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George Washington and the Ryan Wrinkle –Rubio Rub

ryan rubio

Like everyone else, PolitiJim heard the rumblings of the Ryan-Rubio Romney rubber stamps starting on Wednesday night.  If you’re a PolitiJim reader, and you think I was riled, rankled or upset, you need either new reading glasses or some ginkgo biloba.

I’ve had Twitter friends assume the race is all over now.  I’ve had fellow patriots speculate on whether we should quit trying to fight for Newton Leroy, and even conservative headlines this morning about the “death” of conservative movement and post mortems galore.

What are you so shocked about?

I wrote of the betrayal of Paul Ryan three times.  The first was during the Boehner budget ceiling debate when Paul Ryan and Allen West caved to the $1 Trillion defense cuts and would not “hold the line” with DeMint and Bachmann and the Tea Party 22Paul Ryan was not with us.

Second was when he let Newt squirm on the false accusations of Newt’s “social engineering” statement (that proved justified from the restult of Ryan budget plan 2.0).   A conservative committed to truth wouldn’t allow a fellow conservative who had just profusely praised his plan 3 days earlier in print and interviews to hang like that.  It was a flag to me that Ryan either had personally not taken the effort to listen to the David Gregory interview, has thin skin and a bigger ego than believed, or has an entirely other selfish agenda.   I’m LEAST likely to believe the last one.  But again, Paul Ryan was not with us.

And then when some of the “real conservatives” really didn’t care whether it was Gingrich or Santorum who stopped Romney, even THEY abandoned their standards of conservative truth by arguing FOR Santorum’s big government, big union, unprincipled prolife and Tea Party attacking evidence, using Paul Ryan as an example.  “Paul Ryan voted for XXXXXX like Santorum did, so you should be cut Rick a break.”  Have you not learned this life lesson FOR YOURSELF?  You can ONLY accurately judge people by their “performance and actions,” not by their words or promises.  At this juncture not only is Paul Ryan not with us, those who abandon their principles to “settle” for Romney are too.

People who tweet stuff like this…

If all the people you thought were conservative heroes now endorse Romney, did you stop to think it might be you and not them?

…embarrass the legacy of our Revolutionary War founders.

I appreciate that you are not a liberal.  I appreciate that you understand that Obama needs to be gone.  But if a Bush/Boehner GOP establishment type - who does NOT have a driving desire to demolish the STRUCTURE of our current tax, regulatory and political system – is elected, this original Constitutional principles of this country will irrevocably be lost.  Because that leader will inevitably practice what got them to their political position - compromise.  And compromise they will even more.  IT IS WHO THEY ARE.

WeyrichEndorseNewt Romney abandoned any attempt to be fiscally conservative in his OWN STATE after only two years.  He doesn’t even have the courage to stick up for his past decisions (like gay marriage), acting like a wussie weenie who lies and blames his own Supreme Court.  It so sickened Heritage Foundation founder Paul Weyrich that he warned the ENTIRE GOP he would leave the party if McCain nominated him as VP.  And since 2008 he only added to his rap sheet by spending years sabotaging Sarah Palin and becoming even more brazen in his deception and lying.  What would he do knowing CONSERVATIVES were ready to follow him to Presidency?

This is why I’m holding on for a Gingrich miracle.  He was there BEFORE the Tea Party took off, he even fought Reagan on giving into Bob Dole and scuttling his entire tax cut plan and engineered a broader acceptance of the GOP than Reagan did.  You don’t like his vote for Medicare Plan D like Paul Ryan?  Well, he doesn’t apologize for it like the rest of the pretenders, vigorously explaining his CONSERVATIVE reasons that directly line up with his words when it happened.  Taxpayers were paying $250,000 for heart surgery that could have been avoided with $2,500 Lipitor.  The health savings accounts he thought would give an example of how to begin privatizing government control of health care  AS A STEP toward great reform.  Santorum?  It was wrong.  I’m sorry.  I “took one for the team.” ANYTHING EXCEPT taking responsibility.

Why do you think Israel turned AGAIN to Benjamin Netanyahu in 2009 after Barak, Sharon and Olmert? Because REAL internal and external threats didn’t give them the luxury of taking a chance with a politician who had not been tested and successful in leadership.  And even with an extremely corrupt and liberal government, he’s done wonders.  (Pray for the Shalom of Jerusalem and Israel!)

rubio hairfly And the new Rub
With Marco Rubio?

