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PolitiJim Radio Take 2 with Justin.FM


UPDATE:  I just listened to the show myself and nearly gagged.  (I’m terrible.)  But a good part of it is due to the fact I’m trying to “run the board”, monitor the chat room and can’t focus JUST on the show and the segments we’ve laid out.

YOU can help.  PolitiJim Radio is looking for volunteers who can help cue the music, handle callers, run the chat room and even help produce the show.  If you are interested contact me via the contact page on the top most menu.

We finished our second “test” of PolitiJim Radio today and my deep and sincere thanks to Justin Gray of Justin.FM (@DryCnty on Twitter) for his co-hosting excellence.

As usual, 30 minutes was too short and PolitiJim Radio will be expanding to 2 hours next week.  Unfortunately we didn’t record the SECOND 1/2 hour which was quite amazing.  Essentially – we are playing until the buzzer.

What else you missed:

  • Chicago Cubs are now 3-6 but the Chicago Bulls have the best record in the NBA.  (A lot of good it will do since Obama will predict the Bulls winning the Championship and thus sealing the victory for either the Oklahoma Thunder or – God forbid – the Miami in Heat).
  • The conservative media are cowards, acting like the race is all over.   Daily Caller is complaining about a few thousand bucks for Secret Service protection and the supposed “Constitutional conservative,” Mark Levin – is calling trying to stop a man that single handedly implemented gay marriage, socialized medicine and Cap and Trade in Massachusetts “deranged.”   Really, Levin?
  • While Romney is up to an all time approval of 69% among Republicans, he has dropped 20 points with White Women during the campaign.
  • Although he leads Obama by a few points, no one is taking into account the planned Obama vote fraud that could more than erase a 10 point lead.
  • Conservative media falls for the distractions by Obama (ie, Contraception, Hillary Rosen) and clearly show they are willing to give up on our country and Constitutional government.
  • Nearly half do NOT want Paul and Gingrich to get out.

Additional info:

Only 2% are angry that Santorum got out (I think I know them all personally) and over 2/3rds are relieved or satisfied.  From YouGov:

Even AFTER Santorum dropping out – nearly 1/2 STILL want Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich to stay in:

Justin points out this almost identical to the popular vote totals in the primary.  In reality, combining delegates from Santorum and other fall outs, Gingrich is still MORE than in the race.  A terrible miscue by Romney or a rally by conservatives who tell the GOP to go to hell would still send this to a brokered convention.

Who is with me?

We aren’t giving up until the Republican Party has formally announced the final delegate count and authenticated the birth certificate of the nominee.

The half hour show here:

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Unfortunately, PolitiJim, I wasn't smart enough to scroll down after I clicked on the PolitiJim's Rants Radio link. I'll tie a string around my finger to remind me to do so next time.

Thanks for your radio show. I too am very disappointed in the conservative media. I had to turn Rush off today. He had fill-in host Mark Davis from WBAP, who was a Santorum supporter, but now he said everyone needs to fall in behind Romney. I turned him off!

We'll see what happens next week in the primaries. I know Newt has some grassroots support now, I just hope it works for him and maybe the conservatives will wake up.

Politijim, I came across this article from another website. I think you will be interested in it.

Thanks Radionut61 - This is precisely what I wrote about in and

Rush Limbaugh, Levin and the conservatives who went ape sh*T when Newt said there was a difference between capitalism and corporatism have set up conservatives to play EXACTLY into the OWS campaign Obama and Soros have set up for 3 years.

This just reminds me how impossible this will be for Romney to sell. And I guarantee this is the first of an avalanche that will bury him in public opinion before June.

Conservatives are complete morons if they think they can defend this in the court of public opinion. Business itself is damn complicated for the average MTV viewer but when you have a single mom tossed out of job that had been doing well before Mitt stepped in - you will NEVER overcome that media tsunami.

another reason for us to elect a TRUE populist like Reagan (and Palin) who will get the independent voter in an HONEST conservative way.

Can we be honest who the Independent voters are?

Majority or the Independents are disenfranchised Republicans anyway.

I mean consider 40% of the nation calls themselves Conservative, and only 23% of Nation is Republican, that says a lot.

The problem is, I fear conservatives forgotten what exactly they want.

Another thing is, we don't demand that they deliver.

Frankly, Conservatives have gone soft. I mean the Left would do anything short of murder to get rid of Conservatives and yet when a liberal gets in trouble, Conservatives ask for a mere apology and ask for fairness.

Example, Bob Beckel cursed on Hannity on Monday. Conservatives defended him.

But if Palin, or any other Conservative would do that, the left would attack their sponsors, their livelihood, apology or not.

It just pisses me off.

The left set the playing field, started this game and we keep refusing to engage them in game, but they just take advantage of that and keep us on defenses.

