Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Two Thirds of The GOP Want Newt to Continue

Newt Military


That’s the message from the GOP.  Only 26% want to crown Mitt and call it a day.  Only 32% of Republican voters think it should only be Romney and Rick.  And 42% respond to the Romney/Rick show with “none of the above.”

There are a couple of reasons for this in my opinion.  First, it is clear that many of us find RINO Romney simply the wrong rival to wrest control from the Cloward-Piven in Chief.  It turns out even the GOP INSIDERS may agree as Joe Scarborough spills in this morning spew:

Many muse that Mitt’s debate against Obama would be this:

Mittster: “Mr. President, your ObamaCare boondoggle wasted 3 years of our time and billions of dollars we couldn’t afford.”

Usurper: “I used your consultants, copied your model, and even got the green light from you (we have it on video).  Essentially, you said it would work.”

Mittster: “You are spending too much money and bankrupting the country!”

Usurper: “You clearly hate poor people (I think you said you didn’t care about the very poor in your NBC interview), and bankrupted at least 3 companies at BAIN capital AFTER you recovered all of your investments and a tidy profit.  In fact, you hid Medicare fraud at Demon (or was it Damon?) until after you sold the company sticking the new owners with huge penalties and the American tax payers with the bill.  Is that when Ann got her second Cadillac?”

And that’s just the ELECTABILITY argument.   The Moral Majority / Heritage Foundation founder was so petrified of Romney being Vice President, he threatened to lead a social conservative revolt from the party if McCain nominated him.

YouGov also found that only 11% would be “excited” with his as the GOP Presidential Nominee.  That WILL suppress some of the GOP vote but really impacts Independents who won’t find aggressive neighbors, bloggers (and arguments) to challenge their Obama stupor.

It’s clear why this is.  It’s because we know we are buying a lemon.

Don’t forget that is REPUBLICAN voters, not even those that will have their ears filled with billions of impressions making him look even worse than how we see him.

And his entire strategy is simply to win by lying and spending more cash in negative ads.  Something he can NOT get away with in November.

One thing is clear.  We are NOT going to put up with RINO 2.0 with so much at stake for America.  (Damn it Newt, will you please start attacking Obama where it hurts?  On CORRUPTION?)

Contrary to the Mainstream, Lamestream, and RINOstream media Romney is NOT blowing this thing out.  Gingrich/Santorum beat Romney in Wisconsin, a necessary “swing” state in the upcoming election.  Santorum lost his lead to Mormon momentum and then closed back to within 4 points in the closing days.  It seems those people came from Gingrich supporters trying to stop Romney, not people all riled up for Rick.  That seems in line with the poll.

It also seems the GOP race leadership of both Mitt and Rick has given the national women lead BACK to Obama.  (Wasn’t it Gingrich who was supposed to be so bad in the woman vote?)  How’s that argument working out for you GOP?  It isn’t a coincidence that voter turnout is highest where Gingrich wins, and lowest where Mitt does relying on his “never mind about me, the other guy is terrible” strategy.

MittRight Even, the despised (and in PolitiJim’s opinion – despicable) Jennifer Pro-Romney Rubin discussed how the combo of forced ultrasounds, Rush sluts and contraception gaffes have brought broads back to Obama.  While Thomas Sowell’s standpoint that no one should bet “rent money” that Santorum can overcome his slips of speech or sanctimonious simulacrum seems downright prophetic, Mitt speaks and no one pays attention.  He’s like that kid at your lunch table that carries on a conversation with himself while everyone gets up to leave.  How is THAT guy going to inspire a nation to change leaders just as the (fake) economy and (faked) unemployment numbers improve by November?

We are also learning this:

Santorum’s claim to be the guy that can win in the Rust Belt is blue state bullsh**.

Vesty has now lost Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio by nearly 2-1.  I’m not surprised.  Rick argues that he had to make liberal and big union votes to win in a blue state to win.  There’s only two problems with that.  First, he didn’t win.  He lost by historic margins AFTER making those votes.  Second, as Dallas Tea Party heroine Katrina Pierson pointed out to me, it seems to have worked pretty well for Scott Walker to sell “true conservative” philosophy in a state MUCH redder than Pennsylvania.  It’s a worse argument than the thoroughly debunked “Specter was needed for Roberts and Alito” lie.

