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Cain Train Jane & Cain Disdain – SICK of it!


CAIN CLEARED BY VOICE DETECTION SOFTWARE in Bialek case.  See the CBS Atlanta video and article here.  Remaining updates below.

I watched the Herman Cain press conference just now where he reacted to numerous allegations.  My impression is this.  If he WAS innocent of all of these charges – I would expect nothing else.  The STRONGEST statement to me was he would be willing to take a lie detector test.  I still can not reconcile the Steve Deace and the GOP pollster on record with personal eyewitness to inappropriate comments.  I would hope BOTH of those gentlemen come forward to elaborate, amend or explain their charges.  I also think Cain owes Perry a huge apology if they have ZERO evidence to back up their accusations of last week.  Finally – for the first time since this weekend, I am beginning to believe he might survive this.

Reasons Cain might be innocent of Bialek charge:

  • Bialek may have history of false sexual harassment claims *
  • She may have lived in the same building as Obama Advisor David Axelrod
  • Cain is willing to take a lie detector test.  That is actually dangerous as lie detector tests can be very unreliable depending all sorts of variables. Actually TAKING it, in and of itself demonstrates more than any denial.

*This was suggested by WND hosts but I can’t find that verification in writing. There IS a report this morning Accuser #2 (who works for IRS) has history of false claims.

LEGAL INSURRECTION has a very complete outline of inconsistencies with the Bialek story here.

Cain’s campaign continues to make inexcusable gaffe’s.  The “smoker” campaign manager Mark Block insisted the campaign had “confirmed” accuser #2 as having a son who worked at Politico.  It turns out they must NOT have confirmed since the politico reporter in question denied any relation.


Cain Train Jim & Jane and Cain Disdain, I’m ashamed of all of you.  I’m crotchety, grumpy and pissed so don’t read this if you don’t want to be too.

I watched with great anger and sadness and concern the Cain accuser press conference.  Frankly, when Howard Stern’s radio producer took over the microphone ahead of time, I was ready to totally dismiss the entire event.  And even following it, the most damning accusations I’ve heard on Cain was NOT from Gloria Allred’s new client, Sharon Bialek it was from fellow Tea Party member, Conservative Talk Show Host Steve Deace.  HE is one of us.  I think.  He voted for Obama in 2000 but his articles and broadcasts seem to be strict constitutional conservative.  Who the hell knows anymore? Flaws, flaws everywhere we turn, right?

bad herman (2) I’m ashamed of those who want to throw Cain not just under the train, but under the tracks too.

I’m ashamed of those who disliked Cain are now kicking him when he’s down (many of who did the same thing to Palin).

I’m especially ashamed of those who (rightfully) castigated Bill Clinton for crucifying Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Linda Tripp and NOW (NAGS per Rush) for saying nothing, who are now exhibiting even worse behavior against a woman who may have assaulted.

All this crap makes me sick.  (Wait for my next book coming out called, How Loose Followers and DisInfluence Readers).  Seriously, conservatives.  Is this who we are?

My article last week entitled “Don’t DeTrain the Cain Just Yet,” pointed out that there is certainly SOMETHING here.  A GOP pollster (yes with ties to Karl Rove) heard one of the accusers and saw Cain say something inappropriate first hand.  He is on the record.  This guy knows what that means and wouldn’t trash his career for a lie that could be easily proven.  Steve Deace witnessed two women at his CONSERVATIVE talk radio station who were told inappropriate things by Cain .  (The new public accuser is IN the Obama administration so it doesn’t immediately count without witness or documentation in my opinion.) In a court of law – EYEWITNESSES are important.  Even the bible says a thing is “established” out of the testimony of two or more people.  If you are a CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE, you are a hypocrite if you don’t give BOTH Cain and Bialek the “presumption of innocence.”

Video streaming by Ustream

But in the Sharon Bialek accusation we have NO witnesses.  As Sundries Shack Jimmie Bise said on twitter – there is no way to prove or disprove this. We will NEVER have a third party witness.

So HOW ANYONE can say that this is either a TOTAL SETUP – OR a TOTAL INDICTMENT of Mr. Herman Cain is beyond me. 

My problem with BLINDLY believing Cain is innocent just because there have been attacks on PALIN, BORK and THOMAS can be answered by saying:

And don’t get me started on Preachers like Haggard, Bakker and Swaggart.  Some who rushed to defend these people because they happened to be conservatives and couldn’t possibly be wrong are still in pain.  (In some ways that is good.  Our faith shouldn’t be in an individual but God.)

And yet these tweets appeared immediately after:


And if I happened to mention that I couldn’t blindly believe Cain because of credible EYEWITNESS testimony of others – I was suddenly a RINO all over again.  Why is it when people aren’t secure in their own “faith” they have to demean someone who asks an honest question?

It is totally appropriate to QUESTION and find out who this woman is.

It is quite embarrassing to see people make WILD accusations with no fact to back it up.  Among the many we heard were:

  • She’s guilty because she struggles financially
  • She’s guilty because she had paternity lawsuits and was just in court 2 months ago
  • She’s guilty because she’s blonde (I kid you not),
  • She’s guilty because she worked in marketing and thus “knows how to sell ideas and manipulate facts”

I appreciate Michelle Malkin clearing up the accusation she was tied to David Axelrod.  Not because I care about the Axel of evil. (And he truly is evil.)  But because as often as we laugh at liberals who disavow facts about global warming or Obama’s birth certificate – we look even MORE idiotic when these things turn out not to be true.

