Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Conservative Media Acting Like Liberals


UPDATE: This response on Twitter from the “conservative defenders of liberty”:

rampartsTwitResponse You notice the standard liberal response – NOT addressing any of the FACTS at all – but attacking the attacker.  Well Ramparts.  You can read my posts against Gingrich on immigration, initial global warming and more EVEN PUTTING UP PRO-SANTORUM pieces on PolitiJim to give balance.  WHERE IS YOURS??  (Hint: You find any because they no longer truly care about liberty and freedom – just politics.  Just like Rick who says government mandates are good for ultrasounds but bad for aminocentesis.  Even though the “principled pro-lifer” campaigns for PRO-partial birth abortion candidates.”  Hint2: You won’t find that on Ramparts360 because they too are afraid what you would do with the truth.)

This letter to the Santorum Propaganda editor says it all:

I am new to Texas.  And love it.  My Tea Party friends told me one of the first things to do was to subscribe to EmpowerTexans and Ramparts360.  I was impressed that you seemed to be a very well informed, conservatively driven patriotic group of people who didn't play liberal or Saul Alinsky games.

Over the past months, I have seen a complete disregard for truth from Ramparts360 that I would only expect of MSNBC.  It is your coverage of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.  I never felt I had to "filter" your website or newsletters for truth - until now.

If you don't approve of Obama deceiving the public with only "half truths,"  why do you condone it with Rick Santorum?  I thought you were people of integrity.

It's great that Rick is "your guy."  I was close to making him "my guy" until I witnessed him during the debates taking things out of context - and in some cases - outright lying.  I even went back and looked at all the candidates from the first 5 debates, to determine who acted more "Christian."  (Hint: Santorum lied about his opponents the most .)  What really began to wake me up was when he claimed Gingrich was "thrown out of office,"  something I LIVED and knew to be an outright lie

I had attacked Gingrich often also (as I'll explain below) but as Rick's brazen misrepresentation of the truth happened - I took off my preconceived notion this guy was what he said he was AND LOOKED AT THE EVIDENCE.  Why aren't you? 

Today I had an email from you REPEATING a lie that Gingrich is STILL FOR CAP AND TRADE as your boy tried to spin on Mark Levin's show last night.  Since Gingrich was the KEYNOTE REBUTTAL to Al Gore during the Cap and Trade hearings a REASONED, CONSERVATIVE Christian might actually want to investigate this.  As I DID last November with a Pro-Santorum blogger from Canada Free Press.  You see, I am IN THAT INDUSTRY and my (non-liberal) scientists from Lawrence Livermore University and other prestigious schools STILL HAD OBJECTIVE DATA SAYING WE HAD GLOBAL WARMING.  But the rest of you laypeople suddenly act like you had secret knowledge this false EVEN BEFORE THE DATA PROVED IT IN THE IPCC East Angelia email scandal.

Once the data proved it, Newt Gingrich was the LEADING CONSERVATIVE VOICE on this issue.  Where was Rick Santorum?  Was he battling it in the public square to stop this horrific event from happening?  Nope.

It is quite interesting you just push Santorum campaign propaganda - without addressing the MULTIPLE incidents where Rick Santorum glowingly talked of his leftist policies and left buddies.  From Santorum on Truth:

We aren’t even touching the whole pro-big union legislation, and yet watch this video where Santorum glowingly tells of big government programs with Liebermann to fund college tuition, Barbara Boxer to further burden developers with more regulation, and Hillary Clinton to use government to regulate children’s books:

Say what you want about Gingrich.  Not only did he not PUT LIBERAL POLICY into law as Santorum did, he had the backing of the National Academy of Science and forcefully changed his stance once the science supported it.

We recently also found out that Rick's claim that he was against TARP and Newt was for it IS ALSO AN OUTRIGHT LIE.  Gingrich gave multiple national interviews, wrote two op-ed pieces and gave a speech at the National Press Club DIRECTLY STANDING AGAINST IT!.  As we point out in our article, Rick Santorum gave ONE local interview to a PA paper 2 weeks AFTER it passed AND EVEN THEN SAID NOTHING ABOUT IT.

His ObamaCare lies are even worse.

When this becomes public knowledge (and it will) will Ramparts360 still have the credibility to speak about ANYTHING without people wondering if they play Pravda with the truth?

It seems like many other Santorum supporters - you are unwilling to address the excessive DOCUMENTED evidence of his lack of honesty, his indefensible betrayal of pro-life causes, and his apparent willingness to betray his "Christian" principles throughout his career including that of demeaning women.

You want to promote your candidate. Great.  Wonderful.  Why do you have to distort and lie about the others?  Worse, how can you look in the mirror and claim you stand for integrity or freedom?

The Ramparts360 logo has a byline that reads: “Defending and Preserving Liberty.”

A noble call indeed.  Perhaps you could start by defending and preserving truth.

"Only reason can convince us of those three fundamental truths
without a recognition of which there can be no effective liberty:
that what we believe is not necessarily true;
that what we like is not necessarily good;
and that all questions are open."

- Clive Bell, Civilization (1928)





Couldn't agree more-I liked Santorum until I watched him denigrate Gingrich, who has really not said much about Santorum. As far as a conservative candidate goes, Gingrich is head and shoulders above both Santorum & Romney. As a Christian, I am completely upset with those in the Christian Coalition who decided to support Santorum before they really investigated (I hope). Now he is getting the lion's share of evangelical votes-which is a travesty enacted on those who follow & do not do their own homework. This makes me ill. Gingrich may not be perfect but he does not try to hide it behind a Christian facade.

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