Another reason rust staters aren’t buying his liberal vote bull is an obvious disconnect of logic.  Rick argues simultaneously that he is the only “true and principled conservative” in the race while arguing he had to “take one for the team” and compromise his principles to get elected?  That too smells like a Pennsylvania cow pen because A) he is one of the most UNPRINCIPLED Republicans who has run backstabbing both the Prolife movement and Tea Party multiple times, and B) that is EXACTLY what he called Mitt Romney in his 2008 endorsement, a “true and principled” candidate.

Small250Newt Don’t forget – the only candidate who actively was winning the PR battle with Obama the past two months was Mr. 2.50 his own bad self. Ad launch pad, Leroy Gingrich actually Obama to make fake Keystone announcements that even the Lib broadcasters laughed at.

Will the GOP wake up or give away the series to bad news Barack by nominating the religious flake or the prodigious fake?


Mitt won his home state Mass by 3 to 1 at least showing that the GOP has forgiven him for loosing more Republican lawmakers (and Republicans) during his 2 year rule 2 year extended vacation.  Gingrich won Georgia by 2-1 over Mitt and 2.5 – 1 over Rick, solidifying the fact that those who knew him best had faith in him.  Santorum, on the other hand, is fighting for his life.   I suspect if Romney weren’t the alternative, Santorum would be soundly defeated.   I too am struggling whether to advocate for people consolidating behind Santorum in Pennsylvania for two reasons.  First, if Romney wins PA,  the media war to stop him from getting to 1,144 will be that much more difficult.  However, if Rick wins – even by a narrow margin – his supporters will make it sound like the victory of the “300” loosing the chance to just make him go away as a distraction (or worse) come convention time.

I used to think you could at least count on conservatives – if not Republicans – to “do the right thing.”  I’ve lost faith in both.  People still are swayed the false narratives they hear from their favorite radio, TV, or preacher personality and are heading headlong into freedom hari kari.

But I tend think the priority right now is to make sure Rominey is not the nominee and we get to a brokered convention where anything can happen.  Joe Scarborough really DOES have insider GOP information.  And if Romney’s RINO base really is rickety, it might be worth giving temporary support for Rick.

(Is it too earlier to drink?)

Wheres-Aldos-Birth-Certific C’mon Speaker.  Start speaking out on Sheriff Joe’s stuff.  It will bring more followers, put you back into battle with Obama and finally force Rick to show Pappa Aldo’s citizenship proof.  It will also blunt the Rubio VP rumors, ruining Romney’s imaginary dream.  (Not the Rubio/Romney amnesty dream, although that could stand some derailing also.)

There IS some evidence that Romney may be ineligible, but PolitiJim hasn’t fully investigated to make his own opinion.  I’ll get back to you on that.

Dick Morris reports that Romney will inevitably have this locked up by June.  What is clear is that Santorum has proven he can’t stop him.

At this point I think those of us that see no way to get to TRUE reformation of constitutional government with the two stooges, must play this like an NBA team down by 10 with a minute left to play in the conference finals.  Just stop the other team from making easy scores, and drag the game out as long as possible where they might make a mistake.

Otherwise we might as well just give China, Venezuela and Russia the NBA trophy. National Borders Abandonded.  Both literally and philosophically.

I suspect the other 2/3rds of the GOP are seeing the same thing.



Dr. Ron Polland said...

Newt knows Obozo is not a natural-born citizen, but that's his hole card. When Taitz came up to him, and tried to get him to go full Birther, he was smart enough to tell her that she should pursue it, and that he has enough issues to cover about Obama.

Joe's investigation is a work-in-progress and people need to get other lawmakers to push for a congressional investigation.

Newt's popularity is growing and he is the candidate they want facing off against Obama.

The media and the GOP establishment are still pushing two phony narratives (1) that Romney has this wrapped up, and (2) that Newt is dead. The media are terrified of a Newt candidacy because of how stupid he makes them look, and they hate that more than anything because they know he is smarter than they are and nearly always right.

