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Who is the DENIER now?

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This is a 2 part article.  The second portion Homeland Security Says Riots Are Caused by Global Warming is located here.

Honestly, there is not much challenge anymore in debunking Global Warming alarmists.  It’s gotten boring.  I can’t remember the last time I went to ClimateDepotAlGoreClockThe Global Warming Twitter Trolls have quit immediately MT’ing me the minute I mentioned “hot” or “Algore” (two words that should be illegal to use in the same sentence). According to Rush we still have 4 years until Environmental Armageddon.  Personally, I’d not even THOUGHT about Global Warming except to sneer at the imagined hoardes shivering in the snow at Occupy Wall Street. been ‘dark’ on this subject for weeks.  But... But.. I like Big “But’s” and I cannot lie.  BUT. A Google+ friend was under assault from a liberal perpetrator who declared that “a url link could be found to debunk every denier claim” my sane conservative friend presented him regarding the man made global warming fiction.

I am in the “green/clean” industry and and realized there are people who have achieved some level of success and competence in their profession who somehow ignore the glaring facts of real climatology but most of them (this means you Mr. Silverstein) have an economic interest to ….well, lie.  But at least PRETEND to have your own “facts” will you?  Even evolutionists when pressed on how life began will give you an “alien brought it,” theory.  But this uninformed liberal (who happened to be the brother of my conservative friend’s ex-wife) displayed his lack of intellect by saying, essentially, “anything you can find I can find a web page to debunk it.”  Really.

So, I wrote this as my reply:

Jane, your ignorant slut!

Ok. I didn’t really write that.  But stick with me until the end of this because after WRITING what we know today on Global Warming – I had a revelation.

I wrote this:

"Finding rebuttals" is different from citing objective fact.  To many non-climatologists ill-equipped to makes sense of these competing ideas - you, yourself must have confidence that there IS empirical truth.  (otherwise no argument would be won and there would be no "truth".)  But where two competing articles can site "fact" - it is incumbent upon the reader to apply logic.  I certainly agree a poll of what other people think (even scientists) is in itself - inconclusive.  (although it has been proved beyond any doubt there has NEVER been "consensus" among climatologists on the matter - see

In “critical reasoning” you CAN take the statement of an opposing view to rebut their own data.  In the case of "global warming" I would submit two points.  First is the East Anglia emails of the core group responsible for submitting the IPCC report concluding global warming.  As the all-but-conservative UK Telegraph reports the IPCC scientists own emails state that there IS NO DATA TO SUPPORT THEIR ASSUMPTION.  These scientists go further in discussing HOW to obscure the underlying data.  I don't have to have a doctorate in any related discipline to understand their case for global warming is shot.  There are so many peer reviewed papers to make my second point I refer you to for a complete index.  But here is a summation of a "mountain" of empirical evidence proving that Antarctica was warmer in the Medieval Period (destroying all CO2 based global warming theories) and a list of peer-reviewed articles from Intl Journal of Modern Physics that disprove Global Warming climate models extending more than 1 decade.

EVEN if you wish to not accept these as definitive, it conclusively proves:

  • There is no consensus on human generated global warming
  • There is no consensus on global warming
  • There is no critical time table to reduce man made CO2
  • Global Warming advocates have been at best inept and at worst intentionally deceptive AS SCIENTISTS in their cause.

But I think anyone who wants to defend "global warming" based on an argument that DATA IS INDISPUTABLE or that THERE IS CONSENSUS AMONG SCIENTISTS will loose any positive reputation for objective opinion.

As I writing this response it occurred to me:


And this poor schmuck isn’t alone!  You won’t believe this but now NBC NEWS is declaring that the EARLY SNOWFALL is a symptom of GLOBAL WARMING!!  (Sorry for shouting but this is just too friggin’ amazing for bird brain like me to take.)  Seriously, a mainstream “journalist” for Think Progress (named Joe Romm) had this headline:

NBC’s Must-See TV: “Today No One Can Deny That Extreme Weather is Here to Stay” Thanks to Fossil-Fuel Driven Warming

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?  If a college dropout like me can figure this out, why can’t meteorologists and journalism graduates? I suspect like this G+ liberal they are too lazy to do the mental calculations themselves.  “By God if Brian Williams says it, it must be true!”  WORSE, they say with such conviction, arrogance and disdain you want to just pull their hair implants out by the fistful!

A good example is Jon Stewart, the Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe who took a tiny report by someone who claimed to be a global warming skeptic – and, upon finding higher temperatures in the ‘50’s was touted by these Grand Canyon-sized mouthpieces as being conclusive proof that global warming exists!  Only one problem.  That scientist HIMSELF agrees that someone has a right to be a skeptic and that the IPCC data (the hockey stick people) are all wrong!

clueless Worse, none of these people give ANY press to the massive amounts of studies (including proclamations over 1000 international dissenting scientists) that are produced every week.  Jon Stewart could have had a field day with No Frakking Consensus articles the past month of how IPCC scientists were paid by the Worldwide Wildlife Fund or how the very study Stewart and friends are waving – admits that SEVENTY PERCENT OF THE WEATHER STATIONS ARE “off” BY AS MUCH AS 5 degrees each!  Why, there is entire page devoted to CLIMATE FOOLS OF THE WEEK and parodies better than any 2 minutes of the Daily Snow here.  But I know, “water is wet” is not breaking news.

And who are these people now?

  • Mainstream media news anchors, correspondents and advisors
  • Unbelievably, scientists.  Now MANY are not even scientists in the right discipline.  The head of MIT’s climatology department is very skeptical of warming but
  • Hollywood (no surprise here – they still think the twin towers falling were a hologram)
  • And politicians.  Politicians all the day long and well into the wee hours of the frigid morning.  Of course, if you are the “Green Jobs” Czar, it pays you to not only to believe in global warming, but in “Environmental Justice” which can be parlayed into cash (for more than just clunkers) and an excuse for civil unrest.

What is interesting on Twitter is that if there is a conservative argument to be made, like, “a national sales tax is a great idea,” you can find someone to intelligently debate the subject on it’s merits in a couple of minutes or less.

101usesPinCushion Not so with liberals.  My “101 Uses for a Dead Liberal,” documents who inane the leftist arguments are.  In fact, I’ve been TRYING to find an intelligent and entertaining liberal to do a series of blogs with me about current issues.  I’ve reached out to many, but they all seem too chicken.  Even on twitter when a lib has some form of an argument, they quickly retreat, block or digress to name calling rather than simply debate the facts.

But if you are intellectually honest, truth seeker you can’t ignore the OVERWHELMING DATA disputing not just that there is a consensus, not just that global warming is man made – but that it is occurring AT ALL!  Certainly not conclusively.

I think the term is “psychosis” for someone who has a loss of reality.  But is really, really scary is not just that they exist, or that there are so many of them, but that they are in place of authority in our government that would use them to control us.

While I was researching links for this comment, I came across this:

Homeland Security:
Global warming to cause terrorism in U.S.

And you won’t believe how OUR government is using this farce. Read my related “Part 2” blog here.


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