Monday, March 26, 2012

A VIDEO Comparison of Thin Skin Sins of the Candidates


In the first video, the reporter (who is off camera on most clips) responds to Rick’s rant.  You determine if the reporter seems to be provocative or the baiting-type.

Then watch interactions Romney/Gingrich have had with reporters.


Rick Santorum

PolitiJim covered extensively how the bullying was noted by key Pennsylvania leaders and even played a part in the turn of the Tea Party types against him in 2006.

Here Santorum tries to blame Joe Scarborough (who tells Rick 3 times he agrees with him) that he is playing “gotcha.”  Is this thin skin sin?


Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich

I know – you think i’m going to be easy on him right?  Wrong.  I tried to find the WORST example of his.  Still, listen to the difference in tone.

My favorite:

WHO sounds more Presidential?

Hint.  It’s always the person who isn’t threatened when facts are on their side.


Here, here. I so agree. . . .

I used you as a valuable source.

Thanks for your rants!

I don't even have to watch these videos because I already know who sounds more Presidential.

I have watched far too many of newt's interviews to know how it all turns out.

Even today, interview with Wolf Blitzer and Neil Cavuto. Its just amazing that people have such a mental block or some other opinion against Newt.


Thanks for taking the time to find these and post them.

Politijim, this drives me absolutely nuts!

When will there be a "Newt" movement? Don't people realize that he was once two steps away from the Presidency?

Can't people focus on whose record is the best one out there?

Nevermind, I already know the answer. I'm becoming more frustrated all the time with how this election is turning out.

What further frustrates and angers me is the possibility of Newt not being allowed to be on the ballot at the convention. Also, not being able to have a voice as well. I can't imagine any Republican stifling a great voice such as Newts.

Many thanks for all your articles.

As usual Politijim you have once again placed the info in the form of videos for all to see which IS the most presidential. That would be Newt in my estimation having watched all of the others.

What's even more appalling is to read and watch conservatives/Republicans turn this into some kind of noble thing Rick did. I am for the first time disappointed in Sarah Palin as well. She said Rick is to be commended ("Good on Ya") for this kind of reaction? He looked petty, mean-spirited and thin-skinned.

There was a time that I was saying I could never vote for Romney. Santurum has made me feel better about it. Although I find both to be smarmy. I'm sure Santurum will turn many others toward Romney

I am a Newt supporter, but I am not holding out hope for him anymore. I don't think going to a brokered convention is the right way to go. Especially if there is a chance it will be Santurum who is nominated.

It seems there is a civil war going on in the Republican party between Tea Party and SoCons. I think the Tea Party got its ass handed to it. 2010 was a great victory for the TP, where has it gone?

JustOneMansOpinion --

If you are a Newt supporter, then IMO you have already done the MOST IMPORTANT THING.

You see that Newt has the skill and experience to lead the American People to restore our Constitutional Republic --

And we get back EVERYTHING -- our freedom, our prosperity, become again the greatest manufacturing nation on the planet, become again the supplier of oil and energy for ourselves and others, and again have vital, thriving economy with tons of OPPORTUNITY.

Every American can pursue happiness and thereby enhance the lives of everyone in the family and community.

There is no choice that compares to Newt. You already get that! You're home free, really. You have found out what you believe in!

Now, our job is to get behind it and back it up with every bit of strength we have. The Lord works in mysterious way His wonders to reveal! No one knows what tomorrow may bring! God protects children, fools and the United States of America! We've got to be strong.

Don't let the MSM talk you out of what you KNOW is right.

Watch these Newt speeches. NEWT IS BRILLIANT. NO ONE COMPARES.

There is no alternative except to be strong and move forward. Giving up hope is not an alternative. It just really isn't. You'd be betraying everything you love.

Remember, we're in this with you, JustOneMansOpinion. We're in this together.
The only way We The People win, it looks like, is in a brokered convention. We've got to learn to surf. Ride the bucking bronco. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Think of the courage early Americans showed. Look at all we've received through their work and sacrifices. Let's stick together on this. We can do this.

If New is the nominee, Newt will win this fall. Think about that! We can make REAL improvements, working together!

The PLAN. Newt’s 2012 CPAC speech. (includes a loose transcript to skim through)

Listen to the cheers of this crowd. Once people understand, there is unbridled enthusiasm.

ALABAMA GOP PRESIDENTIAL FORUM – March 12, 2012 – Birmingham, Alabama – 33:21

Stay with us, JustOneMansOpinion, we need you! Keep the faith!

radionut61 -- I so agree with you. I often watch Newt in interviews and speeches. It is a mystery to me why everyone isn't 100% clear that Newt is THE MAN FOR OUR TIME.

I do think, though, that it may be that this long, convoluted process is going to turn out have been for the best. Somehow, out of this, Newt will be the nominee.

If you watch that Birmingham, Alabama speech in the comment above, you will hear the kind of cheering we KNOW we are going to hear for Newt as this primary unfolds. Imagine that cheering for Newt as the convention approaches. At the convention!

As people understand what Newt is proposing, the enthusiasm goes off the charts.

Think about being a 25 year old - - and you can CHOOSE your own Social Security account. You OWN it.

In Chile, no one has ever had less money in their private SS account in all the years they've been doing this. And now Chileans have about three-quarters AGAIN of the TOTAL GDP in SAVINGS. They are now allowed to invest outside the country, because they have so much money. Chile alone can't accommodate all the investment money.

We ask the 25 year old -- how would you like to have thousands and thousands of dollars in your very own account when you retire? And it starts accumulating the first day you work! YOUR money. No one can take it away or say they won't pay it.

Once people understand what Newt is proposing, there WILL be a NEWT surge. When Newt's in front of knowledgeable, hip, savvy audiences, they are off the charts enthusiastic.

The MSM and the Republican Establishment know Newt is a mortal threat to them. AND SO THEY KEEP TRYING TO PUT OUT THE FIRE.

WE WILL PREVAIL. Newt is too smart for them, and we are too determined. Our energy will prevail. The will of the Sovereign American People will prevail.

So let's hang in there, radionut61. It's hard to see right now, maybe, but it's going to turn out really well.

Hey listen, also, PolitiJim, great video clips.

I used to say, about Power Line's John Hinderaker, that the NEw York Times could be heard crying itself to sleep in the night because John was showing everyone what REAL JOURNALISM can be, -- and doing it IN HIS SPARE TIME!

Your articles at PolitiJim are another example of what journalism is meant to be.

Kudos, congratulations, and all the best to you! You enrich my day!

Love your work PolitiJim - Tea Party Reps are selling conservatives out.

With Romney, we'll be faced every other day on the defensive explaining the following Romney issues:

- How much Romney's mandate at the state level wasn't really a change in the relationship between the individual and the Mass. state government, like the unconstitutional federal mandate with Obamacare was.

- How he truly does care about the poor even though he repeatedly says that he doesn't care about the poor.

- How he truly does not like to fire people after he's on tape bragging about firing people.

- How Bain was such a successful company, under his leadership, that it needed to take large amounts of loans out to save failing companies only to pay board member salaries and not improve the company.

- How he improved international relations when he received $1.3B of federal tax money to fund the preparation of the Salt Lake City Olympic Winter games....after lying in a national televised debate that he only took $300 to $400M.

- How he does love dogs, but had no problem strapping a dog in a dog carrier to the top of his car to take it on a summer vacation.

...and I haven't even gotten to the good stuff with his dismal record as a Governor or the etch-a-sketch comment...

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