Monday, April 23, 2012

FOX News: Fraud and Unbalanced on Voting


Fox had a TV special today on Voter Fraud. In fact, it’s still going on for another 1/2 hour but I’m so damn angry I’m not going to finish watching in order to rant.

Fox News is dead as an honest conservative voice.

I know, I know.  “Water is wet”  and “ “Clay Aiken is gay.”  But I watched three overt misrepresentations in the first 1/2 hour that continues to equivocate and dilute the REAL story.  Remember, FOX still hasn’t reported on Sheriff Joe’s investigation and intentionally shielded Romney numerous times in this primary already.  So much fair and balanced.

The show started out quite well showing numerous incidents where absentee ballots had been cast in elections without the knowledge of the person with that identity.  It also covered the former Alabama Democrat Rep. Artur Davis who shockingly admitted that voter fraud was a way of life for the Democratic party.  This was the guy who seconded Obama’s nomination for President and the only Congressional Black Caucus member who voted against ObamaCare.

However in three of the main segments in the first half hour, FOX News lied,omitted and manipulated facts to blur the real culpability of the Democrats in this cowardly practice.

The first was discussing the Scott Walker recall at length.  FOX did cite the guy who signed the recall petition 80 times and noted that the Wisconsin officials said they would not remove duplicates or obvious signatures like Mickey Mouse or Adolph Hitler.  But in actually discussing the facts of what happened they stopped at reporting only that the Wisconsin Republican Party began to manually check duplicates where they had 30 days to file objections and could not finish in time to log an objection.  They completely ignored the effort by True The Vote’s “Verify the Recall”  that mobilized over 13,000 volunteers in 49 states to identify over 400,000 fraudulent signatures including that of Donald Duck.  FOX left it sounding like “no one really knows if there was fraud or not.”

The second item was a discussion of the 2000 Florida Presidential count for Bush versus Gore.  I didn’t expect them to reveal the whole truth behind how Gore and the Democrats had systematically attempted to subvert our 200 year voting traditions and laws but was dumbfounded by their spin suggesting that it is possible Bush stole the election.  No mention that the USA Today, Miami Herald and the Washington Post showed Bush’s margin would have nearly TRIPLED.  This doesn’t even account for all the other slimy Democrat tactics like trying to smear Katherine Harris, or trying to steal the recount.  (Don’t forget, Gore illogically received three times as many “recount” improvements as Bush did – a statistical improbability.  But FOX made it sound like it is still “up in the air,” when facts are conclusive to independent observers.

The last issue was what set me off to ignore my Sunday Cubs game to get this done.  FOX besmirched the integrity of the Father of our country to make it sound like the man who “couldn’t tell a lie” was just an an average politician. 

Fox’s fake George Washington take: George Washington bought votes to buy his election!

Maybe the truth doesn’t make for quite such a good “voter fraud special.”  I mean, who cares if you besmirch the reputation of perhaps the most important founder of our country if it will help your TV show, right?

In fact, liquor was a simple part of the election process for ALL candidates in Virginia.  Voters would go to “tipping houses” where votes were cast and the smart politician would buy the drinks for those voting.  It was Washington who wrote the Governor asking that the practice be halted.  In a 1757 election for burgess, Washington refused to participate in the practice and was defeated by 40 votes.  In 1758, Washington didn’t fight it and won by a sizeable margin over his opponent.

No where did FOX explain Washington resisted it and that ALL politicians did this.  Nor did they mention this was for a minor state office and had nothing to do with his Presidency.

Is it any wonder that with this kind of communication by the only “conservative” mainstream media that we are in such a battle?  This is the kind of thing that Malkin, Levin and Limbaugh pulled on conservatives by their incomplete (or worse) commentary during the GOP primary.

I didn’t watch it but asked the National Training Director for the True the Vote how the second half hour went.  Again – it was incomplete and more of the same.  Missing the REAL stories of clear fraudulent voting in favor of trying to not attack the Democratic machine too hard.  No mention of the Soros Secretary of State program to put corrupt Democrats in power to steal elections.  No talk of the studies on that prove Voter ID actually HELPS the disadvantaged in elections (as well as Democrats). 

In fact, in Al Franken case were over 1000 felons illegally voted, FOX interviewed only 10 (9 of who voted for Franken) and concluded they couldn’t truly ascertain if this was a planned Democrat initiative or not.  Of course, all they had to do was interview just a fraction more and they would have had a statistically significant sample to ABSOUTELY make that claim.

It seems it will be up to a small remnant of us to hold fast to the ideals upon which this country was founded and fight for truth.

God knows FOX has given up that fight.

We can’t let the mainstream media keep obscuring fact. 

We can’t let the CONSERVATIVE media (i.e., George Will, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh) continue to omit, distort or misreport FACT based on their personal bias.

We can’t allow the GOP establishment to erase ALL of the progress made in the 2010 elections by diluting the message and leadership by a guy who was the most anti-conservative governor in Massachusetts history ONLY 7 years ago.

The fight starts now, and the GOP establishment domination stops here.

It’s clear that Santorum stole the election in Alabama from Gingrich and likely did in Tennessee as well.  Romney forces seemed to have done this in Maine, Puerto Rico and other places and I will eventually do a full post.  Meanwhile, here are two examples of Romney chicanery.

As always – please join with True The Vote to become fight fraud at the polls.


I assume that Fox didn't have any coverage of the Wikileaks info which indicated that Obama and the democrats stole the 2008 election in Pennsylvania and Ohio, bribed Jesse Jackson, and took campaign money from the Russians.

I don't watch Fox anymore and I don't miss it.

Bill O'Reilly's complete dismissal of Sheriff Joe Arpaio was wrong and I hope it comes back to bite him.

The '08 election was ripe with voter fraud as well as foreign donations. Minnesota was a prime example with the Al Franken debacle.

This election cycle has been one for the record books. Romney has divided the party so bad, as well as lied and bought his way to be the nominee.

No, I haven't given up on Newt, in fact I believe he will win Delaware. I know, small potatoes, but its another state and hopefully North Carolina and Texas will be in his favor also.

I am adding this link.

Couldn't have said it better myself-and one more question? How did Mitt Romney beat Newt in LA? That actually stunned me. I believe Beck has been the biggest influence on this election. He's been in the tank for Mitt from the get-go. Hates Newt-can't figure that one-Newt stands for everything Beck has been preaching & Romney is the polar opposite.

Fox news is another wolf in sheep's clothing. I rely on yours and other websites for the real truth. thanks for telling it.

Newt 2012!!

The RNC is no stranger to vote and election irregularity. This primary campaign has been disgraceful.

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