Saturday, April 21, 2012

Romney’s Logo Conspiracy – Not a Red Stater


My conspiracy Silliness of the Day:


In looking at Romney’s official logo a couple of things occurred to me:

  • There is hardly any red in the Romney logo. 
    (Romney really isn’t much into “red” states?)
  • The red that is there isn’t really “red”.  It’s more of a dark red.  (Again, is Mitt only focused on the burgundy wine crowd?)
  • The original “red” in our seal was to mean “hardiness & valour,” so is being “off color” significant?
  • The American flag is basically red and white with a navy blue field of stars. Since Romney reversed it to mean LESS a reflection of traditional American values?
  • The blue also is not a “true” blue.  Since blue stands for “vigilance, perseverance & justice” – is Mitt telegraphing he is a bit light on the true navy of the American flag?
  • Why isn’t a full “R” displayed.  Is the other half hidden like his REAL motivations?
  • Isn’t  the “OMNEY” (weirdly similar to “ominous”)
  • The leading “R” is not a serif font like the “Believe in America” or the “OMNEY” making me wonder if what comes AFTER he is first elected will be different from what he portrays.
  • Why is the waving “R” instead of being bold and steady?  Does this mean he will be wavering?

Like I said.  Silliness.  (“omny” music…dum dum dum….or is it….?)

Now someone might say, “PolitiJim, YOUR color scheme is all blue with a tiny bit of red.”

To which I would reply,

A) Shut up,


B) My color scheme is based on my beloved Chicago CUBS which is all blue and a tiny bit of red.

Now if Romney has dropped the Red Sox (like new Cub and former Boston GM Theo Epstein) and become a Cub fan we can talk…. 

RMoney Romney logo Or maybe not.


As an artist, I read Romney's Campaign Logo as a very revealing diagnostic of Romney's character and lack of integrity. His logo is a visual Freudian slip of sorts, completely unintentional of course.

The 'people' in the R are really one person, Romney. Each part is a different color that contrasts because he is really three different people. Romney's spirit, soul and bodily life, his thoughts, beliefs and actions are not unified or reconciled. Romney lacks integrity and congruity, because each part has a different set of rules. At home, he's one person; in his church life he is another; and in business and politics he is another person entirely.

This lack of integration/integrity explains why Romney troubles conservatives and how he is able to lie without shame, to cheat and steal ruthlessly in politics and business, and to treat his fellow Republicans as badly as he does in campaigns. His lying is serious and seems pathological. He may have some ability to completely wall off parts of his life from the other (like William Jefferson Clinton) and thus keep his conscience at bay. This may have to do with his relationship with his father. One counselor wrote that Romney seems to be in competition with his father in gaining wealth and political position (particularly the presidency).

Both Joseph Smith, Romney's spiritual father and George Romney, his biological father ran for POTUS and failed. Smith in 1844 and George Romney in 1968. Romney's quest seems to have a certain passionate, psychological drivenness about it.

How do we gain integrity. By having our whole life and heart consistently following the same set of rules, hopefully God's Commandments and Word as led/enlightened by the Holy Spirit. The Bible says we become like the law/rules/person we obey. Psalm 19:7-14 says God's law changes, converts, enlightens us. God is a Trinity. Humans are made in God's image as a triune being: spirit, soul and body. (See I Thessalonians 5:23) Our soul has three parts too: mind (cognition), will (volition) and emotions (feelings), according to psychologists, counselors, pastors. Jesus said we are to be One as God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are One, unified in with God in spirit, vision, purpose, thoughts, actions, relationships...all in agreement, congruent with God's Word, Commandments... sure we fail, but we can repent and regain that congruency and integrity as we daily walk with God.

As I have written before, a repentant Newt is far better than an unrepentant Romney. Sadly, Romney is still pretending to be a conservative, while he hints and his staffers tell us otherwise...that he has plans to shake that act once he's in office or gets the nomination. Can we trust Romney? No, any agreement with Romney must be in writing with a very large penalty for failing to live up to it.

Still, I am not planning to vote for him. I'll write in Newt.

It's not a stretch Politijim. Romney seems to run away from the "true believers."

Given that George Romeny aligned himself with Saul Alinsky and Mittens carpet bombed Newt and Rick, it's not a stretch at all.

The end result has been a division of the party. Conservatives are angry and rightly so.

The focus of Romney's logo is on the left. That is significant as it accurately and truthfully symbolizes of Romney's governorship and ideology.

Further thoughts on Romney's Logo and Fragmented personalities.

Children of famous parents, public figures, movie stars, politicians, preachers, are often trained to develop at least two personas....a public and a private one. They may also grow up 1. pressured to live up to their parents' expectation, 2. trying to vie for their parents' attention 3. shaping themselves to win their parents approval, love, affirmation 4. competing with their parents because of their anger with their parents 5. fulfilling vows and promises made to their parents or other parent figures. 6. growing accustomed to, depending on the wealth and privilege and believing they are exempt from rules that should govern others.

All of these tend to fragment a person's integrity, divide personality, loyalties, create inner conflicts, arrest emotional development, prevent strong personal identity, values, character, ego-strength.

As a Southerner, I've known many men like Romney. Mitt Romney is a typical son of a father of wealthy, powerful, privileged social elite. These fathers and their children acted as though they believed they were entitled to break rules, have and get what they want. They compartmentized and separated their home, church, and business lives. The rules were different in each of those arenas. They could be two or three or more completely different people as the occasion required. There is a story of Mitt Romney when he was a teen-ager. He wanted to take friends out in a boat that had no license. When the authorities tried to prevent him from doing so, he said to bill the fine to his dad, so he could go anyway. He lost that argument.

Mitt's religion is practiced at one level as a Mormon bishop, and like the stories that have been told, he can be compassionate and caring. Yet, he is not altogether governed by the Mormon or Biblical doctrines and rules. While the Mormons were defending marriage in California, Mitt put same-sex marriage into law by executive order in Massachusetts - against the constitution of his state. He also implemented gay adoption, abortion and other radical social agendas that conflict with Mormon and Biblical doctrines. Romney consulted with the same radicals as Obama's advisors and appointed Czars - Kevin Jennings and John Holdren.

As a business man and a politician, he is ruthless, unethical and has violated many Biblical and ethical standards. Mitt's lies are legion, well-documented on numerous sites. I have dozens of links. There were eight at least lies documented in the last two debates alone. Numerous lies in his CPAC speech. Romney's departures from truth are disturbing, if not pathological.

In reality, Romney is as broken in character and compartmentalized or fractured in integrity as William Jefferson Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. How can the Mormons, Christians or conservatives wink at all that?

I see pastels. I want a bold Reagan Conservative.

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