I love the speeches Marco Rubio gives.  No one has sounded more like Reagan including maybe even Reagan.  But I’ve never seen Rubio as an immediate answer to our lack of leadership.  For one, I’m all caught up in avoiding - what the Democrats have done - in hiring a young charismatic, great speaking hopeful with ZERO executive experience to run the government, HOPING his “CHANGE” will be great.  CONVINCING me you can fly an airplane with only the experience of driving a car, is different from demonstrating to me that you can actually do it.  My little warning flags have been popping up for the past year as his name has been bandied about as a potential VP hopeful, even with Romney advisors running back and forth being employed by both camps possibly even to manipulate the Florida primary.

When someone first presented the notion that Marco Rubio is NOT a “natural born citizen,” and thus not eligible to be EITHER Vice President or President, I felt queasier than after gulping down a whole nest of 3 week old worms.  So letting only the truth guide, I subscribed to every blog, talking about it and I set out to find the truth.  I was sorely disappointed when it was clear his father had NOT become a naturalized citizen before his birth.  I also thought of the place in history he would have by doing as George Washington did and placing the country above his own personal self ambition.  F. Swemson has written a brilliant letter asking him to do just that.

The fact that Rubio evaded these questions since last year (like Santorum) and didn’t boldly come out and declare that he knew he was not a natural born citizen, began to be another red flag.

But by now it should be clear, Rubio is not with us.

They want this guy to lead us:

So the conservative casualty list now includes people we never imagined back on April 15th of 2009 who have ended up being more Benedict Arnold than Bill Buckley Jr.  They include:

  • Matt Drudge – media bias/distortion for RINO’s.
  • Nikki Haley – betrayal of Tea Party values and candidates.
  • Ann Coulter – all of the above.
  • Glenn Beck – all of the above plus calling Tea Party people racist and killing OTHER conservative investigations while likely being a plant for Romney the whole time.
  • Allen West – betrayal of Tea Party “hold the line” AND NDAA defense that is severely in error.
  • Rick Santorum – beginning with choosing Romney over Huckabee, Specter over Toomey, this shouldn’t be a surprise – but as someone who almost supported him, I include him for a myriad of well documented reasons.
  • Ben Shapiro, Editor of Breitbartdoesn’t believe Sheriff Joe Arapio’s six month investigation on Obama’s forged documents because Breitbart staff told him “there was nothing there.”
  • Rush Limbaugh betrayed conservatives by undercutting Huckabee (not my favorite but more conservative than Romney) in 2008, and did it again this year saying “Santorum was the only conservative left in the race.”  Worse, he defended CORPORATISM (what the founders disdained as Mercantilism) over Constitutional capitalism.
  • Michelle Malkin for radically either under-researching Santorum and Gingrich claims and hypocritically not correcting the record when notified (which she won’t stand for in the liberal media.)
  • John Bolton – willing to support Romney LONG before the race was decided against the other “true” conservatives ESPECIALLY since Romney and his advisers have been squidgy (or worese) about taking bold stands on Iran and Israel compared to Gingrich.
  • Paul Ryan.
  • Marco Rubio.
  • The National Review Online editorial staff.  Endorsing ANYONE but probably the closest in spirit and track record to the founder as Thomas Sowell pointed out.
  • RedSate/Erick Erickson – First it was the sabotage of a Tea Party heroine HE ORIGINALLY ENDORSED, then it was the degradation of Sarah Palin and his Glenn Beck like breakdown, and along with the rest of “MSCM,” he defaces his oath to the Constitution as a member of the Georgia bar by refusing to defend it against the gloating subversion of our President.
  • ???? (Who’s got next?)

    (feel free to post your own in comments)

Gee PolitiJim, there’s no one left!

Precisely.  The odd thing is that none of these people are bad people.  I think most of them genuinely care about our country and disdain the socialistic tyranny creeping upon us by Barack Hussein Obama.  Unlike the crazy rhetoric of some conservatives, they are not RINO’s (like an Arlen Specter or Olympia Snow.)  They are just significantly less principled than they claim to be.  Here’s a shocker: WE ALL ARE.

braveheart_dvd_02 There is a difference between those who call themselves Christians, and those who will still confess Christ under torture in a Chinese gulag.  Braveheart is inspiring because we ALL want to believe when things get tough, we will be able to be the non-compromising courageous patriots we admire.

