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Egregious Errant Editorial of Empirical Facts


Beating Obama may be tougher than any of us think.  He is already winning the propaganda war with lies.  It’s one thing to understand that a majority of Americans haven’t downloaded Barry Soreto’s long form birth certificate into Photoshop and seen for themselves the obvious forgery that Sherriff Joe Arapio’s six month investigation validated.  It’s quite another to hear Obama axed 100,000 jobs in the gulf, prevented another 100,000 jobs with the Keystone Pipeline and seen your personal purchasing power shrink by 25% and STILL approve of the President or think he’s done a good job.

First, read what Americans CURRENTLY think about how the economy is, then below I lay out our REAL challenge.

Far left liberal pollster YouGov asks what they say “seems like a pretty straightforward factual question.”  It is:

Do you think the unemployment rate has increased or decreased
since Barack Obama became president?

YouGov’s results state that, “More than 60% of Republicans said that unemployment has increased a lot, while almost as many Democrats said that it has decreased. In both cases, their beliefs were conveniently consistent with their party loyalties.”

If you are a conservative keeping up with current event news like me, you are immediately a little bit shocked that DEMOCRATS THINK UNEMPLOYMENT HAS DECREASED since there is STILL a net loss of
6 million jobs since when he took office.  Here is their chart:


John Hayward brilliantly and succinctly contrasted the faked “U-3” unemployment number at 8.3% with the work force participation rate of eligible Americans able to work at 36% against this simple graph from the Republican party:

We shouldn’t be surprised as they are doing it on unemployment, growth figures and the overall economy.  REALLY DETAILED explanations with fancy graphs can be found here.  Or in ANY major conservative think tank press release giving these economists and pollsters no legitimate excuse.  (For you who don’t like to read – Dick Morris also gives a pretty quick and insightful understanding of how Obama hides the REAL unemployment):

Dick Morris says “the public isn’t buying it,” but that is not entirely true.  Obama was still at 50% approval just a few weeks ago with similar numbers.  And clearly at least 40% are still “buying it.”

YouGov cites the U3 number and points out that the 8.3 is still slightly higher than the 7.3 when Obama took office.  They CHIDE the Independents and Republicans who didn’t give the Obama party line that unemployment is “slightly” higher and continue:

…two-thirds of the respondents were wrong about one of the most salient economic (and political) facts of the past four years.

Conservatives!  Ask yourself this: How can almost HALF of Americans not notice that 6 million jobs have been lost?  (And then ask yourself how a major polling organization with college graduates conducting their economic analysis then surmise that unemployment isn’t much higher.)

YouGov finds a similar disparity among Democrats and Republicans when asking the question:

Do you think the tax burden on middle-class Americans has
increased or decreased since Barack Obama became president?

Shockingly, YouGov states that, “The correct answer to this question is that the tax burden on middle-class Americans has decreased during Obama’s presidency.”  YouGov further claims that partisan Americans are not TRULY “calculating their own welfare” (or are just too lazy to do so) believing the lying (Republican) politicians. Now YouGov doesn’t SAY “Republicans” or “lying,” but they clearly presume so in assuming Republicans are wrong for not believing a FACTUAL LIE from the White House.

There is a Clintonian technicality on declaring the “correct” answer to be the Obama line that unemployment is at 8.3% and that FEDERAL INCOME taxes have not risen on the middle class. But do you notice how they make the jump from their NARROW definition of the question on “middle class tax raises” to the notion that people are idiots whose personal welfare MUST be better?

Is YouGov that stupid?

The fact is that multiple states, and local municipalities have raised taxes because they no longer have either the revenue base they once did or the Federal government has pulled assistance.  Many report ACTUAL higher taxes.

It is also a fact that in 2012, the pre-tax portion of salary that can be used for transportation costs has been reduced. In 2011, you were able to use up to $230 per month pre-tax to pay for transportation expenses (qualified parking expenses or mass transit expenses). In 2012, that amount has been reduced to $120 per month. 

The fact is that HOUSEHOLD INCOME is down almost 7% since Obama took office.  While not technically a “tax” it does impact the “personal welfare” Larry “the BSer” Bartels references as a benchmark by which the great unwashed were to know how well off they really are.  And that doesn’t even include the 12% of the self-employed and small business owners who don’t even show up on the unemployment scam reports.

ACTUAL take home pay has also been hit by ObamaCare.  Some premiums have risen IN ONE YEAR as high as 30% and anecdotal reports include employers who have seen 2000% and 3000% increases in deductibles.  And that is before the upcoming 27% cut in Medicare payments to existing doctors which will send premiums even higher.

And don’t get me stimulus-ed on inflation.  Groceries are up 30% and gas has nearly doubled since Obama took office DIRECTLY impacting “personal welfare.”

YouGov’s argument seems to be:

What the hell is wrong with these dupes!  The economy is almost back to where it was when Obama took office!  Like Barack Hussein said, “you think they’d be thanking me.”

There are only two answers why YouGov would make such poorly researched analysis and conclusions.  YouGov and Larry B*****S are either:

  • Ignorant,
  • Incompetent, or,
  • Insidious Intrigants

Other than being consistent in their devotion to White House spin, I have no conclusive proof to form a substantial opinion on which of these it might be.  And frankly, I don’t care.  Because the mere existence of this egregious errant editorial of empirical fact, tells me FACTS alone won’t win this. 

