Wednesday, April 25, 2012

RIP Tea Party –Long Live William Wallace Podcast


We awoke today with news that Mitt Romney’s nomination has now risen to nearly 57% of the GOP nationally, and that in the most fervent conservative state in the country, South Carolina, Tea Party “membership” has dropped from 28% to 11%.

For weeks the supposed conservative media pushed either a disingenuous, social conservative statist hypocrite, or a liberal socialist in conservative clothing ignoring the only man that expanded conservatism nationally and balanced the budget 4 consecutive years with a liberal Democrat President and an overwhelming RINO Republican majority.

I have something to say about that.  Am I damn sure ain’t gonna let Longshanks or the Scottish RINO Nobles take my country. 

Or my freedom.

PolitiJim 4-29-2012 Podcast Audio

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Yep. I can't help but agree. Way to go Jim.

Politijum says "God did not found this country with supernatural provision to decay"

I wish I could, but I cannot agree with you on this point. Throughout history God has given those who worship him and follow his laws providence. Those that turn their back on him and his laws have been doomed to death and suffering.

There is no future for America because our culture has given up on God.

If you have never heard of the long now foundation, take a look at this image.

There has been a sustained attack on American culture that began with the counter culture movement in the 1960s. The culture has reached a tipping point and from this government, infrastructure, commerce, and all else follows.

I have very little doubt that this generation will live through the end of our country and possibly the governing structure of the world.

This is really a dark day for me. I have a lot of anger against the so called conservatives. They either gave up or turned their back completely against Newt.

And don't get me started on Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin and especially Beck. They completely turned on Newt and I now have turned my back on them and turned them off.

The one thing that no one has mentioned is the electoral college numbers. Obama is at 224 and Mitt 170. This is disasterous! But I predict this is how it will turn out. Newt was rejected and Romney bought the election, so God will have his judgement and there will be an awful lot of people that won't get through the pearly gates.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. You gave me a very close inside look to a man that I admired since his days as Speaker. The more you exposed about him, the more I thought he should preside over this country. I thought God would direct him forward. I guess God has other plans.

Still hopeful that our dear Sarah will rescue us from this mess. She is God's servant, and has already offered to do whatever it takes, picked her VP Allen West, and rented space across from Convention Center in Tampa. Have hope, fellow Christian warrior. Sarah won't leave our Country stranded like this. Just wait with me. She'll pop up in due season at Jesus' leading...I know she will. The Party of Government or the Party of Freedom.

Don't blame SC or GA! We tried to lead the way!

The answer to this problem is to change the party from within. Become a precinct committee person.

radioun61 said don't get me started on Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin and especially Beck. They completely turned on Newt and I now have turned my back on them and turned them off.

I agree on all except Hannity. Maybe I missed something but I found his interviews totally unbiased for or against. I don't listen to his radio show. Who wants to hear him argue with ignorant liberal callers, so maybe he said something on his radio show I don't know about.

As for Limbaugh, Levin and Beck, I agree totally and I will never listen to any of them again.

As this whole nominating process has progressed Newt was the only person who actually conducted himself as a Christian should.

It's a sad day when the only person who could actually lead us and garner the support of most Americans is pushed aside for an opportunistic liar. As for those who supported Santorum it boggles the mind how uninformed and foolish people were in supporting him.Of course Santorum has shown his true colors by not throwing his support to Newt after withdrawing. This proves what most of us knew he's more interested in his own ambition than getting a true conservative nominated.

The horror of it all is Romney and the RNC know we must rid ourselves of Obama so must go along with Romney to do that. I can't even put into words how angry that makes me.

Newt will still have much influence but he needed to do that from the oval office.

I have to agree, I been fight for weeks against the so call conservatives, they are cowards, they are people with out principles, because a conservative CAN'T support a PROGRESSIVE liberal, and that is Mitt, he's more than that, he's stream on his secret faith is is issue and he's going to be destroy. Welcome 4 more years of Obama.
True conservatives are very few, and it's painful to see after the fight for this years, we're in square one.
Real sad... All those you mention are nothing but garbage, they don't have principles nor integrity. I will fight for my freedom and those of mine, I will NOT vote for Mitt, no matter what, if I don't support him before, has nothing change, he's not one single policy that goes alone with my values.
God bless you for the truth.
Thank you for standing up.
Santorum is a fraud, a lobbyist who will lobby his mother to go where he want to be.

Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin both attacked Newt for calling Romney's crooked business profiteering at taxpayers' expense. Malkin was against Newt Gingrich from the beginning, though she did not attack him and adore Romney like Coulter and Drudge.

Thanks TMMc - how do you think I attacked SC and GA? All I stated was that the Tea Party membership in SC has plummeted from 28% to 11% which I suspect is indicative of the country.

Iowa and Florida would have also likely elected Newt were it not for $6 million and $22 million in false and negative ads or the cowardice of other conservatives who didn't defend what he had done.

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