This is why leadership is so important.  If that leadership is weak or abusive, another will find it’s place – good or bad.  Scotland would not have been free if not William Wallace or Robert the Bruce.  Lenin and Castro would never have gained power without the abuse of the proletariat by the previous selfish regime.

Leadership will also achieve the unthinkable.  Not only was 60% of the country AGAINST George Washington’s mangy army in the winter of 1776, the states wouldn’t give him money to fight.  If Washington had decided the battle was too tough with his army dwindled from 30,000 to 3,000 (1/3 who had no shoes and left a trail of blood on their march), the Revolution would have been over.

THIS is not the guy who says he was forced to “give in” to the Supreme Court and then lied about it.  This is not the other guy who claimed he was adamantly prolife, but voted with the entire Democrat party to accept Sotomayor to the bench over the objections of Rush, LifeNews, and all conservatives including John McCain.  Then he tried to scuttle conservatives who wanted to filibuster her nomination to SCOTUS.

Meanwhile, Gingrich can’t even get credit for standing up to Clinton, Bush 1 and even REAGAN who all put severe pressure on him to cave to “moderation.”  How did this happen?

Complicity, self-promotion and ego over a commitment to the truth.  Everyone had a vested interested in their “guy” or “girl” or acceptance by other conservatives  - rather than letting the truth take them down the “right” path.  Conservative blabber amplifies false narratives against Newt amplified from Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge, but the truth of his heroism in fighting Cap and Trade, ObamaCare and TARP don’t even make a ripple.

719_Republicans_for_Action_Washington_Crossing_the_Delaware,_Emanuel_Leutze_s_1851_Painting But if Washington took into account that he was outnumbered, outmanned and outgunned, he never would have bravely attacked a much mightier army in the dead of night Christmas Eve, 1776.

So, someone, somewhere has got to stand up for truth.  If the Redcoats surround us and we are out of food, I certainly will join forces with whoever will help us defeat them – even if it means I settle for a less courage leader.  In my case, that will be Romney, but only because no one has shown me convincing proof Santorum can escape his social conservative lightening rod of a tongue that would crucify him against Obama.

Meanwhile, I will continue to urge, implore, beg, chastise and challenge my fellow patriots to stand firm for a leader who has been succeeding against liberal insurrection and media successfully for 30+ years.  I will continue to wage war with Newt.

I am one of the three thousand marching from Valley Forge onward, willing to settle only for “Liberty or Death,” even if it means doing so without shoes or hope.

Let the politicians go ahead and keep setting themselves up for leaders who will betray them in the end.  Or worse, be found ineligible.  You can have them.

But I will look my children in the eye 20 years from now whether we are Greece West or the Great Shining City on the Hill once again, and say, I never gave up trying for the best for you.

And I never will.


I am so on your side. Here, here.

I'll be sticking with Newt to the end. Donate as much as I can and continue to spread my support of Newt to family and friends.

I'm an American of Mexican descent. I once thought I could run for President, but guess what one of my parents was not an American citizen when I was born, but became one after. So, I can't run and that's that.

Why do people seem entitled if they don't follow the rules.

Santorum has a similar problem and should do the right thing and remove himself from the race. Rubio will have to do the same.

To the convention!

I salute you Newto. If you want to ever write an op-ed on that I'd love to republish on PJ.

I enjoyed reading your piece. My question is, why do you not look into WHY we have all these good men standing behind Mitt ROmney? There is no one else in the race to endorse, that's why! Who else was winning up to now? He may not have a great lead, but he does have the "machine" helping him every step of the way. The power of the Machine is difficult to resist, even Newt will cave, just wait. He will be on your list, too. He has already admitted that Romney will probably clinch the nomination and that he will get behind him. Where's your disappointment in him? Stop whining! Everyone you listed plays by the rules of the Establishment. The true Conservative who was the real second-in-line, Sarah Palin, who does not want to play by "those" insider rules, who refuses to be part of the corruption in D.C., and who will not compromise her integrity is being overlooked by the very establishment she helped keep in power. They would rather see us lose an election than acknowledge her as uniquely qualified to lead the party to victory this year. They have pretend she doesn't exist. Its breathtaking! This needs attention. Why? Because an injustice has been committed. If anyone deserves the nomination it should be her. She is the candidate of MERIT based on a proven record of success in energy, fiscal policies and exposing corruption. She is principled both personally and fiscally and has a unique character for times such as these. That plus she's dynamic, charismatic and exciting. Lets stop making the list longer than it has to be. None of the men listed above would do anything to harm our country. Just because they are following the rules doesnt mean they have sold out. It means we should FOCUS OUR ATTENTION instead on the perpetrators, the string-pullers and talking-point geniuses behind the scenes who will the the cause for Failure in 2012. I will appreciate a reply.

excellent sir, simply excellent. I will join you as one of the 3,000.

