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Breitbart Will Not Have an Obama Bombshell


I have just spent two days at the True the Vote National Summit featuring James O’Keefe, Anita MonCrief, Christian Abrams, Pat Caddell, John Fund and many others.  I wanted to rush two newsworthy items out before a much more thoughtful and comprehensive post tomorrow on the conference.

The final speaker was the Executive Chairman of and Sarah Palin THE UNDEFEATED Producer Steve Bannon who broke a bombshell by saying:

Breitbart will not have a magic video that will change the election.  It is going to be done at the grassroots level by ground troops (like True the Vote.)

Many have noted that Andrew Breitbart seemed to indicate at CPAC 2012 something much more profound and injurious to the Obama campaign when he said:

I’ve got videos by the way.  This election we are going to vet him from his college days to show you (wild applause) why racial division and class warfare are central to what Hope and Change were sold in 2008.   The videos are going to come out, the narrative is going to come out, that Barack Obama met a bunch of silver ponytails back in the 1980’s like Bill and Bernandine Dorn - equally radical  - who said (emphasis mine) someday we are going to have the Presidency while the rest of us slept and they plotted, and they plotted and they oversaw hundreds of millions of dollars with the Annenberg Challenge.  They had real money. 

Many have noted that the video of Obama hugging “Critical Race Theory” evangelist Derrick Bell fell far short of what most of us assumed was a video of radicals saying that they would own the Presidency.  Is it possible that the master of conservative bombshell media including Pigford, O’Keefe ACORN videos, and Anthony Weiner truly overestimated the impact of Obama hugging a radical even more obscure than his own Chicago pastor which occurred WHILE he was actually a Senator?  I suppose anything is possible.  It is a sobering thought to realize neither legislators or conservative media are going to touch the TRULY damaging evidence of Obama’s eligibility and rest their arguments on obscure relationships that go back double the length of time since Romney was an gay marriage by executive order, extreme socialized medicine and Cap and Trade imposing Governor.

As has been pointed out many times on this blog, Ben Shapiro not only said Breitbart wasn’t going to touch Sheriff Joe Arapaio’s six month investigative findings, he further said that he didn’t believe Obama did anything so radical as forging documents.   He claimed his own staff told him there was “nothing to it.”

To me it isn’t only Andrew Breitbart, the founder of, that is dead.

But Bannon did nail many other narratives including the declaration that September 18, 2008 – the day that George Bush decided to give the Federal Reserve the power to severely indebt the country and dilute our currency without consent of “we the people” – will go down in history as one of the darkest turning points of our country.  Since it was that event that singularly reversed the lead and double digit momentum McCain/Palin and sealed Obama’s victory and the associated tyranny.

As a former Goldman Sachs VP and investment banker he gets it.  You don’t have to severely weaken America by passing laws if you make one US dollar worth fifty cents.  Your income stays the same but your food, gas and expenses soar.  Your house value plummets and many are forced to depend on the government MORE.  If it was a tax, it would be the equivalent of tripling taxes on nearly every American overnight.

Bannon emphasized the abdication of patriotic Americans who participated in creating a culture where a war hero like John McCain would rather cower from the fear of race riots rather than uphold the rule of law and challenge the rampant Obama voter fraud uncovered by his campaign.  Can I most respected war heroes really go from the selfless acts of Audie Murphy to the cowardice of the Eddie Murphy character Bowfinger?

True the Vote has been saying this for sometime, but Bannon reiterated that “WISCONSIN IS EVERYTHING.”  He made an astute comparison of the Scott Walker battle to the November elections as Bleeding Kansas was to the civil war.

If you don’t think Obama, the liberal and Marxist forces, George Soros and every union in America doesn’t know this – you had better slap yourself and a neighbor and wake the hell up.  To paraphrase the old New York, New York song, “if they can steal it there, they’ll steal it anywhere.”

I can’t imagine Andrew Breitbart ever conceding that they weren’t gong to attempt to impact the elections through investigative media.  But in a strange way, that is EXACTLY what is needed for our American Idol/Dancing With the Stars culture of ennui to be shaken.  Someone else isn’t going to save you or your children’s future.  If you want to stop this election, YOU will have to get involved personally.  Bannon and Breitbart aren’t going to bail us out.

