Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Conservatives – Take Out Your GSA Frustration on Some Liberals HERE


UPDATE dinner cancelled per an HCDE board member:


Wish you could have stopped the GSA boondoggle before it happened?  Here’s your chance to be PROACTIVE!

Texas Trash Talk is attempting to shut down the pilfering of Harris County Texas taxpayers who have been paying for a “fake” school district  for nearly 50 years.  These bureaucrats had the audacity to ask for MORE tax money after paying the former Superintendent (now Mayor of nearby KATY) $100K and trips to Four Seasons in Washington DC among other things.

(At the meeting PolitiJim attended, the board had a catered lunch and jazz music if you can believe it.)

Now they are attempting to spend hundreds of dollars on a dinner at one of the most expensive restaurants in Houston on the Houston tax payer.

Sick of RINO’s and liberals stealing your tax money?  Here’s a chance to have a quick and immediate impact.

Visit Texas Trash Talk and email these board members your displeasure at the wanton waste of taxpayer money.

Remember: Little liberals grow up to be GSA bureaucrats.


Fact: Hey what do you expect when it's party time in a democratic controlled country were government knows best and you should just shut up and listen!

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Obama and the Democrat minions are detached from the reality that most Americans are experiencing...homelessness, joblessness, futureless...and they keep on partying.

Drain the DC Jacuzzi

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