Here is an article of interest but I'm not supporting a third party run which would be disastrous.

I'm wondering Politijim, if you would support Newt and Rick consolidating their delegates?

I would only support that if Newt makes it clear he is the one to be President.

It seems more clearer to me that the establishment wants this to be over NOW. Texas wants a debate with the candidates and all are in except Romney.

I've also come across the Ron Paul people saying that Romney lawyers fixed the outcome of the North Dakota primary. Is this being done in most States?

Also, I've noticed how Fox News and other news shows come out with the projected winner within minutes of a poll closing. Is the Romney camp writing up all these briefs ahead of time and sending them to the news stations?

I still continue to support Newt and still continue donating. People seem to not be able to get behind him even though they know he is the best one.

If God is in charge of this election, the best person will surely emerge.

Thanks again for all the wonderful writing you do.

Most, if not all, regardless of who the nominee is will rally around him to defeat Barack Obama, even Sarah Palin. If Mitt is the nomiee and it certainly seems to be heading that way by design (Newt is right), they will all rally to push Mitt to victory, at that point I do not see it as "caving in". The goal is to defeat Barack Obama. They would rally around Mickey Mouse if he were the nominee as well, or as Mark Levin puts it "an empty orange juice can". The problem is that these "Good Guys" are playing to the same ole tune. Washington needs to be shaped up, reigned in, shaken up and made to toll the line and I honestly do not think that the establishment and that includes Ryan and Rubio are ready to give up the perks, that's why they are endorsing Mitt, what else could it possibly be? He certainly is NOT as qualified or as conservative as Newt and no where near as smart to implement the changes we need. The democrats don't want to go up against Newt and the Republicans don't want him shaking things up. This is not American Idol, we are fighting for our freedom here. They do not seem to care that Mitt has enough problems that Barack is going to have a field day against him and he definitely has not proven himself to be the conservative we need to pull in the reigns of the Govt.. Barack Obama has been planning this fight with Mitt for ALONG time (occupy protesters, romneycare).
Unfortunately, Sarah Palin CHOSE NOT TO run, she could have thrown her hat into the ring. The fortunate part of all of this is that it is not over yet, no one has the delegates needed.

I don't get the Mike Ryan thing. Can you please explain or give a link to the inside scoop on that.

Isabel, I normally INTENTIONALLY don't reply to those who demand one - but for the enlightenment of others I will respond.

first - you obviously haven't read much of my blog. I have said since the beginning of the blog that Sarah Palin was my first choice.

second - here's a shocker to you. She is NOT as well equipped to lead this country as Newt Gingrich is. She did a damn fine job for 2/3rds of a single term as Governor. She's got principle but she has no where near the experience, intellect and understanding of government that Gingrich does. has she studied military strategy and taught it for 30 years? Has she created books, videos and audio training tapes to equip conservatives on how to start in politics and get elected nationwide? Has she successfully kept a fractured coalition of liberals and RINO's on a conservative legislative path? No. Don't forget SHE SUPPORTED THE BRIDGE TO NOWHERE. She's not perfect either. She and Newt Gingrich BOTH have a similar outlook on how to appeal to a broad spectrum and how to reform government. I would be as vigorous behind her because she DOES have a keen sense of reform, populism beyond religious conservatives (witness Tammy Bruce and an 80% approval rating), and she's likely got a slightly stronger base of support to work from (albeit inexperienced and disorganized) to work from.

third - I do not see Gingrich caving. I will be as disappointed at him doing so as I was when Palin "caved" and gave up her governorship or when she "caved" and unannounced in October of last year. If he does I can't see it being for political gain as his history shows a consistent willingness to do the UNpolitical thing in fighting Dole/Reagan on watered tax cuts, etc etc. I suspect if he does make a deal it is to influence the inevitable candidate toward the middle or prepare for a run in 2016 (or earlier should Obama be found ineligible).

