Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Conservative Scofflaws Like Cain and Santorum should Quit Calling themselves Conservatives


…and Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, National Right To Life, George Will, etc, etc…

Two headlines prove what I’ve been saying all along about Santorum, Cain and their supporters.  Not only are they not patriots, no conservative should look to them to lead our movement anymore.

Cain has decided to jump Newt’s ship and endorse Romney and Santorum has said he won’t release his delegates so he has some “impact” at the GOP convention.

These are selfish, self-promoting politicians who care more about their own ego’s than the United States of America.  Or the conservative movement.

And frankly, why should we be surprised? A 22 year Santorum acquaintance and the Pennsylvania Tea Party have been trying to tell the world all along he has betrayed the conservative movement since being elected Senator the first time.  The Cain train became more of a circus car side show when he alternatively campaigned with Stephen Colbert, said he wouldn’t endorse so as not to “split up” his supporters then shopped his 999 idea to any candidate that would put him Washington.  You have to be a true moron to think either of these guys had any real conservative principles deep down.

Let me explain my disdain.

You may remember the 78 year old man in Connecticut who was hit by a car and left to lie in the street as pedestrians and drivers just drove by. 

There is a legal principle called “Duty to Rescue” defined by Wikipedia:

A duty to rescue is a concept in tort law that arises in a number of cases, describing a circumstance in which a party can be held liable for failing to come to the rescue of another party in peril. However, in the United States, it is rarely formalized in statutes which would bring the penalty of law down upon those who fail to rescue. This does not necessarily obviate a moral duty to rescue: though law is binding and carries government-authorized sanctions, there are also separate ethical arguments for a duty to rescue that may prevail even where law does not punish failure to rescue.

There is a long list of people, we once thought were conservative, that have decided against the risk of stepping in and lending assistance to real “conservatism.” They don’t like Gingrich or Paul, they are too tired or it is just too messy to bother with. 

Judge PolitiJim pronounces them guilty of failing a “duty to rescue” but also “impersonating a patriot.”

What I bought into in becoming a “Constitutional conservative” now seems to earn the equivalent embrace of new Amway distributor at a family reunion.  That is, we accept that they are part of the family but we’d rather just ignore them even if we DO need a second income.

I thought Constitutional conservatism included the values our founding fathers embraced such as:

  • Limited government, with radical responsible individuality,
  • Following, honoring and respecting the Constitution (law) and if you don’t like it – change it legally after garnering public support to do so.  (In other words NOT ignoring it because it doesn’t fit your agenda or finding loopholes that weaken it for generations.)
  • A sense of self-sacrifice not only for your family, but for your country,
  • A devotion to God and His virtues including honesty no matter where that led,
  • Fearlessness to do the “right thing” regardless of personal discomfort.

I issued a “conservative casualty list” spurred by the Ryan/Rubio Romney endorsement a couple of weeks back.  It isn’t a coincidence that Paul Ryan also wouldn’t “hold the line” with Jim DeMint instead opting to cave to Harry Reid and John McCain to “find cuts” before a debilitating $1 Trillion was cut from our military.  At perhaps the greatest potential threat to our country since the Cold War, we now have one of the weakest national defense footings of modern times. 

The supposed “conservatives” on watch from Paul Ryan to Rush Limbaugh are actually assisting the death of real conservatism rather than putting their own fortunes and lives at risk.  Don’t forget it was Limbaugh’s steady undercutting of Mike Huckabee that set up McCain in 2008.

Why are you remotely surprised that so many “conservatives” like Dick Morris are rallying around a potential candidate who:

  • Was Human Events Top 10 RINO only 7 years ago,
  • Sold out his own state’s electorate and used an executive order to implement gay marriage and then lying about it,
  • Again, less than 10 years ago, telling pro-abortion, pro-environmental wacko, pro-gay groups he would be a stealth GOP President.
  • Setting in motion a giant PR campaign and bribe-fest to sell Republicans a false conservative even while RomneyCare was still being implemented (and supported) by Mitt.  Specifically funding prolife groups while he put Planned Parenthood into an ADMINISTRATIVE OVERSIGHT role in RomneyCare.
  • Orchestrating the largest socialized government program of any state and setting the blueprint and architects directly to the liberals to implement it nationally.
  • Setting up a multi-state Kyoto carbon credit trading scam, passing the most austere Cap and Trade program on CO2 of any state while condemning coal plants as business that “kill people.”
  • Actually LOST payroll jobs in his four years of Governor while the United States as a whole GREW them over 4%.

You realize by the time the election comes around Obama will have manipulated the unemployment numbers and economy just enough to claim HE DID BETTER THAN MITT ROMNEY?

But yeah – let’s all jump on the bandwagon of perhaps the sketchiest “conservative” since ….John McCain or the 2008 Romney.  These people have no TRUE principle to begin with.  They talk a good game – but deep down they are unwilling to sacrifice their lives, fortunes and personal honor.