Mitt Romney isn't a natural born Citizen because his grandfather, Gaskell, spent 25 years living in Mexico, proselytizing and voiding US polygamy laws in effect at that time in the US. At that time, the Catholic-dominated Mexican government(s) would not have allowed Gaskell to come into Mexico to proselytize if becoming a Mexico citizen wasn't part of the deal.

Please believe me when I say this issue has nothing whatsoever to do with politics or Mitt's religious beliefs. It is just upholding the provisions of the Constitution,as I see them, and nothing more.

Since the doubts concerning Barack Obama's,Mitt Romney and Rick Santorm's "natural born citizen" status are Constitutional in nature, the honorable thing to do, if either of thesethree gentelmen are, indeed, honorable in this regard, would ask the Supreme Court (not Congress, not the voters, not the consensus of legal opinion) for a declaratory judgment in resolving these doubts before the next election in 2012.

ex animo

Normally, I wouldn't buy into anything Scarborough said. But this actually did ring somewhat true with me.

Today, John McCain called for Santorum to get out of the race. Odd he didn't include Newt.

I do agree that Newt does need to start making the case to the American people and do NOT wait until the primaries are over.

There is a lot of voter apathy out there against Mitt and I think Newt could do very well for himself if he would just sit down and write a good speech and appeal to everyone's mind.

Thanks again Politijim for all your great articles.

Newt has given many great speeches. the people don't care. they concentrate on infidelity etc,

Why are the people not voting for Newt then? His records of acomplishments out do all three of the other nominees put together. He has the will, determination, and passion to get us back to being the number 1 nation in the world again. He would make America the safest country in the world and our military one to fear. Our constitution would once again be restored and followed according to the law of the land. He is what everyone in this country say we need but are voting the opposite. Why? Why are people turning their backs on America and everything we stand for. All these people who portray themselves as holier than thou Christians know (or should know), GOD does forgive. They on the other hand must feel their forgivness is supiorer to HIS. To deny this country and we the people the only person who has proven leadership and skills to restore our "One Nation Under God", because of his past (which he asked GOD to forgive), will be suicidal, destructive and the end of the United States of America as we know it. Thank You

Well said Jim...Mr. $2.50 a gallon indeed...his message is the only one obama is responding to.

Diann, well said.

In fact I think Newt's new speech should be entitled
"One Nation Under God." That should really wake up the conservatives.

Also, Politijim thought you might want to see an article on Santorum from Jerry Bowyer who has known Rick for 22 years, and knows that he lies.

Great Jerry Boyer article. Everyone should read it. Thanks for sharing this with me.

Another great article @politiJim! The left has been rooting for a Mitt Romney face off the minute Obamacare was signed into law. The same $ behind Obama in '08 is also behind Romney. I particularly like your synopsis of what a debate would look like between the two. The thing is while Romney tries to distance himself from Obamacare, Barack will be traveling across the country thanking the governor for laying the groundwork.

As for Speaker Gingrich, its the establishment on both sides that fear him for his actual record. He is the ONLY candidate that has the proof behind him that he will do what he says. (Oh, except if you count Mitt promising pro abortion legislation, denouncing Ronald Reagan, gay marriage, gun laws, etc. All of which he DID follow through on, then yes he is a very principled LIBERAL.) I believe very strongly that the dems were co-conspirators in the Newt bashing and people just couldn't get passed the muck. I mean if we the people were as principled as we wanted our representatives to be, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in. This notion that Mitt is better than Obama may well be true on the surface and what I am about to say may make some angry. Mitt Romney has already done irreparable damage to our party and will undo all we conservatives have worked very hard for in 2010 if elected president. He started the minute he handed out donations to every tea party candidate he could find. The left will have four years to continue organizing the death of conservatism for a very long time and a President Gingrich would never let that happen and they all know that.

Hi, Jim! I am a frequent visitor to Politijim, and continually recommend your site to others.

Where have you gone? Haven't seen you anywhere since your last article. I hope everything's okay. I keep checking your blog day after day, but you seem to have stopped posting.

Please let us know that you're there! You are such a staple and an inspiration to many of us out there. You have been so consistent in giving us the facts about all the candidates, and in supporting Newt!

Take care. I will keep checking back here. God bless!

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