Bannon said that David Axelrod and the Obama axis of evil know precisely what election professionals like Fund and Adams do.

The election will come down to just
one hundred counties in eight states

If you thought what Romney did to Gingrich was overwhelming by inundating Iowa and Florida voters with lying ads 22 to 1, just wait until you see the NEXT wave of liberal fury.

A combination of untold media resources (paid and MSM free) WITH an ACORN orchestrated deluge of last minute fake ballots where the Soros paid Secretary of State in those states controls the outcome of election even more than Kathleen Harris did in Florida in 2000.  How else do you think Al Franken went from being an obvious loser the day before to being the vote ensuring ObamaCare?  As we’ve noted, Hillary Clinton may have actually WON the Democratic primary although it was never covered by the media.

Former Department of Justice whistleblower Christian Adams covered just how dire the American electoral system is and just what we are up against prior to Bannon’s speech.  He said conservatives and patriots needed to wake up to the fact that we are up against LIARS and DESTROYERS who will not be overcome with a good argument or even money.  It has to be won with prosecutorial EVIDENCE of their fraud machines, local accountability and volunteers.

That bad news is that we are outnumbered and out gunned and severely underfunded compared to America’s enemies that have a 20 year head start on us.

The good news is that groups like True the Vote are actually WINNING against great odds.  We’ve gotten Voter ID laws passed or proposed in many states.  in 2010 we turned out MORE poll watchers in Harris County (Houston) Texas than the Department of Justice had for the entire nation with millions of dollars.  And we’ve actually stopped tens of thousands of opportunities for fraud in Texas and Wisconsin even with the first few brave souls that has stepped up to help in any way they could.  It is truly the beginning of a REAL democratic force in the spirit of Solidarity.

It’s not just that the loss of this election means an enormous rise in taxes for all Americans.  It’s not just that the loss of this election means a near certain double recession.  It's not just that the loss of this election means a socialist tyrant will have even MORE power to give away the defense secrets and wealth of this country to foreign governments while taking MORE freedoms us.

It’s that the loss of this election means a near impossible task to use the legitimate powers of not only the Federal Department of Justice, but a host of state and local governments that will simply refuse to prosecute their own their evil fraudsters and further strengthen the control to do whatever they want.  That results not just in the loss of your favorite party or representative, but the loss of control of your schools, property taxes and possibly even justice by your local sheriff.  Certainly it is the loss of free and fair elections for many years to come.

ttv-catherineTrue the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht closed the conference with her PERSONAL story of her first encounter when she volunteered to observe the voting at her local precinct.  PolitiJim could hardly see the “stop” switch on his recorder as she spoke.  This anecdote so well exemplified why America is so important not only to us, but to people around the world.  These four minutes should be heard by EVERY American.

Catherine Englebrect from the closing remarks
at the True the Vote National Summit.

(right click  to download)

Now sign up IMMEDIATELY in your state to volunteer to do SOMETHING to no longer let the left STEAL your wealth or your children’s future.  You can start here or start a grassroots voter integrity project in your state or community.



But maybe this is the bigger story.

Thanks politijim.

How is the election going to make a difference when Romney is the 'presumptive nominee'?

They have planned a "heads I win, tails you lose" situation.

The general election is between the Republican National Socialist Party vs the Democrat National Socialist Party.

Well certainly voter fraud will be the deciding factor yet again in this election.

And just when you thought you knew Mitt Romney, the other Mitt Romney steps out.

We are so screwed.

I hate to agree but I wrote the same end on another site comment.

We're screwed because Republican, Independent, conservative and tea party voters are just as uninformed as liberal Democrat voters.

There is no way in hell Romney or Santorum would have come out ahead of Gingrich if this wasn't true.

I would favor BensonII comment if there were a like button 'Republican,Independent,Conservative, and tea party voters are just as uninformed as liberal Democrat Voters"agree

Only Democrat Voters wouldn't care if they were informed, they are herd animals with an agenda.

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