Just remember. Sarah Palin was obviously setting the framework for a run with her bus tour, Tea Party visits and movie. Notice after October of last year her appearance have been limited to her FOX gig and a very few speaking engagements. (What happened to that whole - you don't need a title to make a difference?)

Truth is YOU DO NEED THE TITLE OF PRESIDENT to impact change the way we talk about. Although he might not even be legitimate, look how much change that title has gotten Obama. I respect Governor Palin's decision to get out - and would embrace her getting back in. But let's get real and call it as it is. She's was never an automatic given had she run.

Did you notice the demonic frenzy when Newt took the lead? Even still the Establishment continues to undercut him. She would have had no easier a path although I think she would have fared FAR better than Santorum against Romney in the Midwest and had bigger margins of victory in the South.

I'll give you a Poker analogy of where I think Newt is. You are down to $5 and can either go all in - lose the hand and be out of the game, or pray your pair of Aces is enough. Is it better to fold - and influence the pot holder in the next hand (making sure you have ACCESS to Romney as an elected President to keep him on track rather than just a FoxNews contributor he won't listen to) or to pray for a miracle?

In answer to RadioNut61, you can do one of two things if you lose your final hand. You can draw you're six shooter and accuse the winner of cheating with slim odds since nearly everyone else at the table is on the winner's side. You can go start another poker game, but who is going to get in on the action of the guy who lost? You have to find a venue, fine big money people to support when the Winner already owns the salon and has the players lined up.

The GOP "structure" is much more valuable to take over than trying to start one yourself. If you can't do it now - then - in my opinion - you start immediately following Romney's loss or immediately following his first betrayal. (Of which there will be many).

Don't forget - you have to get A MAJORITY of people to abandon the GOP with you. Not even Teddy Roosevelt could do that after two successful terms as the GOP President.

Where this COULD happen is around the birth certificate issue. Or if Obama decides to invalidate the general election and the GOP Establishment doesn't fight him. there HAS to be a compelling national reason AND the support of the conservative media.

You HAVE to have the media to create momentum.

You really know how to put my heart at ease... I've been simply sick since I read these endorsements & even more sick over Newt's comments that he believes Mitt will get the 1,144 needed....
So, after reading your most uplifting article...
I loudly echo your sentiment:
"I will continue to urge, implore, beg, chastise and challenge my fellow patriots to stand firm for a leader who has been succeeding against liberal insurrection and media successfully for 30+ years. I will continue to wage war with Newt."

And, tomorrow morning, my children and I head to Fredrick, MD to go and see Newt before our Tuesday Primary when I will PROUDLY place my vote for Newt Gingrich!

God Bless!!

Here is MY list:
George H. W. Bush
Barbara Bush
Tom Ridge
Chris Christie
Kelly Ayotte
Nikki Haley
Tim Pawlenty
Haley Barbour
Jon Huntsman
Mark Kirk
John McCain
Tom Coburn
Joe Scarborough
Susan Molinari
Ann Coulter
Charles Krauthammer
Bill Kristol
David Brooks
Peggy Noonan
George Will
Peter King
Glenn Beck
Brit Hume
Jonah Goldberg
Roy Blunt
Scott Brown
Orrin Hatch
Lisa Murkowski
Rob Portman
John Thune
Bob McDonnell
Dan Quayle
Bob Dole
Norm Coleman
John Danforth
Elizabeth Dole
Judd Gregg
John Sununu
Gordon Smith
Jim Talent
David Frum
John Sununu Jr
Dennis Hastert
Rick Lazio
James Baker
Robert Bork
John Bolton
Dick Armey
Eric Cantor
John Ashcroft
Pam Bondi
Connie Mack
Tom Foley
Christine O’Donnell
Darrell Issa
Marco Rubio
Paul Ryan
Jeb Bush

Very good Terri. My only exception is many of those like Molinari, Dole, Sununu were NEVER conservatives - and thus for me, not "betrayers". THey've ALWAYS been week. Armey, Ashcroft, Mack, Pawlenty, Krauthhammer, Noonan, Goldberg and George Will are great additions for me definition.

This article should be sent to every true conservative out there.

Count me in with the 3,000

Decidedly count me in! Excellent piece, PolitJim!