Although in Colorado last week Mitt only “won” the state with less than 40% of the delegates, and despite the fact he could be deprived of the 1,144 delegates  - sure.  Let’s just prove how weak the conservative movement is by taking the “blue” pill and pretend that he’s any different than the guy that Heritage Foundation founder Paul Weyrich was willing to leave the GOP over had McCain nominated him as VP.

After nominating Romney it would be a shock that either Obama or Al Qaeda didn’t just outsource the TSA to Pakistan.

Despite a very easy way of FORCING Romney to at least make real conservative concessions - if not take a shot at a REAL conservative candidate at the convention  - the remaining conservatives are exhibiting just two postures. 

Let’s not give Obama any more ammunition and focus on getting rid of Obama now.


It’s too late, Romney is the nominee.

To my mind, none of these people deserve what our the blood of the American colonists died for, much less to be part of the conservative movement. 

These are both FACTUALLY incorrect.  Obama did just fine going up against Clinton until June.  And Romney has NOT won the nomination, or gotten close to the 1,144 he needs.

I suppose George Will, Rush Limbaugh, Breitbart (Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge are already Benedict Arnolds) and the rest will merely ring their hands and lament we are stuck with a better looking and richer John McCain.

Meanwhile, former Santorum supporter Richard Vigurerie doesn’t want you to be a cheap date and to take over the Republican Party…by not endorsing anyone else.  This marketing genius somehow was blinded to the numerous betrayals of Santorum against the conservative movement (not to mention the Tea Party), and somehow magically thinks you and I can battle Mitt Romney with the scary ghost of Milton Friedman or Ronald Reagan.

It’s bad enough that people at LifeNews and Right To Life ignored and lied about their preferred candidates clear betrayals of the prolife movement, but now they are rolling over both Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul who have ALWAYS had the strongest prolife positions and the best economic recovery plan for this country.  These people clearly no longer can be trusted to represent the prolife movement.

And how is the Tea Party not dead, when the guy who didn’t even acknowledge it’s existence, much less join with it – is the nominee of the Republican Party?  Gingrich PAID his own cash to get people to join at yet Tea Partiers still go for Romney in the national polls?  WTH?

You hoped George Bush 41 would actually become more like Reagan after hanging around him for 8 years.  He didn’t – why would Romney?  You thought Bob Dole would be a tough campaigner and go hard after Clinton on conservative issues especially since Bill was accused of rape.  He didn’t.  Why do you think Romney will?  You thought George Bush would become more of a free market, limited government conservative and tougher on immigration because that’s how he campaigned in 2000.  He didn’t especially when it mattered.  Why would Romney?

The conservative movement has been molested by the Republican establishment who lied about Newt Gingrich’s impeccable conservative track record that was actually implemented and ended up expanding the Reagan Revolution.  Romney outright lied about Gingrich’s history with Reagan and HIS OWN FAKE conservative credentials.

And most of you just want to stand by, shake your head and give up.

Do me a favor will you?  Save your contrived outrage when Romney can’t really argue effectively against Obama, keeps giving the Obama campaign “rich uncaring” gaffes that Obama uses, gives up with little resistance against REAL conservative reform and measures, and IF elected – does exactly what George Bush 41 did.  Betraying every conservative promise and getting kicked out of office in 4 years.

EVERY politician ends up performing EXACTLY has their past governing actions indicate.

- Obama was always for the most extreme form of abortion and continues to expand that power.

- Obama always voted against (or abstained) from ANY serious conservative measure for the middle class.

- Dole, George Herbert Walker Bush, John McCain, etc – ALL end up campaigning and voting EXACTLY like how they governed.

And while we Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich supporters scream out to please save the conservative movement – please don’t be the guy in the subway booth who would rather just not get involved or risk their own safety, rather than allow the rape of a victim happening directly in front of him.

It’s not what a conservative patriot would do.

Justin.FM and PolitiJim discuss this live, Thursday April 19th at Noon ET at BlogTalkRadio.


Cain, who wanted his assistant to model sexy clothes he bought for his wife because she ewas the same size, not only abandoned Newt, he took a cheap shot at him. Mr. 9-9-9 the same taxation plan used in Sim City.

Cain, now we know how you got your Biblical name.

Reporters keep asking Newt if he and Romney can bury the hatchet. Newt said he could. He just has not decided on how deep he needs to bury it.

Great piece Politijim. Yesterday I told people at the Tea Party Nation that I had completely misjudged them as a group. Most of them were talking about 2014 and 2016, when Newt was still running and Romney didn't have the delegates as yet.

I am seriously disillusioned by people anymore. Now a few people at Tea Party Nation were still pulling for Newt, but the rest of them had thrown in the towel and decided we're getting Romney. I couldn't believe it! So, I left the group thinking how were we going to get people engaged again?