Also this primary season completely left me bitter to Conservatives. I mean it's the same shit with them all the time.

Limbaugh, and the rest of the ilk complain about Progresivism, liberals, even RINO's. Yet when it's time to take a fucking stance, they stand on the side lines.

The conservative media was sooo fast to bash Newt over Bain (as you said) but not 1 fucking peep over Romney's negative ad blitz? What about the hit job Drudge Report and National Review did to bash Newt over Reagan?

Not one word. (Granted Mark Levin defended Newt, but he's throwing in the towel.)

Look, do I think Romney will become the nominee when all said and done? Yes, because frankly God can only wake us up so many times. But on Tuesday, I'm going to pull that level (for DE's case, push that button) for Newt Gingrich.

But I'm done with Conservatism. And when you see me on twitter @joenigm I'm calling myself a Dual-Federalist.

Dual federalism, a legal theory which has prevailed in the United States since 1787, is the belief that the United States consists of two separate and co-sovereign branches of government. This form of government works on the principle that the national and state governments are split into their own spheres, and each is supreme within its respective sphere. Specifically, dual federalism discusses the relationship between the national government and the states' governments. According to this theory, there are certain limits placed on the federal government. These limits are:

1. National government rules by enumerated powers only.

2. National government has a limited set of constitutional purposes.

3. Each governmental unit—state and federal—is sovereign within its sphere of operations.

4. Relationship between nation and states is best summed up as tension rather than cooperation.

Which 5 states would Newt have to win to stop Romney?

Torial, Newt needs to win 3 more states to be on the first ballot at the convention.

Upcoming primaries are Delaware, Pennsylvania, R.I., Connecticut and New York on 4-24. I actually believe he might win Delaware.

Texas primary is 5-29 I expect Newt to have a lot of support there.

As for stopping Romney, we'll see what happens. Newt got a key endorsement in Delaware that switched from Romney, so that was good. You never know what might happen.

Politijim, I am posting these comments to you by a blooger at Tea Party Nation and I think this may explain the conservative media blitz on Romney. Is there anything we can do?

Permalink Reply by James Vian 19 hours ago

This is getting scary! RNC establishment strategy: Publish no poll numbers; spread the word that Romney is the nominee; have people vote based on blackout and misinformation expecting Romney to win big; then hit hard with Romney’s wins and Newt’s losses to bully Newt into dropping. (The news media are complying, including Fox News who are even slamming Newt for his rightful Secret Service protection expense) Please do yourself the honor of reviewing actual polls by doing a Google search for “2012 Republican presidential polls (name state)” and you will see why the RNC is using this tactic. Then spread the word!

Please join me and let’s stay with Newt all the way to Tampa! Let’s support him and thank him for his courage and willingness to sacrifice so much to stay in the race, so at that time he will still be in a viable position to offer true conservative and constitutional answers with bold ideas for a winning campaign platform, and will still be an alternative to the establishment coronated candidate. So again to all those who read, please join me in support of Newt so we may still have a chance to at least rebuild some of the America we love.

Permalink Reply by James Vian 2 hours ago

Let’s not give up! In their backroom power meetings they’ve got it settled! RNC representatives must have been there. Romney, Romney, Romney, that’s all you hear. It’s getting more raucous by the hour! Like I said before, the RNC establishment strategy: Publish no poll numbers; spread the word that Romney is the nominee; have people vote based on blackout and misinformation expecting Romney to win big; then hit hard with Romney’s wins and Newt’s losses to bully Newt into dropping. (All the news media are complying, including Fox News who are even slamming Newt for his rightful Secret Service protection expense while not mentioning that Ron Paul and Mittens are getting the same cover which is an absolute necessity for those campaigning to become the POTUS, the most powerful office on earth) Even Sean Hannity who has up to now been the strongest defender of Newt’s conservative credentials, has fallen into line; probably threatened with losing his job if he didn’t comply. To refresh your memory, please review these powerful videos then pass the word:

Politijim, Funny you should mention voter fraud...

A few indications that voter RNC fraud is a possiblity:

Romney Under Felony Investigation for Violating Voting Laws-

Did Mitt Romney & Rep. Paul Ryan commit a felony in Wisconsin?-

Waukesha Co. DA investigates alleged Romney subs-for-votes -

Romney asks GOP delegates to sign pledge, but some refuse

(from Legal Insurrection tip line - good source of news.


Please, please do it again. You two have something important and well-reasoned to say and you both say it very very well.

Listening to you so much better than listening to Limbaugh and Levin yell.

Politijim, sorry to bombard you with all of this but we have to save Newt!

I took a look at this link St. Nikao left. Thx.

Romney asks GOP delegates to sign pledge, but some refuse

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