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Drudge had a
headline yesterday about the Department of Homeland Security announcing that they were watching Facebook and Twitter to “monitor domestic social network activity.”  Specifically the article referenced DHS’s “shock” at the government uprisings in Tunisia being facilitated by FourSquare.  or something. 

“Ackmed is now Mayor of Occupy Al-Queda” or something.

A liberal EGYTIAN INTELLECTUAL declared yesterday that not only is the Middle East systematically coming under radical Islamic government – it HAS to be with the complicit approval of the United States State Department.  I have written recently how the it seems strange that Barack Obama is doing NOTHING to moderate his political initiatives to move closer to the center before election and, in fact, is bordering on near dictatorship lengths with Executive Orders to mandate changes in Student Loans and foreign policy.  My question is, “What kind of election strategy is that?” 

I speculated that ONLY plan that seems to fit this strategy is to suspend elections, halt communication and declare a “State of Emergency”

We heard of not only the brainless governor of North Carolina floating the idea of suspended elections but Peter Orszag, the former budget director of the White House had suggested the same thing in an article the week before in the New Republic.

RedState (who hypocritically is still blocking me from ACCESSING as well as COMMENTING on their website), speculated in June that the systematic plan to introduce the “KILL SWITCH” bill and Obama’s Executive Orders were putting the government in a rare position in our history to effectively halt ANY anti-Obama speech.

And then I note that for some reason, the Bureau of Labor spent 20 minutes on today and found this very ominous visit today:


MelConspiracyTheory9 Now why is the Department of Homeland Security visiting for goodness sake?  I’ll admit, the first thing that came to mind was Mel Gibson’s crazy rant in CONSPIRACY THEORY that “THEY” were after him.  Not only did he only have 5 subscribers to his newsletter (I think I’m up to 15), but something he wrote must have hit a nerve with the Industrial Military Complex!

But seriously?  DHS is tracking ME!?  I know how prescient, insightful and influential I am but only about 15 of my closest Twitter buddies do too! (Probably more like 5 if you exclude my family members, parole officers, groupies, stalkers and Sylvester the Cat.).

Most of us found it insane that Director of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano would totally ignore the Islamic terrorists infiltrating our country and immediately upon taking office – pronounce “Right Wing Conservatives” potential terrorists.  And while the worst damage the Tea Party gatherings ever did was to bend a Kentucky Bluegrass blade on the Mall in Washington D.C., the Occupy Wall Street crowd is defecating on cop cars, assaulting veterans and raping women yet Obama and the administration show ZERO concern for them? (List of OWS infractions from John Nolte here.)  in any event we now KNOW that Obama affiliates are intentionally trying to create confrontation (video here) which plays into the idea of a planned civil unrest by Democrats.

Consider these developments:

Does anyone else but me find it strange that is the LEFT planning and creating ALL of the violence and violent rhetoric of the past 2 years and yet all the PUBLIC PROCLAMIATIONS from our government is against the RIGHT?  Is it only coincidence that the head of our Executive Branch admits in his biography he hung out with his Marxist professors so he wouldn’t be thought a “sell out,” started his first campaign in home of an avowed domestic terrorist and has given encouragement to the OWS movement that openly enlists communists, anarchists, Marxists and Nazi’s?

Of course this whole thing could be over the fact I’m a Chicago Cubs fan and I publicly DESPISE Barack Obama’s team – the evil White Sox.  But I am asking the rest of my conservative friends to please subscribe to PolitiJim immediately and monitor my Tweets since obviously I am the key to all that the Obama campaign fears.  And if suddenly you hear nothing from me, please report this to the authorities:

janet-napolitano-duda chokes PolitiJim

It turns out Politijim is not the only site being tracked.  I’ve taken snapshots of Tweets and Facebook entries of others also seeing this behavior.

PatDollardMonitoring NHTPtyMonitored


Something is definitely amiss.


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