Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bill Whittle Wrong - Breitbart was Braveheart


I watched Bill Whittle’s video commentary on Andrew Breitbart and with all the “Breitbart stuff” out there – wanted to wait until his coverage died down a bit.  I know it seems like EVERYTHING about Andrew Breitbart and his legacy has been said – but Bill had a different way to approach it.  And I’ve got some thoughts to add.  (Shocker).

You HAVE to watch the video first.  A summary:

  • Whittle & friends warned Breitbart to slow down.
  • Breitbart’s first heart attack motivated Whittle to get his heart checked.
  • Whittle believes constant attention to Twitter contributed to Andrew’s death
  • The enemy is NOT Obama, Iran, radical Islam or Media Matters – but it IS the media

Watch – then we’ll discuss:

Two of Whittle’s thoughts need comment.  Those being:

  • “nothing is more important than your life,” and,
  • the media is the enemy.”

First, because of my writings on the Obama Crime Plan, let me quickly address the suspicions about the nature of Andrew Breitbart’s death.  I must say my FIRST two thoughts were, “this must be a joke,” then, “they killed him.”  I can only conclude my brain jumped there because:

  • He’s only 43 and on heart meds.
  • He announced the full “vetting” of Obama and release of Obama college videos just weeks ago at CPAC.
  • He reportedly was releasing some information the day before his death.
  • Obama has an unusual number of unexplained deaths around his campaigns and efforts in the past.

This morning news out of LA is that the coroner is “deferring” autopsy results can easily be ginned into the latest conspiracy given that LA Mayor Villaraigosa was just appointed to head up Obama’s California effort.  But the fact that the LA Coroner has been on the job 20 years, and that Breitbart has a history of heart problems suggests that unless the alleged assassin decides to go all Jason Bourne, we will never conclusively know one way or the other.  It freaks me out that someone like me, who normally makes ZERO conclusions without substantiated data, is even remotely considering that the President of the United States could be involved in criminal activity.

Yet, my recent (and soon to be published) interviews with former Chicago mob-lawyer-turned-patriot Bob Cooley (When Corruption Was King) let me know that this was never out of consideration in Obama’s Chicago days. 

For now I’m leaving the Breitbart death at the thoughts of The Jersey Texan: “I am Andrew Breitbart.”

(If you want another conspiracy, why is “Breitbart” not in the Microsoft and Google dictionaries suggesting spell correction, but “Huffington” is?  Same is true for “Palin” versus “Ferraro”.)

I love Bill Whittle.  Not enough to join GOProud, but he is one of those intelligent conservatives who understands that emotion-only arguments won’t change minds.  And while I understand his sentiment that you have to pace yourself, shut down at the end of the day and pay attention to your family  - Bill is missing an important point.  Some, like Breitbart, are Bravehearts.

Bill is a patriot and courageous contributor to the conservative cause, but John Wayne he ain’t.  And that’s not a bad thing.  We are NOT all wired the same.  If we were all like Breitbart, balancing the checkbook would never happen.  Neither would 99% of all the essential services of mankind.  People like Breitbart are bored by basic rhythms of life.  Some of us CAN’T turn it off.  It’s how we are made.

Yes, discipline is necessary especially as a father and husband.  But I’d like to remind Bill that George Washington, John Adams and the majority of those who bequeathed this liberty bounty to us didn’t have the luxury of “leaving it at the office.”  Make no mistake.  THIS IS A WAR.  And while we need to take precautions we can stay in the fight as long as possible – I suspect many of us will eventually need to be willing to risk our lives.

I never met, or knew Andrew Breitbart.  I pray for his family.  And I thank God for his zeal, energy and passion for this fight.  Just in the past month we’ve seen or learned Obama ignore the law and lie about:

…I realize I could go on for 20 of these – but that is another post.  Suffice it to say, NONE of these actions indicate someone who is willing to respectfully give up power.  If I could graph his ACTIONS on a chart of potential outcomes, it would suggest not only the likely sabotage of the 2012 elections – but political unrest we never thought imaginable even a year ago.  And it will take the Andrew Breitbarts to not only realize we are well past the equivalent of 1775 – but that we will need to be wiling to pledge our lives to restoring true liberty and freedom.