Now, as to the common thread of the "Traitors," I would suggest looking at the Pigou Club. For example, Andrew Sullivan is a member, and his job was to smear Palin. Krauthammer is a member. Others don't appear on the list, but seem to have the connections to others on the list. In addition, there seems to be some connection to the Republican Governor's PAC. There is also some connection to the UN, but I am not yet certain of all of those.

I take it Snow and Collins are not on your list for a reason?

To earn the "ire" of the Pigou, you need only come out and advocate a fossil fuel and call Global Warming a hoax, or give the story credence. [Pigou rhymes with dew]

There is a growing "No Pigou" movement, we just are not loud enough yet.

Mr John bawling Boehner that stopped the tea party movement in its tracks The wrong Speaker at the right time. What a shame. Not only do the Conservatives have to fight the Democrats we have the old boys club to fight. And the tea party getting in bed with Republican, corporate lobbyist ,Dick Armey was shameful! side note: You don't know how difficult it is for a person with a stoke to figure out these security words!

Your first video in the list within this article is a Ron Paul advert. Plus you might employ a spell checker. But I'm being petty.

This article was somewhat of an eye opener, since some of the people listed were not ones I would have thought to be so flawed. But then again I'm not a political heavy hitter until recently, so I'm learning as I go. Thanks for the info!

At this point, Apr.1st, I certainly would have hoped Gingrich's odds would have been better, therefor I am also hoping for a miracle.

But I can't help but think "what the hell is America thinking?" Here you have an historical & governmental scholar, with a sound track record in his Congressional record, (not what he said in a commercial, or outside of his Governmental record) with HUGE, HUGE conservative accomplishments (welfare reform, balanced budgets for 4 years, back when congress/POTUS actually HAD budgets, among others). And America turns their collective noses up at Gingrich, saying "No, No, No, he's Absolutely Unacceptable!" Mainly because they didn't find his personality to be up to their liking.

And I think °WAKE UP PEOPLE, DON'T YOU WANT FUNCTION OVER FORM? A Real Heavy Hitting Conservative 'GET 'ER DONE' candidate that Actually KNOWS how government works? As opposed to this Ken doll, fliper, that couldn't take a stand on something and keep it for NOTHING!!

And every day I think I'm living in a nightmare, then I wake up and realize, America as we grew up knowing, is gone, gone, gone forever!

Click your heels three times and say "There's No Place Like Home, There's No place like home, there's no place like home..."

Where is it that you find yourself?

Politijim, thank you very much for your response.

"Did you notice the demonic frenzy when Newt took the lead?"

LOL, I think the key word in this is "demonic." I think a lot of conservatives noticed that.

Thanks for your comment T. Tyler P,

The Ron Paul ad is well sourced and passes my fact checkers so I feel ok using it. (At this point I'm probably willing to vote for Ron Paul over Santorum).

And yes, typos normally exist for 24 to 48 hours until my 3 editors get to my posts. (I can't wait!). I'm a BIG thinking bird, not an editor. (As you have now witnessed.)

"what the hell is America thinking?" is EXACTLY right. I wouldn't hire ANY of the candidates except Newt based on the same criteria I would use in hiring an employee. Romney HAS a very weak record but at least A) He's eligible (I think) and B) He at least has run a big organization somewhat successfully. But when compared with Newt - and when realizing Romney was named a TOP 10 RINO by Human Events in 2008 - there is truly only ONE PERSON who can both battle the Obama machine and reform the government.

It's why I'm not giving up until the Germans in Trenton kill us or we sink in the Delaware.

A youtuber named 147degreesWest posted a video on this yesterday and I haven't gotten to it yet. If you have links please post or email at CONTACT page.. THANKS!

Great piece Jim.

The list is long. People are just more interested in their own personal careers than in actually doing good. Take Michelle Bachmann, in many debates she was almost pulling a Ron Paul in eviscerating Newt while leaving Romney unmolested. Then she dropped out and didnt endorse anybody. Clearly she had visions of being Romney's VP choice. I guess she was only the "tip of the spear" in order to get herself ahead in politics.

Amen Politijim!!!! Newton Leroy is a PROVEN leader, the originator of PLAN and a Platform that WILL WORK, it has been proven again and again. He is American to the core, and his principles are truly conservative. Newt 2012!!! All the way to the Whitehouse!!!

Adding to your list Jeff Flake running for AZ Senate at Tea party gathering,believes Obama is legal! via @WestJournalism

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