Then there was this:


This to me is the MOST egregious attack.  I have a friend who was RAPED and didn’t report it for 30 years.  I’ve studied a bit about psychological reactions behind behavior (no expert, mind you) but it is VERY common for people to NOT want to confront those who have attacked them whether a grope or worse. Just a few reasons include:

  • Earlier childhood trauma (see Hegstrom)
  • Desire for job help outweighing a SINGLE incident
  • Fear or Cowardice

If you admire someone deeply, and they suddenly injure you, it isn’t hard to imagine trying to come to terms with that.  (Half of my life’s relationships have been that way.) Not every woman is Margaret Thatcher or Joan of Arc.  I am ashamed of Michelle Malkin for jumping on this idea. 

Think how ashamed you would be as a conservative if there is ANOTHER credible victim who comes out and you attempted to ruin this woman’s reputation ON TOP OF HER ASSAULT.

Listen, I don’t know what to think about this woman’s claims.  I found her SOMEWHAT credible.  What made her LESS credible for me were these issues:

  • She giggled throughout the press conference
  • She hired Gloria Allred who has made dozens of charges against people who were proven to be totally innocent (including calling Tim Tebow’s mother a “liar” that she was going to abort preborn Timmy).
  • There is an obvious press “junket” set up complete with a new Facebook page.  Why is it important to AMPLIFY the charges once you’ve made them?

The bottom line for me is this:  Either Cain did it, or he didn’t.

If he DID do it there will be others, especially with the inappropriate remarks to which others have testified.  People’s MOUTHS always give away their actions.  Someone who has the lack of moral clarity to violate a woman as described, doesn’t have the discipline to do it just once.

And if he did do it – it might be too late to do what Gingrich did long ago, and publicly show remorse.  Certainly not for this election cycle.

If he did NOT do it – I would expect his wife to come out and defend him along with dozens of other HIGH PROFILE friends.  A man who is truly a man of honor and integrity won’t have trouble finding people to fight for it since it is so (unfortunately) rare.  The fact his long time secretary came out was meaningful to me.  And if this Bialek woman is lying – Cain should sue her.  Immediately.  If he doesn’t – it tells me something.

But let’s assume he didn’t.  Or if he HAS made “inappropriate” remarks – he certainly hasn’t sexually assaulted or harassed women.  What do we say then?

CainNoGoodLoweredStdSinceClinton 4eb85dc9d535cf7da6000010

It is true.  We are electing a President – not a Pope.  And it is possible for a FLAWED individual to be a good man.  The man “after God’s own heart” who wrote the book of Psalms, also had the husband of a woman he slept with murdered.  Abraham was willing for his own wife to be taken into the harem of another king also MADE HIS WIFE LIE.  In my opinion, it is entirely possible that Herman Cain is a God fearing man with serious flaws.

If no one else comes out – and especially if it can be determined that these stories are NOT credible – he will certainly be stronger when the dust settles.  But if it is unclear to the point we still just don’t know I will make two cases.

My case for supporting Herman Cain.

  • His election will permanently break the black Democratic coalition for years to come.
  • Millions of people – children especially – will be inspired by someone who applied hard work and responsibility and was rewarded for it.
  • He certainly will be MORE conservative than Romney or Huntsman and even if he doesn’t understand many policy nuances – and shown he can manage and operate as a Chief Executive.
  • He will support Israel
  • We know he can argue/educate AGAINST ObamaCare as he did against HillaryCare with Bill Clinton years ago.
  • He is fundamentally good, and I trust that he (and God) will keep making him better.

My case against supporting Cain.

  • Many will be less enthusiastic in their support and it might somewhat dampen turnout
  • The inability to be prepared for this shows he will be unprepared for other – even worse attacks – in a general election and presidency.  Especially if they falsely put up 2 other women 2 days before the election when there is no time to debunk it.
  • He hasn’t demonstrated the ability to HIRE appropriate resources for the political world which IS, and operates differently, from the business world.
  • He has lost credibility to hold the “moral ground” against Obama’s abuse of power and other "sins” making him less effective in simply encouraging government to do what is “right.”
  • If I’m going to support a GOP candidate with glaring imperfections, I might as well go with the one who has already repented and does understand policy issues

Either way the whole episode makes me sick.   I hope he is innocent.  I PRAY for Mrs. Cain who has to go through this.  I PRAY for the women who HAVE been afraid to bring justice against those who have LEGITIMATELY harassed or assaulted them, that now are even more hesitant to do so.

God help us.  And our candidate.  And our country.

Not sure coffee alone is going to cut it today.  Sigh.


Herman Cain vehemently denies Bialek accusations saying there is “not one iota of truth to the whole thing” on Jimmy Kimmel.  However, her confrontation HAS been verified here:

Pat Dollard reporting that Bialek was fired from the NRA because of FALSE accusations of sexual harassment against her immediate boss.

Glenn Beck interviews radio host who witnessed Chicago Teacon confrontation between Bialek and Cain here.
COMMENT: Cain has a history of leaving his answers open to interpretation.  Could he have meant not one “iota” of truth to the SEX charge but the story is true?  We might find out in his address tonight.  But he could have cleared up the whole thing by admitting dinner/drinks or the confrontation.

Fifth accuser says Cain arranged to meet a pretty woman privately for dinner.  Nothing sexual was alleged and the accuser is an Obama voter and supporter.


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