I fear if Newt drops out, he will lose his delegates like Santorum did. The GOP told him that he would not be allowed to use those delegates at the convention as leverage.

It's very apparent that the GOP is going more moderate all the time. John McCain and Mitch Daniels are now out helping Dick Lugar with his campaign. I heard Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are bullying new conservative members to join ranks.

We need to get rid of these RINOS at all costs, yet I'm not very hopeful when it seems that the American people are not at all engaged as they should be.

As for conservative media, I have been so disappointed with Rush and the wall to wall coverage of Mitt Romney. I believe I will have to abandon him just like I did with Fox News.

I think the "Fear of God" needs to happen to this nation and shock everyone out of their own world shell to bring everyone back to reality.

Great article!! and also comments I especially love Dr. Pollands comment

So what is your point? Do you have a remedy for all this? You give us reason to NOT support Romney, but just where are you going with all this?

Can anybody give me a conclusion?

Hey T. Tyler P.

That's what we are in the process of working through. HOW do we get conservative media to fight instead of just give the question. It's clear not enough people feel support to stick with Newt (or the polls would reflect it) - but change will only come with a threat to Romney's delegate count.

That will subject of next week's Radio...

Outstanding Jim!! I feel a sense of validation now that I haven't been crazy to think these things of people like Cain and Limbaugh, Malkin et al. I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

You did a splendid job of articulating this horrible situation. Personally, I always thought that McCain's campaign was only for show, to fool voters into thinking there was still a chance. I believe that the elites have so contrived in Washington that they've built an elaborate voter hoax to keep conservatives preoccupied while they work with all the progressives to move the country towards Marxism.

Of course under Obama's sort of Marxism I'm sure there will not be room for everyone at the giver's table like they think there will be.

Today many of us blasted the RNC for presuming Romney to be the candidate when all the states haven't voted.

If Newt is willing to soldier on, I am too. #SeeYouNTampa

Like so many Cain supporters, I labored long and hard. In fact, the day he bailed out of the race I was having my first meeting with my State team for Cain. People drove in from all corners of the State.

When I got to the meeting, some who had beat me there told me that he'd just announced he was leaving the race. I just sat there stunned. My trunk had bumper stickers and buttons and signs that I'd paid to have printed. And suddenly it was over.

Later I felt so badly for the folks who'd stayed up all night in Georgia preparing his new Headquarters and all the people who were presenters and special guests that had come for the opening celebration. Later on FOX I noted that he was late.

Next I expected him to immediately throw his support to Newt, because his momentum was so strong, and they'd done such a great job in the "Lincoln Style Debate", which really ended up just being chat. Anyway, I assumed that he respected Newt, and since he'd been telling his supporters how critical this election was to the future of the country, how dangerous a situtation that we were in...I thought it stood to reason that he would for the country's sake pass his baton to Newt.

I was so furious with Cain when he began to campaign for his pet project. I didn't even check it out, I just knew it was a distraction from the real issues. I'd ask his hangers-on what the heck he thought he could do outside of Washington? But they were still convinced the man was great. But it was obvious to me by then that Herman, loved Herman more than his family, more than his country and whatever he did it was rooted in self-angrandizement.

It was heartbreaking and I resent him so much. I hate a liar, and he certainly is one. By not passing his momentum and followers along, he proved that all he'd said was just a lie, and the country could go hang.

Well, in contrast to Herman, copy and paste this into your browser to hear from a CONSISTENT conservative from years ago...still the same today:

The solution is to get as manmy people to vote for Newt as possible and deny Mr. Monopoly his premature coronation.

He's still tacking at 40% of all Republican voters. That means 60% still have a functioning brain.

Romney could still self-destruct if evidence of voter fraud in other states and additional vote buying hits the fan this week.

If Romney makes himself unelectable, it will open the door to Newt who is picking up support (if not money) from the Evangelicals who had rallied around the phony prophet, St. Santorum.

A big infusion of cash into will also help.

I thought that the GOP was the party of the rich? Where are they? They sure have been stingy with their money, and with the future of this country at stake, there won't be much of it left with Romney running the show.

Daddy Warbucks, Newt needs you.

I never supported Cain and I never supported Santorum. Even though I now know more about both of them than I did which to me is vindication of my first instincts. I supported Newt from the beginning and saw nothing to change my mind, in fact his conduct, solutions and handling of Obama and the press only increased my support.

Cain and Santorum have show everyone they are nothing but selfish opportunist but not everyone cares.

It's another sad commentary on our country when these two could have been raised to the position they have in peoples minds.

The two center verses in the Bible are Psalm 118:8-9

Paraphrase: Don't put your trust in men or princes.

Good advice.

GOD is always right.

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