instead of hoping we defeat him in 2012.  Why aren’t the Republicans launching a full scale political war of rhetoric and full legal challenge to this guy being in office?  Doesn’t the admission he is willing to subvert Congress a cause for impeachment?  Certainly if he swore to defend the Constitution which is to ENSURE NATIONAL DEFENSE, this is grounds alone.

In fact, it gives an even great credibility to the idea we should finally engage a full PR prosecution on his lack of eligibility to get EVERY law and policy he has signed and implemented immediately reversed.

I liked Boehner’s tough talk to Obama during the budget debate, but unlike others, I never once truly felt he understood the gravity of the issue.  I am POSITIVE that Paul Ryan and Allen West now do.  And although they have betrayed us once in not fighting more fiercely to stop these automatic defense cuts that will quite literally weaken our country, they now have a chance to speak up and no longer play politics as usual.  NO longer will saying determined and angry things against Obama’s plan but DOING nothing to remove him will do.  How about finally calling this for what it is:


Ryan and West have credibility that Bachmann (unfairly) does not.  Reputations as being smart, serious legislators.  It is time for them to use that to escalate this battle.  In the end, West and Ryan have an opportunity to correct their poorly informed past decision for Boehner and be known as fictional Braveheart version of this:

robert the bruce Or continue to merely play the usual political game and risk being thought of as this:

leprous If you are going to be a Tea Party patriot, you are going to have stand up to your own party at personal and political risk.  Like Sarah Palin did in Alaska, even resigning her position on the oil industry oversight committee risking being called an “extremist” rather than accepting politics as usual.

Where are our Patriots?  Who will love this country as much as our John Hancock and put their reputations on the line to challenge this status quo.

We need you.  Not in 2012.  We need you now.

AllenWestFlag PaulRyan Flag Sarah-Palin



Jonathon Sangster posted an incredible piece on his Under Construction blog tonight explaining that we are giving F-16 Fighter Jets to Indonesia. I didn’t get the significance first either so I’ll type it very slowly. We are GIVING (not selling) advanced military technology to an unstable government habitable to Al Qaeda while cutting our military severely. Read it here ( , pray for God’s grace on our nation, and notify your congressmen, your friends, your neighbors and anyone who listen to stop this insanity immediately. And while you’re at, slap anyone who voted for Obama at least once. (Verbally of course. You’ll need to conserve your energy.)

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