Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Interest in Voters and Social Issues

I had posted a YouGov/Economist chart showing that Romney trounced Santorum in a 2 way GOP race.  It was wrong.  But thanks to Libertarian Neocon, he alerted me to other even more interesting data in the detail (PDF).

Poll Item:  How do voters perceive all the talk about “religion” among candidates?


Notice that with 75% of the GOP amenable to this subject, this seems smart to do this during the GOP nomination, about 60% of both Independents and Democrats are turned off by the “religious talk.”   This becomes more pronounced in looking at the next data set.


The PRIMARY concern of Democrat and Independent voters is either the economy or the deficit, followed by Health care or Social Security.  The supposed American interest in “values” whether it is Gay rights or Abortion is 1% to 3%!!  Even Liberals who WANT Gay marriage can only find 8% to say it is a pressing issue.

And yet what did Republicans talk about the past month?  Contraception.  Some idiotic conservatives like Limbaugh and Santorum should have been paid by the Obama Campaign to continue to play into their stereotype of small minded hypocrites who are more concerned with interfering in your private life than fixing the economy.

I have been discouraged enough by major conservative commentators refusing to even report on a 6 month investigation by a well known law enforcement official concluding that 2 felony forgeries seem to have been committed by either the President of the United States or someone close to him. 

And now we witness articles trying to cover for their “boy” Santorum with op-ed pieces telling us how important “social issues” and “values” are in an election cycle.  (I’m not going to give them the attention by linking to them – go find it yourself.)  This is EXACTLY the kind of staple Rush Limbaugh uses AGAINST liberals who suddenly justified Bill Clinton’s foibles with articles on how “lying” is necessary.  Remember that?

And now are very own are doing the same, rather than facing the truth that Santorum is hurting the GOP.  Just like he did in Pennsylvania by 2006.  The supposed “Christian” lost not because of the Iraq war or George Bush as he claimed.  Three other GOP Senators WON in blue states and Santorum’s opponent was ALSO for staying in Iraq, albeit with a slightly modified approach.  No, if this was so good for Rick – wouldn’t he be RISING this past month in the middle of a huge Catholic orientated discussion that would be his “sweet spot”?  Instead, he now trails Romney by 12 points AFTER LEADING HIM 12 POINTS TWO WEEKS AGO!

After discovering exactly how dishonest and unprincipled Santorum is, I am now back to thinking even Romney would be a much safer bet to defeat Barack Obama.  Santorum’s Guam gaffe this week will continue to “Dan Quayle-ize” him to an America that has no clue who he really is.

Santorum supporters will argue back, “But Barack gaffed on 57 states!”  Wonderful argument.  (Thank God THEY aren’t running for President.)  When you find a mainstream media that will cover for him as they did Obama, I’ll but it.  But when even CONSERVATIVE media is being dishonest about who Santorum really is – we are in deeper trouble than we can imagine.


Another interesting bit: notice how there is little focus on Medicare and SS but people care about Deficits.

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