Thursday, March 15, 2012

The New Newt Campaign Song?


bayless_img4 I had a new Twitter friend follow me named Bailey Connell.  PolitiJim did a double take at the name since my Pastor in California was called Bayless Conley.  He is an AMAZING Teacher but would be shocked he would follow PolitiJim.  (He’s not very political.)

When I clicked on the profile (which @Beulahgg taught me cuz there are some FAKER TROLLS out there!!) I realized although Bayless isn’t a singer, this ain’t him.  Instead I found this delightful young lady.


What was even better was the first tweet I saw of her’s making her a DEFINITE follow-back.


So, tweets like this deserve a bit of encouragement and I thanked her for following asking about the whole “singing” thing.  PolitiJim used to own a infinitesimal record label and has been in the “biz” a bit so crap like that interests me.  And she humbly sent a link to some cover songs she did trying to lower my expectations.

Now I’ll tell you truth Tweeters and Readers.  Most people who send me their screenplays, novels, short films, stand-up routines or songs…suck.  Entertainment and art isn’t easy.  If it was that whole Fox conservative comedy thing (as well as An American Carol) would not caused one to experience the same nausea as a Sunday morning after pledge week in college.

So, I braced myself and listened to the first YouTube tune link she sent with her and some other chick.  It wasn’t bad.  But I never like to hear OTHER peoples songs to understand talent. I want to see stuff THEY did.  So a peep and perusal at her vid list and on my FIRST TRY I found the YouTube below.

And let me tell you, I was more than a little bit impressed….

Phat PolitiJim’s PhonoGraphic Phinds

The New Newt Gingrich Campaign Song?

Some of you perfectionists may complain about a lot of technical stuff – but the fact I am NOW (15 minutes later) hearing her ORIGINAL SONG in my head tells me piano girl can play!

And the fact I’m NOT trying to get it out of my pea brain tells me – she good.  (We Hollywood music moguls drop verbs to sound cool.)

As it was playing, it was IDEAL for the background to my post ReNewt Vision, or even the much-maligned-until-people-actually-READ-the-article PolitiJim to Newt: Please Quit.

Yo Newt.  EXACTLY what the Bailey is bellowing: 

It took a while but I finally realized

I had to trust myself

Ready. Set. GO!!


Check out more of Bailey:



Thank you SO much for this excellent write up!

DISCLAIMER: I actually like Rick Santorum very much. The tweet was admittedly an off color joke one of my followers told that I found funny considering Santorum's straight-laced Catholic persona--Which, honestly, I find nothing wrong with. I'm a Catholic woman myself.

That being said, I like Newt very much, too.

I'm still not entirely positive who I think deserves the GOP nomination, but what a great interpretation of my song! Thanks again...what a compliment!

Just think. If the Newt campaign wants it you can demand they make Santorum VP if he gets the nomination! (Bailey has POWER!) lol

Great song regardless of who you are for...

Haha! Man, I do love how Newt handles the media... and for the record, I don't want him to quit, either!

that would make a great campaign song for Newt. Good job by Bailey. Nice voice and song.

Beautifully sung and beautifully written. I expect to hear this on the radio very soon.

Exellent! Go Bailey! Also love your name!

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