Saturday, April 14, 2012

PJRadio: Can Newt Get Back In The Race?


My co-blogger Libertarian Neocon (aka NEO) and I attempted our first 30 minute PolitiJim Radio broadcast this morning 4/14/2012.

It didn’t suck too bad although we had some technical difficulties.  Give a listen then give us some feedback. 

  • A “Big” event will be needed for Gingrich to get back in.
  • A REAL Palin endorsement and co-campaign could be one way for it to happen.
  • Winning Delaware could change the Mitt momentum.
  • Going back to anti-corruption mode (that got Gingrich Minority Whip) would also help.

Next broadcast: Tuesday 4/17 with guest co-host, Justin.FM (aka @DryCnty)

I’ve got to go watch my Cubbies take the second game from St. Louis.  Have a great Saturday.

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"A big event will be needed to get Gingrich back in."

Maybe this idea would help. I was just reading Larry Kudlow at NRO blasting Zero on his Buffet Rule Tax. he said:

"But wait, Uncle Sam might not get a dime from Obama’s millionaire’s tax. History shows that a higher capital-gains tax reduces revenues from slower growth, countless evasions, and a non-realization of gains. The only budget surplus in my lifetime occurred in the late 1990s. It followed a Clinton-Gingrich cap-gains tax cut, which produced a flood of revenues from growth and wealth-creation.

It turns out, (reading Dick Morris), that the cap gains tax reduction was more Gingrich than Clinton.

"Clinton wanted to raise taxes. But eventually Clinton came around to the idea of cutting the capital gains tax (which Gingrich had wanted all along). So the tax was cut. And revenue poured in! The deficit, which was supposed to take Inflation is not the only way to repay the debt. Economic growth is the other way. When Pres. Clinton dueled with House Speaker Newt Gingrich over how to balance the budget in 1995-97, each had his pet hobbyhorse. Gingrich wanted to cut spending. Yes, more. Even though the rates were lower, the economic growth they kindled brought in hundreds of billions extra each year. The proportion of taxes paid by the richest 1% rose from 37% in 2000 to 40% in 2006, even though their tax rate had been cut! 8 years to eradicate, was gone in less than 2 years.

Combine these thoughts with the fact that Morris credits Gingrich with an alternative proposal to stave off the Bush bailouts in 2008 and you have economic genius not otherwise displayed by any other candidate.

"Republicans in the House try to stop the bill (they had the majority then) and substitute an approach masterminded by former House speaker Newt Gingrich to insure banks rather than pass out checks to them. The House defeats the Bush bailout proposal."

Thanks Politijim and NeoCon. Enjoyed listening.

I have tried to spread the word at and at Tea Party Nation.Com if anyone there who lives in a state with upcoming primaries, to please vote for Newt. I did see many people who talked about Newt and did plan to vote for him. One lady said she would pass the message on her Facebook page in hopes to get some response.

So, maybe we can turn this thing around. I don't have any hope that Rick Santorum will endorse Newt, but hey we could be surprised I guess.

I'm wondering what becomes of Santorum's delegates? Does he have to completely end his candidacy to release those delegates? Hopefully, we will hear something soon.

I heard Newt's speech yesterday to NRA in St. Louis. By golly, he had much more response than Mitt Romney did. The people gave him a standing ovation.

We must have Newt NOW!

Also, we have to realize the people that Newt is up against. Bush 41 came out and endorsed Mitt. There is no love lost with the Bush Administration and Newt. It's the "old order" that endorsing Mitt, plus Wall Street people. Newt just has a lot of "power people that are totally against him getting anywhere near the White House."

I hope at least Newt can gain a little momentum and pick up a couple of States. Sarah Palin I don't feel like will come out and fully endorse Newt. I think she would like to,but there is something that is holding her back. She hasn't exactly endorsed Romney, but was a little more forthcoming in what she said about him.

If Newt makes it to Tampa he so deserves the nomination. He did it with a proven record of accomplishments, conviction, vision and uniting by articulating his strengths AND weaknesses along with donations from people not wall street. As we all have gone from one candidate to the next he is the only conservative standing and the more he speaks the more of know in our guts he can beat Obama. I want a fighter a warrior who is not afraid to go against all the leftist factions. Do your homework. I was with Mitt and now I can't even stomach him.

I am not sure Sarah can endorse Newt. I don't think Fox will let her, which is a shame for us that the media controls our future as a nation.


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