The Nightmare Scenario for Republicans

Although Dickey Morris claims Obama’s polls have fallen with the new fudged unemployment figures, the reality is – he’s been doing it all along.  ONLY WITH THE RISE IN GAS PRICES has he dipped from “near 50” to under 50.

You THOUGHT those crazy conspiracies about Obama’s Pakistan excursion in college being financed by Muslims was insane, but don’t forget it was very high up Saudi billionaire that got Obama into Harvard.  Could another bow or two to a Saudi King get them to flood the market with oil during the summer lowering prices?  If you say “no,” then I bet you weren’t at all surprised that a newly elected President with zero experience won the Nobel Peace Price.  Obama has more international juice than you might imagine.

What about a reviving economy?  The truth is there IS some very slow growth showing as the amazingly wonderful Dan Mitchell shows here comparing the Reagan Recovery versus the Obama one:

What if GDP is fixed shown to suddenly grow faster than 4%?  Obama will claim that “I told you so” and I got the economy moving and every major media outlet and $1 Billion in TV ads will reinforce it.  Even REAL numbers are being distorted by as much as 400% merely to win the daily dose of deception dealt to the dumb.  And you know what? It happens so often none of us call them out on it anymore preferring something “sexy” like a Michelle Obama or Bill Maher orated barf.

It’s bad enough that treason by the government of “We the People” is being committed by falsely fixing financial data daily.  When you have the complicit cooperation of the MAJOR access to most Americans, we have achieved what the KGB couldn’t accomplish.

Remember in November of 2007 when Benazir Bhutto – not known for exaggeration - claiming she knew for a fact that Osama Bin Laden was assassinated?  She was assassinated the month following.  Why did we never hear any more of that from an international leader for whom an autopsy wasn’t even performed?  The media did two things.  It starved you of information about the story and deflected it with stories of election of the first black American President, global warming alerts and sudden new military directives for Iraq.  And if you were like me, until I just mentioned this you likely hadn’t thought about it since.

If rape charges and impeachment wouldn’t be enough to remove a Democrat with a growing economy against a slick politician moderate, don’t count on birth certificates, gay lovers or signed autographs from Chairman Mao doing the same against the con artist formerly known as Barry.  Don’t believe me?  YESTERDAY CBS News buried a poll finding that 57% are AGAINST ObamaCare mandate. 

2012-03-13-MSNBC-Jansing_0 Obama has the media in his pocket.  He has the already co-opted NBC and made it a state run propaganda tool (and worse).  They don’t even try to hide it anymore as in the “GOP War on Women” graphic at right.  He controls the nations banks and not only has a $4 billion slush fund (not including the trillion dollar power of freebies through the existing welfare system.)  And he is already attempting to silence even grassroots groups that would oppose him.

This may be the most corrupt election in United States history.  EVERY outside economic reason that seems to make Obama vulnerable now might be taken away.  We know for a fact he will attempt to steal votes on an unprecedented scale and has clearly begun “strategy chaos” with Occupy Wall Street and planned race riots.

And the GOP is about to put one of the three guys up to the job of handling this once in a lifetime task of using a very narrow bandwidth to Independent voters who are barraged with disinformation daily.  This candidate may have terrible social unrest, global financial and military unrest and have to convince enough voters that it is worth the risk to change leaders in the middle of a (seemingly) flourishing economy paying off as the incumbent promised.

Our candidate to do this will either be:

  • An undisciplined, inexperienced politician that plays into EVERY stereotype about Republicans who want to infringe on your personal freedoms and has zero track record of orchestrating a national campaign – much less a movement.  At his highest level of leadership in the GOP, he was responsible for 30 lost House seats and 6 lost Senate seats including his own, leaving the state 2 years later with the worst GOP approval in 20 years.  And he has a 14 year history of gaffes on women and gays that he will have to try and shout over.
  • A hundred millionaire, wall street investment banker and single term Governor who finished 47 out of all 50 governors, whose religion wouldn’t allow blacks to marry them only a few decades ago.  He couldn’t beat the moderate McCain (who now endorses him) even with his millions who in turn already got smashed by the incumbent.  He also has no moral ground to attack the current President on ObamaCare, lower taxes, bailouts, job creation record, reducing debt or military experience.  He left his state after a 4th year where he was gone 220 days with a historical loss in GOP congressmen and GOP registrations at their lowest level in state history.
  • The most successful conservative political strategist in modern history who presided over 11 million jobs created, reform of entitlements that even Democrats respected, a working relationship with Democrats that balanced the US budget 4 years consecutively and left Congress with a Congressional 60% approval rating.  He swept more conservatives into office than Reagan and was called on to combat Cap and Trade and ObamaCare both in Congressional hearings and in media. 

It will be interesting to see if Republicans weigh and choose a candidate the same way they would a spouse or a CEO, or if they do pick one purely on emotional and shortsighted grounds. 

Just like the YouGov pollster who intentionally chooses to ignore facts to support the President who reflects his world view.

Which are you?


great. article and I can say from experience, it's true. Obama fudging these numbers is also cutting off federal unemployment benefits because if the UER in a state falls below 9%, no benefits available.

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