The Media

I do however, somewhat agree with his statement that the enemy is the media.  He is correct that all of these things would NOT have happened if the media (including Fox News) had been objectively presenting truth on their forum:

  • The cover up of Barack Obama’s criminal and disqualifying past
  • The cover up of Barack Obama’s Marxist/socialist roots
  • The cover up of Barack Obama’s take over of the government by treasonous bureaucrats
  • The cover up of ObamaCare’s REAL danger (costs and other)
  • The empowerment of liberals to override freedoms
  • The empowerment by Obama to use government to his own purposes
  • The extravagant spending of both Republican and Democrat congresses
  • The promotion of one of the statistically worst liberal Governors in modern history to the front of the GOP “conservative” movement
  • The promotion of one of the most unprincipled politicians to the front of the Christian conservative’s choices for the GOP nomination

I would disagree that Iran, Jihadist Muslims, and even Barack Obama are not the enemy.  All are out to destroy us and our country and while the media assists their efforts – WE THE PEOPLE are still responsible (as are they) for actions.  But there is no “accountability” for media any different than any other commercial enterprise and certainly unlike the process of republican democracy for government power abuse.

It dawned on me that Al Gore’s attempt to overturn a legitimate election by unholy (and politically selfish) means, was the precursor to the liberal’s attack on Constitutional voting.   Barack Obama, the Democrats and his political mafia (including the unions) have merely tweaked the corrupt levers being put in place from Jimmy Carter through Bill Clinton.  (I mean how does a President stay in office who has legitimately been accused of rape and selling defense secrets to the Chinese for campaign cash stay in office?)  It isn’t JUST through the media, but also corruption of judicial and legislative accountability as well.

But the media provides the cover.  Remember our initial outrage at Pigford, Breitbart’s expose on using taxpayer dollars to pay African Americans to get $50,000 just for growing a plant in their city apartment?  What happened to that?  It wasn’t just the refusal of the mainstream media to create an awareness of it – but the CONSERVATIVE MEDIA as well.  Don’t forget that Glenn Beck QUASHED the momentum by outright lying, dampening other conservative outlets from getting on board.

We can yell all we want at ABCBSNBCNN, but it is the CONSERVATIVE likes of Levin, Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, and Hot Air that have insisted in NOT covering the blatant forgery of Obama’s birth certificate.  And now they are doing the same in covering up the terrible lies, distortions and record of “their” guy Santorum.

I’m willing to give Breitbart a pass on the birth certificate if only because he was so busy creating so many more worthy stories.  Most of the rest of our “conservative media” never really do any heavy investigative reporting, they just repeat and blabber on what others have reported. 

And if we are TRULY going to battle not just the mainstream media, but the corruption in both the GOP and Democrat parties - “our” side had better start telling the unvarnished truth REGARDLESS of where it takes us.

Unfortunately even the conservative movement is not made up of “Braveheart Breitbart’s” like Terry Lakin, who didn’t wait for “consensus” or popular opinion to give him cover for his heroic actions.  Too many merely are a slightly better version of non-conservative Americans who go by whatever “their” media outlet seems report without realizing THEY have an equal responsibility to run this government as part of the “We.”  At least I’ll give a tiny bit of credit that for a while, Beck was uncovering and trumpeting REAL information on people like Van Jones when no one else wanted to.

As patriot, Army Ranger veteran Alan Vera said in his amazing speech to Texans last January – knocking on neighborhood doors, getting on your local school board, and becoming an election judge will be the things that WILL make a difference in taking back America’s freedom.

Blogging and tweeting will not.

Unless you are Andrew Breitbart.

And if you are NOT making liberal headlines on a weekly or monthly basis – I’m calling you out as William Wallace would. 

Do more.  Do it now.


I have agreed with you 99.99% except/ this one line~" (make a difference in taking back America’s freedom.
Blogging and tweeting will not")
Say what?
Don't you stop! I just got notice I'm one of the 5 top tweeters in Maine about the only few that tweet politics) and, you know how liberal Maine is, and How much I RT You and your articles, we will make a change- oh wait, We have a Republican Governor and legislature So, I have to disagree with you @politiJim now, get on the air- my regular conservative talk hosts have strayed
BTW I was helping a local get elected, but, he would not get on twitter, or Face Book, he lost by a couple hundred votes, if only~he had connected

These are thoughts I have been thinking since I heard news. Mr. Eloquent, these words reinforce what I believe.

A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human morality. - Winston Churchill
Andrew Breibart was an American who chose to live and die standing for something he believed in. He ignored the personal pain and stood against the well known enemies of liberty and justice. May his legacy of patriotism speak louder than the ugly who delighted in his passing.

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